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Francesca's Focus: First Week of Classes

Congratulations everybody, you've made it through your first week of classes! Unless you have a class tomorrow and if that's the case, then I'm sorry that you have a class on Saturday. That really sucks. Making through the first week of classes is the first of many small victories. The seventh week and finals week are the next two, in my opinion, worst weeks in the school year.

I only have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I've technically only had two days of classes this week. It isn't quite late enough to judge any of them at this point, but I've definitely got some opinions that I hope change sometime soon.

This semester is going to be hard. I knew that from the start, but I got home from all of my classes on Tuesday, collapsed onto my bed and just sort of...lied there, very limp, very sad. Then I'm sure I thought of Harry Styles and immediately perked up because that's how my mind works. I know from experience last year, the first week, though lighter on the material, definitely feels the most busy. Maybe it's because of the transition from the nothingness of vacations (as long as you didn't take summer classes) to the sudden addition of what seems like a whole boatload of work.

Generally, if you feel lost on the first day of classes, you are not the only person. Remember my story from Spanish class last semester? I was chatting with a classmate of mine before my Spanish Writing Emphasis class yesterday and want to guess what we talked about? How it seriously took us 5 hours to do our homework assignment and that neither of us were that confident or comfortable with the language yet. See what I mean? It's hard getting acquainted with a class again (especially a foreign language, though I know I'm biased) after one or two classes, so there's no need to wig out at first like I did (and continue to do as I skim through my textbook).

It feels like I've been at school forever. I think it's because my roommate, N, was my suite mate last year, so it just feels like it's a continuation of last semester. It's not really a bad thing, unless you count the disgusting amount of coffee I've consumed in less than a week...

I'm pretty pumped for week two, just so I can start forming my routine again. I'm a big routine person and right now I don't really have one. Next week I have to add laundry in there at some point (HAH, just kidding. I'm talking about it like I don't already have Wednesday morning planned out) and taking some leisurely walks downtown. Pray for me and my mounds of Spanish assignments that will surely overwhelm me at some point or another.

How was your first week of classes? 


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