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1. 9 Of The Most Terrifying Two Sentence Horror Stories Ever Told I hate scary things, yet at the same time, I absolutely love them? These definitely creeped me out a bit!

2. Don't Look Now, But One Direction Is Making Great Rock Music I just had a conversation with my roommate about music snobs who claim rock is dead. Classic rock from the 80's is no different than what is considered "pop rock" today. I'm not trying to say that One Direction is creating rock music by any means, just rock inspired pop.

3. The Psychology of Penmanship The Zodiac was mentioned and Katie Heaney wrote it. Definitely a winning article.

4. Cute Desktop Planner and Blog Notepads How amazing are these notepads?

5. Internationally acclaimed barrister Amal Alamuddin marries an actor This is so beyond brilliant, I cannot even handle it.

6. Let's Go Picking Sarah Vickers looks incredible doing anything, apparently. Even picking pumpkins and apples.

7. Surprise! This reminds me of a surprise trip I took back home last year for less than 12 hours.

8. What I'm Best At: Doing It For The Vine All you need is a few seconds of insane courage to get something amazing done.

9. Outfit: Burberry Trench Take Two I'm not much for peplums, but that sweater is so cute! And of course, the trench is a masterpiece in itself.

10. The Best Pumpkin Cookies Uhm, definitely making these the next time I go home.

11. Cape May Getaway Everything about Cape May seems so perfect.

12. Fall Outfit Inspiration Can Carly Cristman's closet be my closet, but a few sizes bigger so I can fit into it? Thank you!

What have you been reading lately? 


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