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1. Emma Watson Graduates I don't know how she did it, but Emma freaking Watson graduated from BROWN UNIVERSITY recently whilst still making movies (and a lot of them, at that) and doing the press junkets and being a proper movie star. She seems like a very lovely and level-headed girl, which is one of the many reasons why I look up to her! Go Emma!

2. Career Spotlight: Lindsay Wagner, Jewelry Designer Entrepreneurs are always very inspiring and I admire all of the work they put in to make their product or service succeed. I love the look of these necklaces and they're philanthropic! How cool!

3. Time Management, How I Get It All Done For me, time management was absolutely key for me when I was in school. I almost had to get myself on a daily routine (as boring as some may say they are). But really, if I didn't have my routines, I would get nothing done and my life would be chaos.

4. Staycation  I've seen a lot of posts about "stay cations" and I think they're absolutely perfect! You don't need to go to some extravagant and lavish hotel on the beach 1,000 miles away to catch some sun. Do a little research and find spots in your area that you've never thought to go to. I have a feeling I'll be planning myself a stay cation very soon, as there is so much that I haven't seen in western New York that I definitely need to.

5. "We Turn Skeletons Into Goddesses" Death the the "bikini bridge"!

6. Cake Stand Perfume Display How cute is this perfume stand? And it's multi-use! Serve a cake on it, wash it up, and stack some perfume bottles on it. BOOM! It's a twofer!

7. Mindy Kaling Gives the Best Speech to Harvard Law School Students I love Mindy Kaling more than I love my eyebrows. If she could speak at my college graduation, I would faint and then wake up in time to hear her talk.

8. What To Do When Your Jeans Don't Fit And You Want To Scream Christa Black is the sweetest and most lovely human being ever. A few months ago, she lost her second child 40 minutes after she was born. As expected, it has been hard, but this post is special for two reasons. I recommend doing your research on this woman because she is fantastic and just so talented and loving. Her book God Loves Ugly is one of my favorites.

9. Save The Date I LOLed. I love ManRepeller content and this just reminded me about how I can be sometimes. I just need to relax sometimes and I could, in some sense, see myself using these.

10. ROAD TRIP: Hilton Head, SC I just really want Krista's closet at this point.

11. AnnaLyne McCord: Why I'm Done Staying Quiet About My Sexual Assault VERY IMPORTANT.

12. #YesAllWomen, and yes, me. See above. So so so so so important.

13. New York, New York As someone who wants to live in New York at least for a short period in my life, this post definitely gave me the tiniest bit of insight into city living and how its normal to feel like you just want to give up.

14. Harry Styles Cuddling With Cute Puppies Is Everything Okay, okay, I know how ridiculous this is…but seriously. These are pretty much my two favorite things mashed into one picture and I need to fan myself.


  1. I love that you do these little round-ups providing some interesting reads! I've seriously been considering thinking about moving to New York City after I graduate college so I thought number 13 was pretty interesting! Also number 14 is basically perfect!

    1. I really like how some people don't sugar coat it. Like yeah, sometimes it's going to be hard to live in the the city, but hopefully it will ultimately be worth it if you just stick with it.

      Number 14 was clearly my favorite ;) ;)

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