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1. On The Street What a cool photo representation of the summer to autumn fashion transition! Bill Cunningham has outdone himself with this one.

2. Who's Buying J. Crew's New XXXs Clothes? Trying to read this article objectively was a bit hard for me, as I'm a massive fan of J. Crew's, but also a positive body image supporter. Interesting read nonetheless.

3. Demi Lovato Reveals How She Learned To Love the Skin She's In Speaking of positive body image supporter...Demi Lovato has been killing it over the past couple of years after her stint in rehab dealing with various health issues. I love her confidence and her attitude...and pretty much everything about her, if we're being honest.

4. Shop For a Cause: Kate Spade's On Purpose Collection Creates Jobs for Women in Rwanda Just another reason for me to respect a beloved company...and spend more money on their products. You bet your bottom dollar that I ordered one of the friendship bracelets.

5. Arctic Monkeys' Emotional Goodbye To 'AM' Had Everything - But Where Do They Go Next? Arctic Monkeys are a fantastic band and AM was a brilliant album. Sad to see the "era" end, but excited to see what will follow!

6. Andrew McMahon's Life After Pop Punk Andrew McMahon's music, through his various projects, has gotten me through the entirety of my middle school, high school, and my college years up until now. What a genuine and incredibly talented guy.

7. I Believe... Such a refreshing look on life! I especially love the "chocolate is acceptable currency" bit.

8. Describe Yourself In 20 Seconds I'm a talker, especially a nervous one, and for as narcissistic as I am, I can never think of the proper words or phrases to describe myself. Can you do this?

9. 21 Things I've Learned in 21 Years I wanted to just describe this with a series of exclamation points, but that didn't seem to do this post justice.

10. What's Your Weird Thing? Everything I do is a weird thing if we're being honest here.

11. Lipstick Love You know that line in "Hot N Cold" by Katy Perry "you change your mind like a girl changes clothes?" Yeah, that's me with lipstick colors.

12. Photography I love taking pictures and wish I had more time to properly dedicate to it.

13. The Fake Leaf Print Romper Genius! I love rompers, but when it comes to the ease of getting them on and off, these separates in the same print seem a lot more appealing to me.

14. What Do You Love Most About Where You Live? In New York, the thing I love the most is my family (yawn) and The Book Corner. In Cleveland, the skyline and Voinovich Park are what I love the most.  

15. J. Crew Fall Picks I am so excited for fall fashion. I have to hit up a J. Crew before we get too deep into the season so I can pick up some new pieces.

What have you been reading lately?


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