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Francesca's Focus: Glimpse

I am known to send horrible, awful selfies to my best of friends. The faces I make are comparable to wild animals and while I trust my friends not to spread these photos all over the internet, some people might not feel that way about theirs. Snapchat is a popular way to send photos of yourself, things you see around you, and other random sights. A new app on the spectrum is called Glimpse, a photo-sharing app that has an added safety and some cool features that aren't accessible on Snapchat.


Glimpse is similar to Snapchat, except it is more secure because it uses end-to-end encryption. Once a user views an image, the content will disappear from Glimpse's servers and no records of content sent are kept. The content is only maintained for two weeks and once that time period is over, the content is removed. Users can add filters to a photo or video that they send, which will prevent the recipient from being able to take a clear screenshot of the image, as it will turn out scattered and blurry. You can write text in various colors and add drawings to your photos if you so please. And, as an added bonus, you are able to send photos straight from your camera roll! 

Glimpse is free in the app store (sadly only available for iPhones at the moment though). I really prefer using this app because it is much easier to navigate for me since the dreaded Snapchat update. If you're interested, you should add me @ Francesca and tell your friends to as well. I really think this is a great way to show friends a glimpse of your life via photos.


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