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1. The Best of the Internet So so so funny and entertaining. I especially love the Ed Sheeran/Merida mashup.

2. Soft Dutch Braid and Waves I WISH I could do this hair on myself. Maybe I'll try it when I'm off next week.

3. Couture for The People That first white gown had me on the floor. So gorgeous.

4. 10 Books to Read This Summer I'm always for new book lists!

5. Career Spotlight: Mignonne Gavigan These Career Spotlight posts are my absolute favorite. It's so nice to see these women making names for themselves in jobs that they are passionate about.

6. Guest Blogging: Emily from Bows and Depos What a great use of a plain white oxford!

7. What I Didn't Expect From Blogging While I've only been consistently blogging for the past few months, I've had blogs since 9th grade. I've still got a long way ahead of me! As usual, Carly hits the nail on the head.

8. Fourth of July on Nantucket All of these Nantucket posts I see make me want to see what all of this hype is about! Each picture I see is all sorts of amazing.

9. Kesha Opens Up About Her Eating Disorder and Experience in Rehab Kesha is a strong woman and I am so proud of her (yes, without actually knowing her) for seeking out help for her ED.

10. Top 10 Instagram Accounts Every Decor Addict Should Follow I'm not quite a decor addict, but I do love myself some pretty interior designs!

11. Scalloped Dress + Field Jacket I regret not buying the navy blue scalloped shift dress when it was on sale at my local J. Crew outlet. Those dresses are drop dead gorgeous, and that jacket? Amazing.

12. The Opposite of Loneliness What happened to Marina was undeniably tragic, but her writing is timeless and incredibly beautiful. This piece is the leading essay in her book, also titled The Opposite of Loneliness, and really resonated with me. I hope it does the same to you.

What have you been reading lately?


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