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My Favorite YouTubers

If somebody tries to show me a viral YouTube video, the chances of me not knowing what is if beforehand are slim. I love YouTube. I'm not ashamed to admit that daily YouTube viewing has a spot in my daily schedule, usually around breakfast time and bed time. I watch random videos here and there, but I definitely have my favorite channels that I'm subscribed to. Here's who I watch on a day to day basis!


Zoe Sugg is a HUGE YouTuber from England. She does lifestyle videos, beauty videos, and generally just chats to you like she's your best friend. She's so sweet and she's accomplished so much, especially over this past year with her beauty line released, a book coming out in November, and she's been featured in this month of British Vogue! How insane is that? I also love when she daily vlogs and takes us around with her on her trips through Brighton or to London or just her relaxing days at home. Zoe also has a blog that I adore as well.


Louise is another British YouTuber and happens to be best friends with Zoe! She's also a mom of the cutest little girl, Darcy, and just generally a ball of sunshine. She does the same sorts of videos as Zoe and they even have this little series on their vlog channels called Chummy Chatter in which they collaborate and just sort of, well, chat with those watching the video as if everybody is good friends.


Katy is a year younger than me, but I swear she's on an intelligence level years beyond me. She's very sweet, smart, and gives great advice. She does the occasional beauty videos, but I look forward to her inspirational and advice videos because she just gets it. She's also one of the few YouTubers in her age range that is choosing to pursue college, which I respect a ton. I know college isn't for everybody, but it's nice to have a YouTube personality that I can relate to in that aspect, y'know?


I've been watching Allison's videos for years now and I can say, without a doubt, that she is my favorite beauty YouTuber. She doesn't just cover the makeup aspect though, but branches into skincare and haircare. I would trust her recommendations before anybody else's. Her videos are always beautifully filmed and edited and she just seems like a really great person! She also has a blog that I frequently read. 


Of all of the "beauty gurus", Rachel has the sharpest tongue and quickest wit. I don't even want to call her a beauty guru because she does so many different types of videos that are all equally as fantastic. She's bomb at makeup, can sing and play guitar, rants like a pro, and has a super adorable boyfriend who she cooks with in her #CrachelCooks series. 

I recently switched YouTube accounts and only followed my absolute favorite channels, so if you'd like to see that list, I'll post the link to my YouTube subscriptions here. Generally, I watch a lot of British YouTubers or anything that pops up into my What to Watch section. Connor Franta, Tyler Oakley, PointlessBlog/Alfie Deyes and Marcus Butler are some of my favorite male YouTubers as well. You Deserve a Drink/Mamrie Hart is also absolutely hilarious.

I could talk about YouTubers for hours. Who are your favorite YouTubers?


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