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Sail Into The Sun

Sometime around last summer, my friends and I decided that we liked hiking. Or at least, our version of it, which to real hikers probably wasn't hiking. I digress, we like walking the trails, oohing and aahing at the natural beauty of the trails we chose. Yesterday, my two best friends and I hiked the Gorge Trail and ventured down into Devil's Hole for the second time. We encountered a lot of chipmunks (which I screamed Hi Alvin! at too many times) and had a run in with a snake in which we almost fell down a small cliff-like edge from jumping, then proceeded to shake for the next ten minutes. All in all, it was a beautiful hike and was so relaxing. The weather was perfect and most tourists don't go down into Devil's Hole, leaving the path clear for brave and active locals.

All day the Whirlpool boats were out in full swing, taking passengers through the whirlpools for a crazy, bumpy, and very soggy ride. You heard the screams all the way up on the top of the Gorge! It was crazy.

Hiking is seriously the most relaxing way to catch up on life, vent, talk as loud as you possibly can because who they hell is going to hear you in the Gorge? My friends and I took advantage of this, as none of us live in the same city (hell, I don't even live in the same state) 3/4's of the year. Some things are just easier to say in person than they are to say in a group message. Honestly, yesterday was probably the greatest day. I cannot reiterate it enough.
After the three of us finished our hike, we headed out to The Silo in Lewiston for lunch. The name may sound familiar because it was featured on Man vs. Food a while back, as it should have. The place is delicious and it's literally right on the river. This was my view the entire time:

I got a cajun chicken sandwich and the three of us split and order of french fries. I couldn't resist a cold pink lemonade either. It just fit with the weather so perfectly!

If every day for the rest of the summer was as relaxing as yesterday, I would have no complaints. I had a great time with great people and I wouldn't have changed anything in the world to make it different.

What's your favorite thing to do in the summer with your friends? 


  1. The hike looked like a lot of fun! My friends & I love to swim in the summer. Great post!

    Emily | E is for Elegance

    1. It was tons of fun, despite a run in with a tiny little snake. Ughhh, swimming is the greatest on hot summer days. That sounds great right about now, haha. Enjoy all of your time off this summer! I hope you get to swim a lot. :)


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