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2014 To Do List, Revisited

I've made a couple of posts talking about my yearly "to-do" list. Basically, on January 1st of each year (this is my third year of doing this), I make a list of 40 things I want to accomplish during the year rather than creating resolutions that I know that I will break. I'm a serial list maker, which is probably why I enjoy writing the list more than I enjoy trying to accomplish everything on it. It's tough! And it probably looks like I've got nothing done on the list, but there is still time left!
  1. Read 35 books (21/35)
  2. Keep straight A’s
  3. Get 8,000 songs on my iPod
  4. Run more often
  5. Try to be more present in people’s lives
  6. Finish my story
  7. Get a pair of Rayban Clubmasters
  8. Run on the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk
  9. Bake at least 10 things that I have pinned (6/10)
  10. Re-do my bedroom at home
  11. Go to opening day for the Indians
  12. Go to Chicago
  13. Take more photos
  14. Reteach myself basic Photoshop and HTML skills
  15. Write every day --- fill up a notebook
  16. Grow a flower and keep it alive all spring and summer
  17. Go a day without my phone and computer
  18. Stop waiting for people to find me interesting, find other people interesting first
  19. Take better care of my blogs
  20. Stop being afraid to make that first move
  21. Meet Harry Styles 
  22. Get front row at a concert
  23. Learn a new language, other than Spanish
  24. Do a DIY/craft that I have pinned
  25. Save my money for study abroad in 2015!
  26. Get a job other than working for my uncle
  27. Confidence is key!
  28. Apply for internships or at least make a resume
  29. Put my dusty piano skills to good use
  30. Go to the Albright Knox Art Museum
  31. Finish Devil’s Hole
  32. People watch at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for a few hours
  33. Start making yoga part of a weekly routine
  34. Try something new
  35. Drink more tea
  36. Figure out the Cleveland bus system
  37. Cut down on Starbucks and try going to Phoenix and Peet’s more
  38. Make Italy 2015 happen
  39. Visit Uncle Tom in Brooklyn (Should happen in November)
  40. Fix the CD player in my car (birthday present)
Looks like I've got a bit of work to do, huh? It's funny to look back at the things that I thought were important on January 1st though. Why was I so dead set on playing the piano more or about drinking tea and saving money? I mean, clearly the only two important goals on this list are to read 35 books and meet Harry Styles....All jokes aside, it's always fun to look back at what was important to me. It seems like forever ago when I made this list...


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