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How I Curl My Hair

My curling technique has gone through some pretty formative (and horrendous) stages. The first time I ever had my hair curled was for my eighth grade graduation and I had my aunt do it because I couldn't be bothered and she always has he hair styled nicely. In eighth grade I had bangs and no layers and my hair had gone through a really bad highlighting job and had a coppery tint to it, so needless to say, it didn't look good even styled into a ponytail. I started curling my own hair in ninth grade, doing simple spiral curls. Unfortunately, I did them all in the same direction and never shook them out. I think it took me until mid-junior year to finally learn how to properly curl my hair and shake it out so it looked more natural and didn't have a distinct kink in it. Ever since, this is how I've been curling my hair!


TRESemmé heat protectant spray
Aussie hairspray
Conair curling iron
Hair tie
Butterfly clip

First things first, I spray my hair from the ear down with my heat protectant spray and then use my hair to brush out any missed knots and to evenly disperse the product throughout my hair to keep it from being damaged by the heat.

Next, I'll section my hair off (it usually takes me about 4 sections) into a high bun, leaving out my bottom layer. Since I'm not fancy and didn't want to spend money on a curling wand, I just use my regular curling iron and tilt it upside down. Viola! You've got yourself a poor college student's curling wand!

I'll just take small sections and wrap them around the barrel of my curling iron, alternating directions with each curl. Tip: always curl the front pieces away from your face!

I let the curl fall into the palm of my hand to cool before letting it drop. I continue doing this for the rest of my hair, releasing it section my section to ensure that I don't miss any pieces.

I like the look of messy curls, so I always finger through my hair after it has cooled down and has been hairsprayed to loosen them up. 

Another quick shake and hair flip for good measure!

And that's how I curl my hair on a day to day basis! It can take anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes, depending on how neat or loose I want them. When I wear this sort of hair to more important events, I'll probably spend 30 minutes on it and won't shake it out as much, just a few fluffs here and there to ensure a maximum stay. 


  1. wow they look great! love that you used gifs instead of a whole video, so original! thanks for sharing this


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