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VMAs and Emmy's Fashion

Two big award shows have taken place in the past few days and I figured that instead of doing two separate posts, I might as well shove them both together to make one big MTV VMAs and Emmy's fashion post because I do what I want.

First things first, we'll starting with MTV's Video Music Awards, which were on Sunday. I watched the show with all of my roommates as a sort of "bonding" ritual, which turned out really nicely actually. In a youthful star-studded event, there's plenty of room for sinking or swimming.

There wasn't a lot of ensembles on the red carpet that really popped out to me in a good way. I mean, sure, Katy Perry and Riff Raff's homage to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake circa 2001 stood out. Similarly, Amber Rose's "outfit" (?), or lack thereof, made me blink a lot and wonder if I should applaud her for showing off her post baby body or question why she wore a bunch of chains and a thong on a red carpet, even if it was just the VMAs.

I'm more interested by the ensembles worn on stage by the performers.

I really don't understand how somebody could possibly look so inhumanly perfect in a bejeweled leotard, but Beyoncé does it. Every. Single. Time. Clearly, this Tom Ford get up is no exception to Queen B's reign.

I didn't realize that Taylor Swift had a midriff! All jokes aside, it's really awesome to start seeing this new side of Taylor over the past couple of months, and especially Sunday night. She wore a playsuit on the red carpet and, GASP, it beared a bit of bum. Call the police, entertainment magazines, why don't you? These tasseled separates makes me really happy. I just wanna steal it, spin around for a bit, and then return it in pristine condition. Is that too much to ask?

Not surprisingly, I was more impressed by what was happening on the Emmy's red carpet this year. Better luck next year, VMAs!

I'll be the first to admit that I don't watch Downton Abbey, but I know enough about Michelle Dockery to realize that she dresses phenomenally. I'm low key obsessed with this dress and its color scheme and shape. Everything paired with the simple hair and makeup is perfect, even so that I can forgive the ill-fitting bottom.

Kiernan Shipka is arguably my favorite human being alive. All I want is to either be best friends with her or become her. I'm not even picky at this point.



I'm loving the color blocked separates as much as I'm loving the bun. Obviously, Sarah Hyland is a beautiful girl (and totally hilarious, have you seen Modern Family? Haley cracks me up), but holy sh*t, she killed it at the Emmy's this year. Look at those eyebrows!

Seeing red gowns on red carpets will always make me giddy. As I'm not a huge fan of red, this whole obsessions with "red on red" is already odd to begin with. It's such a classy color though! Claire Danes knocks it out of the park with this simple silhouette amped up with texture, lace, and a very interesting neck detail. I could live without the belt, but damn, that red lip looks great.

What was your favorite look or moment from the VMAs or Emmy's?


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