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Things I've Learned From 1989

No, not the year. I wasn't even a thought in the year 1989. Bet you didn't think I could last any longer without mentioning Taylor Swift's newest endeavor in the music world, her whimsical take on 80's music in her brand spankin' new album 1989. Each Taylor Swift album teaches me something different, and 1989 was no different. Here's what I learned from this masterpiece.

1. Harry Styles Is A Sh*t Driver

See: "Style", "Out of the Woods", "All You Had To Do Was Stay", and "Wonderland". Honestly, if you've seen this boy walk or dance, his driving skills (or apparent lack thereof) wouldn't seem that surprising.

1b. Harry Styles Might Be Very Good In Bed

This probably could have been confirmed just by looking at the hunk, but Taylor might have snuck some lyrics in that if you over analyze make him seem like a very generous lover (sorry mom).

2. Taylor Swift would be the ultimate BFF. 

With songs like "Shake It Off" and "Welcome To New York", you just KNOW that homegirl is down for a good dance party after baking cookies, painting your nails, and having one long rant session about a terrible professor or kisser or that mean man who made fun of your cats.

3. Taylor Swift Has No F**ks Left To Give

Taylor has lost all chill with this album, airing out her dirty laundry in a refreshing way. It's much less vengeful, yet still completely and totally honest. Her words pack a punch without making you cringe at their cattiness (full disclosure: I love Taylor Swift unconditionally, these words are out of love).

4. Taylor Swift Can Tell a Story In A Four Minute Pop Song As Well As Six Minute Piano Ballads

Case in point, "Out of the Woods" and "Clean" and pretty much every single song on this album. Taylor is a true songstress, spinning her emotions into whatever morph she pleases. Each lyric is perfectly placed and still pack a punch, no matter the music backing them or the length in which they are portrayed.

5. Taylor Swift Has Morphed Into the Ultimate Woman That Every Girl Should Strive For

This has more to do with the year leading up to this album, surrounding herself with people that made her happy and generally avoiding the "typical love" and seeking it in friendships instead. Gone are the days of slut-shaming and not identifying as a feminist!

6. The Year of Taylor Has Only Just Begun

I want to call this the century of Taylor, but that is clearly a given. This is going to be another good year for Ms. Swift and I wish her all of the best (and to her beloved Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson).

What have you learned from 1989?


  1. Oh my goodness this list is perfection! I love Taylor Swift and am so happy with 1989. #1 on the list cracked me up! (stop getting in the car with terrible drivers Tay!). I think the biggest thing I gained from listening to 1989 is #5 on your list, I began recognizing around the same time of the album release how important it is to take care of yourself and find a happiness that is not dependent on other people.

    Just found your blog and can't wait to see what other great things you've posted!

    -Kelsey Lee

    1. Taylor Swift's 1989 has consumed and completely transformed my life, no joke. So glad 1989 helped you realized what's important as well! Gosh, Taylor needs to quit being so darn sweet and inspirational~

      Thanks so much for reading & stopping by to leave a comment! <3 :)


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