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I've already begun starting to think of living situations for next year. I really don't want to dorm again, as it's very expensive and I think I've had enough of communal living, even if the style of the dorms at my school are very much like a mini-apartment. I feel like I'm ready to have my own space and furnishings and take independent living to the next step.

I've been looking at apartments in the downtown area for a while now, trying to get a feel for the best areas (aka where I can live for the cheapest while still being in walking distance to school or a bus stop) and the best floor plans. Along with figuring out where to live, I also have to figure out how I'd want to decorate! I've never had to purchase real furniture before and the prospect of having an apartment as soon as the summer makes me giddy to start purchasing and getting ideas ready for it.

all images provided by modani 
While I generally find my personality bright and colorful, my style falls in the more neutral category. There are so many different stores, both online and in city locations, that have gorgeous furniture appropriate for the aesthetic of college students. I narrowed down the options and decided to stage a living room from Modani modern furniture. I love black and white and taupe colors. I think they're gorgeous, chic, and practical because they can transition between seasons and your changing styles through the years. I like using flowers, trinkets, and wall art to add color to my space because those are something that can be changed easily (and for relatively cheap, in comparison to sofa or heavy furniture).

The ideas of having trunks as storage is so cute to me. You can put any loose items in there and then use the stack as an end table, or to put some candles or trinkets on that wouldn't necessarily fit on a coffee table. Mirrors are another way to reflect light and add a little something extra to your walls! I really like the ornate detailing around the edge of the one pictured above. It's a nice way to add texture and detail without using loud colors or prints. Even the print in the taupe and cream rug is subdued because of it's large print and the neutral color palette.

I'm pretty pumped that there's a Modani store in Toronto, which isn't too far from my hometown of Niagara Falls! There are about half a dozen more locations, including one in NYC for you city goers who want to add some chic pieces to your apartment. You can check out the other store locations (and future locations) right here.

How would you decorate your apartment? Would you stick to neutrals or go all out with a diverse color palette?


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