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1. 9 to 5 Facial Cleanser from Lush

I was on the market looking for a new face wash as the third bottle of my Benefit face wash ran out and I'm getting toward the bottom of my Tea Tree wash from The Body Shop. I checked Nordstrom Rack for some Philosophy products but only found scented body washes. At Beachwood Place, I walked into Lush to see the fall line and when a worker asked if I needed anything, I confessed that I was looking for a face wash good for sensitive skin. She recommend me the 9 to 5 face wash that can remove left over makeup and dirt from that day with the almond oil in it and the dove orchid soothes the irritation in your skin. I was nervous about the oil part, but my face isn't greasy at all after using it and it feels so soft.

2. Dark lipstick

If I could wear dark lipstick all year round, I would do it without hesitation. There's just something about a vampy lip that just boosts my confidence. "Crazy In Love" by Beyoncé constantly plays in my head when I'm walking while wearing a dark lipstick.

3. Lush's new Charity Pot

I got a Charity Pot from Lush last year and decided that, with my purchase of my new facial cleanser, I'd get another one this year. They changed the formula from a more creamy lotion to one that's a tad more oily. I use the tiniest amount for my hands, but it leaves them feeling so smooth. With the weather getting colder, my knuckles seriously suffer and crack if I don't wear some sort of lotion on them. I like the smell a lot better this time around as well.

4. Maybelline Color Tattoo in Creamy Beige

Cream eyeshadows are my ultimate lazy day (read: everyday) go-to. This is a fairly new color to the range of color tattoos for Maybelline. I was drawn to it because it was matte and a shade darker than my Painterly Paint Pot from Mac. I put this all over my eyelid and if I'm feeling adventurous, I'll pop a darker brown into the crease to add a bit of definition. It's darker than my skin tone, but not so much so that it looks like I popped on too much foundation onto my lids. It's a nice color for my current skin tone!

5. "Goodness Gracious" by Ellie Goulding

This song came up on shuffle and I had completely forgotten that I had the deluxe edition of Halcyon.  I don't even think I'd heard this song when I first purchased it whenever it came out. Shame on me because this song is fantastic. You can find me dancing to it in my car frequently. Seriously. I've been to Target twice this week already...

6. The Goldbergs

On Wednesdays, I watch The Middle at 8 PM and Modern Family at 9PM. In between those two shows used to be Suburgatory, which I stopped watching in the middle of last season because it just got awful. They switched it with The Goldbergs and out of pure laziness, I watched it for the past few weeks and fell in love. It's so funny! The mom is absolutely nuts and the little boy's voice is too precious.

7. Applying foundation with a brush

So, I was using my stippling brush to apply my cream blushes, but one day I decided to test it out to apply my foundation and I haven't applied it with  my fingers since. As long as I buff it in correctly and thoroughly, it looks flawless and seamless. I don't even have to put on concealer. This might be because my skin is going through a good spell right now, but I think that the switched up application of my foundation has helped as well.

What have you been loving lately?


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