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Eyebrow Routine and Products

My eyebrows are my babies. I've mentioned this more than a few times on my blog, and will probably mention it approximately five thousand more times. I normally do not leave the house without foundation and my eyebrows done. I have products for days when I'm doing my full face of makeup, and products for days when I just want to run out the door to do errands.

When I'm doing my full face of makeup for the day, I tend to lean toward these products:

  • Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. I use the two darkest shades and mix them to fill in my eyebrows.
  • Elf eyeliner brush. This brush is meant to do eyeliner but I find that it's too thick to make a nice even line. I opted to use it to fill in my eyebrows instead and I love it.
  • Maybelline Clear Gel. I use this to set my eyebrows after I've filled them in with my eyeshadows of choice. 
When I'm in a rush, I only use one product, and that is the Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel in chocolate. One quick swipe of this over each brow gives them a nice tint and makes sure that they stay in place all day. I really like this for days where I don't have a lot going on but still want my eyebrows to look well groomed.

What's your favorite eyebrow product?


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