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1. Tassels & Tastemakers Now that's what I call a party I'd like to be invited to.

2. Embellished Black Dress I need that dress in my closet…ASAP.

3. To Tommy From Zooey Zooey Deschanel is absolutely perfect and this dress is beyond gorgeous. I've always wanted to try a dress in this style!

4. Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Cup This recipe got a big thumbs up from my younger brother (who is not so young anymore….wild!), so I'm going to go on a hunch to say that it's very good. And I can attest to the fact that it's very simple to make.

5. The Easiest Donut Cake  They're really not kidding…

6. Flowers and Fedoras  Kathleen Deleasa (yes, Kevin Jonas' sister-in law) has amazing style and this time is no different. Am I wrong for thinking that she completely rocks that fedora?

7. My Style Diary: Once Upon A Dream #1: Sleeping Beauty is my favorite and has been for a very, very long time. #2 I NEED THOSE SANDALS.

8. Taking Back The Morning I try really hard to be a morning person. Sometimes it works, sometimes I'm completely lethargic. Regardless, this post makes me motivated to have a regimented morning that I can feel proud about…not one where I hit snooze and have to sacrifice whatever routine I have.

9. Dreamy Joe Jonas Reveals What It's Like To Date Him Once upon a time, I was really obsessed with the Jonas Brothers. Honestly, I still am. Their breakup hasn't really affected my love for them, which seems shocking considering I am nonstop Harry Styles 24/7. But before Harry, there was Joe Jonas. There still is Joe Jonas, but I've decided to respect his relationship with Blanda because 1. she's cool as f*ck and 2. I obviously will never date Joe Jonas so…I digress, this interview was cute and amazing. More importantly, the pictures are worthy of legitimate drooling.

10. Tavi Forever Tavi Gevinson makes me angry, only because she is younger than me (only by 5 months…but still) and is ridiculously talented, cool, and successful. Okay, so maybe that's jealousy, not anger, but I still look up to her regardless.

11. How To: Stay Organized I need to write everything down too! If I don't have it in my agenda or on a post it note in front of my desk, I won't remember to do it. I tried using the reminder app on my phone and I kept forgetting to check it. Needless to say, all of that work didn't get done…

12. Weekend Style That scalloped bikini needs to be mine.

13. 3 Tips To Tease Like A Boss My hair never has volume. I literally have to shake my roots out every couple of minutes and I swear everyone probably thinks I have a never ending case of lice. That's not true, I just can't get my hair to retain volume. I'm definitely going to try these tips!

14. World Cup 101 Leave it to Kate Spade to create a stylish breakdown to the World Cup.


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