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Earrings Are the New Black?

At least, for me. Oh, who am I kidding, nothing will ever be the new black for me. But I will say, earrings are slowly consuming my accessory game.

I got my ears pierced when I was young, probably around the age of 4 or 5 (my mom would confirm if she weren't sleeping right now). Other than the earrings that Claire's (super glamorous, I know) used to pierce my ears, one of my first pairs was a pair of gold cats. You heard me right, golden cats on my ears. They were really nice earrings, a gift from my godmother, and I adored them. Looking back at my collection of older earringsincluding a pair of sea lion earrings, turtles, and spidersI seemed to enjoy eclectic and zanier pieces, which explains a lot. 

At some point in elementary school, around Halloween, I was sporting a pair of spider earrings. I normally slept in my earrings because taking them out was a pain and a half. Thinking nothing of it, I fell asleep wearing my spider ears and woke up in a panic during the middle of the night when I couldn't remove my head from the pillow. After a lot of tears and struggling, my mom managed to untangle the spider legs from my pillow case and I vowed never to wear earrings ever again. 

The next time I wore earrings it was for my brother's wedding, part of the bridesmaids ensemble. I wore them for one day and didn't put in earrings again until my junior year. I went through a stint my junior and senior year of wearing earrings, but I usually found it annoying because I had to take them out for soccer and softball anyways. I didn't want to lose my earrings, as I had nowhere to put them, so I just didn't wear them during the fall and spring.

My mom doesn't wear earrings at all, so she generously gifted me her pearl earrings, which remain my favorite pair of earrings. Those sparked my new found obsession with earrings. I now feel incomplete when I'm not wearing a pair. I play with my earrings as a nervous habit, which is a lot less annoying than picking my nail polish and constantly touching my hair. 

As much as I like my simple, more understated earrings, statement earrings have slowly been creeping up on my radar for a while now. I never thought my ears could handle heavier earrings, but after getting my first pair of J. Crew statement earrings a few weeks back, I can't get enough of them. I recently ordered a pair online from J. Crew that I am so excited to get in in the mail! Let's just say they involve tortoise shell, blue, and crystals. 

I'm not much of a bracelet or ring person (they bother me when I'm taking notes or typing on my computer!), so earrings have definitely taken over my whole jewelry game. I really only wear one necklace, a Kate Spade one that my parents got me for Christmas this past year. All hail the earrings!

Where's your favorite store to shop for earrings? 


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