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Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is over a month away (November 21) but it's never too early to start making wish lists, right? I'm sort of at that age where I really don't want gifts per se, but I like to ask for things that I would buy myself and don't have the money for. I'm just not a gift person, honestly. I love giving gifts, but I feel weird receiving them, like I'm totally unworthy or something. Weird, right? Is anybody else like this?

However, there are a few things I'm pining after this year. Some are realistic, others are not (you'll know when you see it...).

3. Harry Styles

Since my birthday and Christmas are relatively close (a month apart, give a few days), anything I don't get off my birthday list carries on over to my Christmas wish list. It's a nice short wait if it's something I really wanted!

What's your number one item on your birthday or Christmas list this year?


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