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Mid-Term Reflection

That's right, I've hit the middle of fall semester! I just finished up week seven and am feeling all sorts of content, and not just because I'm currently curled up in my bed at home. I don't know how seven weeks have passed by already. I've had my stressful moments, but overall, I feel like I haven't been so overwhelmed that it just makes time drag on.

I don't know whether to be thankful for time passing by quickly or whether I should be grasping onto every second of undergrad that I can before being thrust into the world as an adult who needs to be somewhat responsible for herself.

My classes, aside from one, are going swimmingly. The one that isn't going well, unfortunately, is a news writing class that I need to continue on with my major and my professor doesn't like me very much. Or she doesn't like my writing, which in this case is far more important than liking me. To each their own, I suppose...but that class is going to make me cry at some point within these remaining seven weeks.

It's starting to get colder in Cleveland, which is great for my wardrobe and awful for my motivation to get outside. I need to start getting back into the routine of going out for walks on Sunday and reading/people watching at Starbucks. Anything to get me out of the dorms for an hour or two is greatly appreciated and beneficial to my mental health. Staring at the same surroundings gets nauseating after a while.

As a little treat to myself, and to avoid being in the room alone this weekend, I drove home for Columbus Day! Last night I took advantage of the oven in my house, as I normally do, and made my own version of Taylor Swift's chai sugar cookies. My family is sort of obsessed with them, so thank you T-Swift for the dose of inspiration!

I've got a lot of assignments due this upcoming week and exams that need to be taken, so I really should be using this weekend to study and write my paper. How will I actually spend it? Definitely not doing schoolwork, that's for sure. My professors will have to forgive me, for my dog is just too cute to ignore and I must spend a majority of my days with him.


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