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You Could Be Happy

I like to believe that I am generally a very happy person. I find that if I am happy, or at least am putting on the front that I am happy, it can make other people feel the same way. I like to smile at people on the streets and compliment classmates whenever I get the chance. Sometimes I go out of my way to get iced teas that I know will brighten my day that much more. Being happy is one of the greatest feelings in the world, and sometimes I don't even realize it!

It doesn't take much to make me happy. I get excited over the tiniest of things---the little victories that add up are the greatest! I get happy when I have a perfectly made cup of tea or when I see a child shuffling along behind their parents. I smile when I see squirrels on campus or when a sliver of sunshine slips through the blinds in my room. In the words of pop sensations One Direction (or, I suppose Ed Sheeran because he wrote it), life, I'm in love with you and all your little things. 

There are 10 foolproof things that will, no matter the circumstances, make me instantly happy.

1. Sunshine
This is a no brainer. Any day that there is sunshine, I am smiling ear to ear. Everything about it makes me happy. 

2. Fresh manicures
I love when my nails are freshly painted and are still glossy. No wear on the nails = a happy Francesca.

3. Beach inspired candles
White Sand from Bath and Body Works is my favorite. 

4. Upbeat music
Favorites include, but are not limited to: "Best Song Ever" by One Direction, "Pom Poms" by the Jonas Brothers, "Girls" by The 1975, "Best Day of My Life" by American Authors, and "Harlem" by the New Politics

5. Frozen yogurt
As of late, it has been my new favorite thing! I almost always get original tart with whatever berry selection they have and some gummy bears for extra measure. So good!

6. New magazines
I hoard magazines. I still have every fashion magazine that I've purchased or received via subscription from eighth grade until now. I claim that I'm keeping them for research. I just can't part with them. What if there's something important in Teen Vogue's July issue from 2011?

7. A healthy tan
I don't mean lying down in a tanning bed or lying out by the pool. Those accidental tans make me excited. Like the glow I get from sitting out at my brother's baseball games or running around outside with my little cousins. Looking in the mirror the next day and seeing that new glow is always exciting!

8. My dog
He is the happiest dog in the world and that rubs off on me. He's so cute and energetic. I can't help but reciprocate!

9. Baseball games
Can you say #baseballpants? In all seriousness, I love the game of baseball more than I could ever put into words. The whole atmosphere is uplifting, even if your favorite team is losing (I'm looking at you, Cleveland Indians). 

10. My friends
Another no brainer. My friends are the funniest people I've ever met and I'm glad that I get to spend time with them. They always know how to make me laugh, whether they're purposely trying to tell me jokes or are being their silly selves. If my friends are happy, I'm happy. And if they're sad, then I'm working my hardest to change that. 

What makes you your happiest?


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