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College Snacks

When I eat meals in college, I normally don't eat as much as I probably should. I'm not a massive fan of dining hall food, and what I am a fan of is usually greasy and makes my tummy ache in mass quantities. Because of this and my weird class schedule, I tend to snack a bunch throughout the day to keep from my stomach growling during my three distinct portions of the day: morning classes, afternoon class, and night class. It's really easy to just put a dent in a bag of chips, but that can get boring, so I've come up with a few really easy snacks that take little to no time to prepare.

Guys, I can't cook, so let me emphasize how simple these are. These snacks are so easy that you are going to wonder why I'm even mentioning them.

that mug was $2 from urban outfitters, so you bet your sweet bum that i bought it. also, that's the cinnamon sugar popcorn and it was AMAZING. i was also on my seventh episode of gossip girl for that

All of these can be made with just a microwave!

1. Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn

    + Bag of popcorn with butter
    + Granulated sugar
    + Cinnamon

It honestly is as simple as making a bag of popcorn, pouring it into a large bowl, and dusting it with a sugar and cinnamon combination. It's super easy, and a great way to ease any sweet tooth that you might have.

2. Cheaters Nachos

    + Tortilla chips
    + Shredded cheese (cheddar or a mix works the best)
    + Salsa, olives, sour cream (optional)

All you have to do is lay some tortilla chips on a microwave safe plate, sprinkle cheese over them, and pop them into the microwave until the cheese begins to melt. I just prefer the chips and cheese, but if you want to add any other toppings that you might have around your room or house, you can.

3. Pepperoni Tray For One

    + Crackers (Wheat Thins or Ritz)
    + Pre-sliced pepperoni
    + Pre-sliced cheese

Okay, so this isn't very difficult at all, but it does require more preparation than the snacks to go below. I just prefer Wheat Thins and pepperoni, but if you're a cheese buff, you can have cheese and crackers as well. These are super easy when you just want to sit down and get some work done, but your stomach has other plans. Put some pepperoni and crackers on a plate and sit down at your desk to tackle those math problems or that English thesis.

Snacks that require no preparation whatsoever AKA the snacks I tend to gravitate toward:

1. Protein bars

 My favorites are the Clif Kid Z-Bars in Monster Chocolate Mint, S'mores, and Chocolate Chip, ZonePerfect Cookie Dough bars, and Carrot Cake Luna Bars.

2. Crackers or pretzels

These could be anything, but I personally like Cheese Nips, Goldfish, and Rold Gold pretzel rods.

3. Cereal (okay, so maybe this is a little preparation)

Special K with chocolate is my absolute favorite cereal, but you can never go wrong with a big bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios either!

4. Fresh fruit

A handful of blueberries, an apple, or even a banana can be the pick me up that you need in that break between meals. It won't weigh you down or make you feel guilty for snacking mid day (or late at night!). Not that you should feel guilty for nourishing your body. It's my dorm and I'll snack if I want to!

What's your favorite thing to snack on between meals? 


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