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Francesca's Focus: Harry Styles' Headscarves (And A Wearable Version)

It is not unlike me to center a post around a boyband, hence why I am spending my Friday (err, Thursday night) writing about a certain British boyband member who has recently had an affinity for wearing massive scarves around his head to keep his overgrown messy curls under control. His hair has become a problem over the past year or so, seeming to never get a haircut despite the wonderful hair stylist they have (Lou Teasdale, read her book). I shouldn't be so passionate about a strangers hair, but Jesus Christ have you seen it? If you haven't, I will include more than enough snaps of it to prove my point that it has to go. Because the opinion of an 18-year-old nobody means the world to an international popstar.

The first spotting of the infamous head scarf for me was during a scene in This Is Us, in which the boys are singing a reggae version of "Last First Kiss" and during the camping scene, meaning this would have been during the Take Me Home tour spanning from February 23 of 2013 until November 3 of 2013. I wish I could say that this was the last sighting, but as you could figure from the point (yes, there is a point. well sort of) of this post, it wasn't. There are various photos of Harry wearing a scarf around his head in various clips from TMH tour videos.



My timeline may be wrong (because I usually am), but according to my tumblr tag (/harry+styles, 20 pages going strong), but it seems that the consistent headscarf wearing Harry Styles emerges somewhere around the end of November, around the release of their third studio album Midnight Memories. Mr. Styles can be seen sporting an olive green scarf, the first to his (presumably) vast collection.

The headscarf became part of his tour uniform for there current Where We Are Tour dates, spanning world wide. His massive and completely unnecessary-if-he-would-just-cut-his-f**king-hair collection of scarves can be best displayed through photos from the tour.

Brief intermission to remind you that I am not completely insane (note: the keyword here is completely). Please disregard any blatant creepiness and read on to see me Harry Styles inspired wearable headscarf that won't make you look that much like an idiot (but people still might stare) (it's okay just ignore them. They're just jealous).

Better options to tame the wild beast that is the hair of Harry Styles: a beanie, a snapback, A F**KING HAIRCUT, a fedora (he is one of the few people that doesn't look like a complete douche wearing one. The list also includes Joe Jonas and Justin Timberlake).

Honestly, anything but the man-bun.


Onward with the seriously easy way to make a head scarf. First things first, I'm the realest. Dammit Iggy.

1. Obtain scarf, preferably a thin one unless you want to look exactly like Harry Styles. If this is the case, grab the largest scarf you have, wrap it haphazardly around your head, and secure with a knot and some bobby pins. You will end up looking like this:

2. If you listened to my original advice and grabbed a thin scarf, put it on like normal then lift the ends so that the center is at the nape of your neck where your hair meets the skin. Tie it into a knot on the top of your head.

3. Bring the ends back down behind your neck and tie them into another knot.

4. You can either leave the excess ends out or you can tuck them under the rest of the scarf. Pin these places securely to ensure that none of the ends/tassels will be visible at any point. Use bobby pins liberally to keep the scarf in place.

5. Grab a microphone, ripped skinny jeans, and a shirt in which you only button up half way. Get some tattoos if you really want to commit to the look.

Who is your favorite boy band?

* i sincerely hope this was taken with a grain of salt.*


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