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If you were wondering, I do indeed hate myself for titling this blog post #blessed. Let us all collectively sigh and force a pathetic laugh for my sake.

I really hope you all had a really great holiday yesterday, one filled with family, friends, food, loved ones, and more food (preferably desserts). It's a family tradition to have everybody over at my house for Thanksgiving. We've been doing it for years, utilizing anywhere between 4 to 5 tables to try to fit everybody. This year was a five table year, which meant the house was overflowing with family members. To some, this might be torturous. For my family, it's heaven. It's probably a weird form of bragging to say this, but my extended family is already so absurdly close (we see each other anywhere between one to three times a week...sometimes more...) (this is obviously when I'm home) that Thanksgiving isn't even awkward? There aren't any "where's your boyfriend?" moments or anything. We literally see each other so often that it's just another Thursday night dinner for us.

crumbly pumpkin bread

pumpkin spice baked donut holes

My contributions to Thanksgiving dinner included a pumpkin bread and some pumpkin spice doughnut holes. I got a little Pinterest happy this year...

Here are three out of the five tables from this year...we take this holiday very seriously. Have I mentioned how massive my family is before? Because there are a whole boat load of us. It's sort of ridiculous and awesome all at the same time.

And onto the most important part...remember how about a month or so ago, I picked up the greatest buy of all time at Avalon Exchange in Coventry? Well, I finally got to wear the dress and what day would be more perfect to debut the altered dress than Thanksgiving? Are you prepared for selfie central?

Dress: Diane von Furstenberg (from Avalon Exchange)
Tights: Borrowed from Mamma Jamma
Shoes: Kohl's (Lauren Conrad)
Lipstick: Combination of Revlon's Raspberry Bite and YSL's Fuchsia In Rage

Oddly enough, I had just gotten her book that seemed only appropriate to have a little cheese sesh with it in my dress.

Constantly dancing on tables. Or in this case, a toy chest acting at a coffee table.

I'm not entirely sure what I was doing.

Same goes for this one...

How was your Thanksgiving? 


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