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(Faux) Leather and Lace (OOTD)

Yesterday, I was (un)lucky enough to attend the annual Republican dinner for my county. I was asked by my uncle/employer to go in place of my mother who cannot attend these functions based on her job. I can't say no considering his paychecks support my shopping addiction, so I agreed and assumed I would have to shake a few hands and guzzle down a diet coke before escaping out the back door. I did shake a lot of hands of strangers, but I sipped my soda like a lady and ended up staying about an hour longer than intended. Regardless of the level of excitement that I wasn't quite reaching for said dinner, I did enjoy getting to dress up for the occasion!

I've worn this dress on countless occasions, each varying in level of dressiness. I've worn it to a summer wedding, I wore if for an honor society induction in high school, and just casually for senior dress code. I bought this dress in ninth grade and am still just as in love with it, if not more. I used to be weary of it because I thought it was too long (it's not). I appreciate its length and high neckline now, as I think it's a nice dress to wear for more professional occasions, like a political event such as the dinner yesterday.

Dress: Urban Outfitters (old)
Shoes: JcPenney (old)
Earrings (not shown): J. Crew
Lipstick (shown below): YSL 'Fuchsia In Rage'

Clearly I was really excited to attend this dinner. In my defense, I really have no business being at a political event. However, I did end up enjoying myself as much as I possibly could in a room full of men and women who weren't even within a 15 year age range of me. You win some, you lose some. I do appreciate the event, though, because it gave me an excuse to dress up.


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