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Favorite Fall Blushes

Aside from lipsticks, blush is my second favorite makeup product. I love a nice flush to my cheeks and fall has some particularly fun shades that you can play with! While I don't necessarily wear lipstick on a  day to day basis, I do always wear blush. These are some of my favorite shades for the fall months. 

1. Benefit's Rockateur In the packaging, this rose-gold blush might seem very intimidating. It's very shimmery and looks like it might make your cheeks into a disco ball, but I can assure you that it doesn't. Instead, it gives you the most gorgeous rosy glow. No highlighter necessary with this blush!

2. Nars's Sin This might be my all time favorite blush ever and I'm so sad that I don't get the opportunity to wear it the entire year. It's a nice plummy brown and it gives my cheeks a nice sculpted look, especially when paired with a good contouring bronzer (I like Too Faced's Chocolate bronzer). It has a slight shimmer, but nothing too overwhelming.

3. NYX's Terra Cotta This is my most affordable blush, aside from some Elf ones that I own, and I swear it is the most pigmented as well. You need to apply this with a light hand or else you'll look like a pumpkin spice latte! It's a gorgeous coppery color, which might sound weird for your face, but much like the Benefit blush, it gives you a lovely glow.

4. Tarte's Dollface I wear this blush all year long. It transcends seasons and flatters so many skin tones. I apply it with a light hand in the fall to give me the slights flush on those low maintenance days. It's the perfect pink that can be built up or more subdued.

5. Tarte's Exposed This is one of those "my cheeks but better" blushes. It might just seem like a weird colored bronzer, but it's a very beautiful matte shade. I wear this when I'm wearing a bold lipstick, to give my cheeks some color but to not overwhelm my face with a bunch of different shades. It reminds me of a less shimmery and more subdued Sin.

6. Tarte's Awakening This is my only cream blush for the fall months and I love that it comes in stick form. The color is very similar to Sin and Exposed in the sense that it's more a plummy color. It's nice for those days where my skin is looking a little blah. The fact that it's a cream blush makes my face look less dry and more dewy, bringing that little bit of life back into it.

What's your favorite blush for fall? 


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