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Films To Watch This Weekend

During the week, I find it easier to watch television shows as opposed to movies. They seem to take less time, even though binge watching half a season of a television show takes up more time than a movie. For some reason, it just seems easier that way. I prefer saving my movie viewing for weekends where I can wrap myself up like a burrito in blankets and seemingly hibernate for a few hours. I want to make sure that I have nothing to do all day so my lounging around can seem slightly justified after a long week at work.


1. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

This movie is my kryptonite. If it has Kate Hudson in it, I want to be watching it. Her character Andy is  so intelligent and cunning, it's fantastic. Fun fact: her career in this movie was one of my inspirations for choosing my own major. Plus, Matthew McConaughey (definitely had to Google that spelling…) is very, very dreamy. It's a win-win situation and I guarantee you will have no regrets after watching this movie.

2. Stuck In Love

My suite mate was talking about this movie once and I thought nothing of it. It was a brief conversation about it and how it made her upset. Shortly after getting my own Netflix account (aka the moment I finally felt like an adult) I was scrolling through the movies when I stumbled upon Stuck In Love. Remembering the conversation we had about it, I clicked played almost immediately and don't regret it at all. The movie is just a cluster of characters with messy pasts. It's a story about complicated relationships and how sometimes you just can't give up. This film also features a lot of Logan Lerman *fans self* and Lily Collins' eyebrows *faints*. Really, you just can't go wrong with this. I would definitely recommend tissues, though. Not exactly the happiest movie out there.

3. Fever Pitch

Jimmy Fallon + Drew Barrymore + Red Sox = a heavenly combination. This romantic comedy is nothing short of hilarious and amazing. Those two in a movie together are just darling. I love when rom-coms have their serious moments and I think that these two pull it off fabulously. It's always okay to sniffle a little bit in a movie, only to laugh five minutes later because, come on, it's Jimmy Fallon!


4. Riding In Cars With Boys

More Drew Barrymore? I know, I know. I just really adore her as a human being and actress. This is movie based off of the eponymous autobiography (that I have yet to read---darnit!) by Beverly Donofrio. While it is relatively sad--a struggling teen mother--it has a happy ending! My mom and I watched this movie a couple of years ago and I remember it resonating with me, especially this quote from Brittany Murphy.

It's a really beautiful movie (and it's on Netflix!)

What are some of your favorite movies to marathon over weekends?


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