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Favorite Fall Lipsticks

Fall for me is either the time of mauves and neutrals or (on the complete other end of the spectrum) bold, deep berries and reds. I've organized my favorites from lightest to darkest, mauve-y nudes to as close as you can get to black without being black. 

Mac's Syrup. I bought this lipstick two years ago in Boston between touring two colleges and I think I was more excited about finally owning this lipstick than I was to walk around Boston Commons. Syrup is a Lustre finish, which leaves your lips looking smooth and soft. It needs reapplication throughout the day, especially after eating and drinking, but because of it's neutral pink color, you can do it without a mirror and won't have to worry about it feathering or bleeding around the edges.

Tarte's Exposed. This lipsurgence is absolutely incredible. It's the same shade of taupey brown as its matching blush, plus it's matte. I love the lip crayon design and the fact that it's a twist up and doesn't require sharpening. This is another one that needs reapplication, but because of the color and the style of the tip, no mirror is necessary (unless you feel more comfortable using one).

Revlon's Raspberry Bite. We're going right into bold colors. Raspberry Bite is a bit of a more vibrant berry color for fall and is nice for those uncharacteristically sunny days in fall, when everything is just that much brighter. You can wear this for a very long time without reapplication if you apply it, blot it, then apply another layer.

NYX's Alabama. This is a matte color and it is absolutely gorgeous. It applies smoothly like a dream, doesn't dry out your lips (matte colors usually show off every crack in my lips), and lasts forever. If you're eating and drinking, you might need to reapply at the center of your lips every once in a while, but the rest of your lips will be completely in tact. This is probably my favorite shade of brick red for the fall time.

Revlon's Shameless. This barney purple is matte as well. The color is very intimidating and I'd be lying if I said it was for everybody, but it's such a fun color for the fall time. Like the Tarte lipsurgence, this one is a lip crayon and also has the twist up function. With a smooth application, it's almost impossible not to love this color. I'm a bit surprised at how much I wear it, to be honest, but as long as you keep your outfit and the rest of your makeup simple, the lips will speak for themselves. I'm a firm believer in wearing whatever shades of lipstick that you want and to disregard everybody else's opinion. If you want to wear barney purple lipstick, then you wear it!

Urban Decay's Shame. This color is so dark and glossy, it's pretty much the definition of a vampy lip. I reserve this for days where I have extra time in the morning because the application of it needs to be precise, as it's a bit slippery and has the tendency to bleed very easily. When applied right, it wears pretty well, though I notice that after about two reapplications, it starts getting a little patchy. I just wipe off my lipstick at that point and apply a new layer. This isn't one that I'd wear if I was out all day without the chance to pop back into my room or a bathroom to fix it, but because it's so dark it is one of my favorite colors to wear in the fall.

I have plenty of other lipsticks in fall shades, but it's so hard to show them all. Would you be interested in a lipstick collection? Aside from blushes, they're pretty much my favorite beauty product to buy.

What's your favorite fall lipstick? 


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