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T-Minus 7 Days

That's right guys! Only seven more days until I am en route to Ohio once again. I know that my mom is getting sick of (and probably a bit insulted by) my daily countdown, but I just can't help it. School is very exciting to me. This semester is going to be a tough one, I know that already. All of my classes are in my major, and I'm terrified that I'm going to either be really awful at my Communications/Journalism classes or end up totally hating them and end up SOL. Talk about pessimism, am I right?

I started packing yesterday and sorting through boxes from last years move out. I've got about a six day head start on packing this year (seriously my my mom and I ended up packing the night before I left) so I'm definitely feeling more prepared and relaxed about move-in day. I'm taking this as a good sign. I tend to stress out about these sorts of things and I haven't had any big mental and emotional breakdown yet.

Everything on my "to buy" list is so minor that I'm not even worried about it. I need my toiletries, some nonperishable food, and another print or two for my wall. UGH, it feels so good to be able to say that I'm not scrambling last minute for everything. And I just found out that based on my grades and amount of courses from my first year, I get $200 off of my tuition (every cent counts!) and a $200 credit from the bookstore to use on my textbooks. I can't even lie, I squealed when I got that e-mail. I pretty much got $400 for being a good student. It's nice to be rewarded for your handwork every once and a while.

I purchased a parking pass a few weeks ago as well, which means that this girl needs to learn how to drive in a city! Luckily I know how the streets and lights work from walking around the city so much (AKA my preferred form of transportation), so it shouldn't be too bad. Crossing my fingers for competent city driving and no traffic, like, ever.

What else, what else...

I got to break out this dress once again to go my uncle's fundraiser a few nights ago, which is always exciting. Any excuse to wear this dress is okay in my book, especially when there is free cannoli involved.

In typical Francesca fashion, I outfit changed after my day in the office in order to go to the fundraiser. Here's what I was wearing earlier in the day.

Top: J. Crew
Bottoms: American Eagle
Shoes: Naturalizer from, no lie, 2007--I wore them to my brother's wedding because my bridesmaid dress just fit and would have been too short if I wore anything else (also, I was in 7th grade. Who wears heels in 7th grade?)

When do you go back to school? Do you love outfit changes as much as I do?


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