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Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick // Shame

I bought this in my Ulta extravaganza back in December when I came home for winter break. And here I am finally reviewing it. I've always been curious about Urban Decay's lipsticks because I adore their eyeshadows and primers, so I wondered if their other products would live up to my expectation. I can, with confidence, say that they do! At least, this shade of lipstick does.

I got mine in the darkest (don't quote me on it) shade, called Shame. It is a deep plum red and is definitely not for the weak of heart. It is DARK and creamy, making it easy to apply.

I find that it goes on much better when I line my lips, as it tended to feather around the edges when I didn't. Other than that, I have no real complaints! It wore well and long. I found when reapplying more than once or twice, it started to gather and into little sections and get a little gross looking. This isn't my kind of every day lipstick, but it is fun to put on when my look needs a little spicing up!

What Urban Decay product have you always been curious to try?


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