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January Favorites!

I cannot believe that January is already over. Everyone says that in their favorites videos and blog posts, but this month has flown by. I went from being on break to starting my second semester of college. Life has just been an absolute whirlwind. I suppose the best way to organize my life is to start making lists, and a lot of them. I think I forgot to include lists in my favorites, but they really are some of the most simple and helpful things when it comes to organizing my life.

On the opposite end of organization, I have some new beauty and fashion favorites from this month, as well as my usual miscellaneous favorites.

 Maybelline Color Tattoo in the shade Bad to the Bronze, OPI nail polish in My Favorite Ornament, Lorac Front of the Line liquid eyeliner.

NYX blush in Terra Cotta, Viva La Juicy Noir perfume, Revlon Colorburst  lipgloss in Pink Ice.

I have two jewelry and one fashion favorite for this month. I spent half of this month on my winter break and the other half freezing my butt off near the Great Lakes, so there hasn't been much room for cute clothes because I usually have to layer on a thick scarf and a warm jacket. 
Kate Spade Something Blue idiom pendant

This necklace was a Christmas gift from my friend and I have no idea where she got it from. All that I know about it is that it is the perfect length and just enough of a statement that it can spice up a chambray top or a sweater very nicely.

 The closest J. Crew to me is an outlet, and when I am home I like to browse at least three or four times. The Sunday before Christmas, my two cousins and I went to the Outlets so that they could get work clothes from Banana Republic because they were having a super sale. In my typical fashion, I requested a trip to Kate Spade (struck out there, sadly) and J. Crew. I had this vest in this particular print on my birthday wishlist but took it off because it was too much at $138 for anyone in my family to buy me, and I wanted money anyways. My outlet has not had excursion vests this entire season. I have sent my mom in their looking any time she goes to the mall and nada, nothing. This guy was hung up on a collared shirt rack. It was THE ONLY Excursion vest in the store. In my size. In the exact striped print that I wanted. AND IT WAS 50% OFF. So I decided that it was fate and purchased it. I have worn this vest at least 15 days this month because it is the final touch on any outfit. I cannot and will not get enough of it. I am excited for spring and warm weather, but sad that I cannot wear this during those months. I will enjoy my last couple months with my beloved vest.

 As for random favorites, I have two this month .

 This tea is the most fantastic thing to ever come into my life. If you don't have a Wegmans around you, the Trader Joe's Cinnamon Tempest tea tastes very similar, though it is a little less sweet.

Other than this notebook being in my favorites, I have also really liked writing this month. I am constantly writing stories, but this notebook is strictly for personal stories. It's like a diary, but via poems and small essays. 

I have made a playlist of my favorite songs of the month. The picture below will take you to it!


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