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October Favorites!

I cannot believe that October is already over. I am partially sad, but at the same time November is going to be wonderful. I finally turn 18 and I get to see my first NBA basketball game. How could I ever forget Thanksgiving? One good thing that comes with the end of a month is a favorites post! I've rounded up some of my favorite products from the month, as well as a few miscellaneous things I have been loving!

First and foremost, here is a picture of the beauty products that I have been enjoying! The back row has my Kenra Volume Spray, Tresemme Platinum Strength deep conditioner, Benefit Porefessional Primer, and Origins Ginzing Energy Booster Moisturizer. I find that the face primer keeps my makeup on much longer, so I use it for my Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes because I'm out and about from 7:30 until around 3:30. I probably won't repurchase the Kenra spray as it is very expensive, but this was given to me as a gift and I do like it enough to keep using it.

The front row just has three products. The first is the Naked Basics palette, which I have already done a review on here. I use the two darkest shade to fill in my eyebrows, so this has been in my daily makeup routine since the beginning of the summer. After accumulating at least four samples of Benefit's They're Real! mascara, I finally caved and bought the full-sized one. There's not much to say besides this is the best mascara I have ever used and recommend that everyone have this (whether sample or full-sized) in their makeup collections. The last is MAC's eyeshadow All That Glitters which is just a staple in anybody's makeup collection. It makes a great lid and crease color, which is what I really love about it.

As for non-beauty related products, I have three fashion pieces. The first seems not so fashionable, but that would be my thrifted grandpa sweater that I love to death.

It is this incredibly spacious salt-and-pepper sweater with holes in the shoulders that I picked up over the summer. I had always wanted a big comfy sweater from a thrift store and I am very glad that I finally made it happen. To avoid making me look like a homeless woman, I tucked the front into my high-waisted jeans to give it more of a shape and I usually cuff the sleeves.

The next fashion piece I have loved this month is this yellow zebra printed scarf that I picked up from Karma Loop. Not much to say about it besides the fact that I have tried to wear it with every outfit I picked out in the morning, then promptly remind myself that I cannot do that.

Last, but surely not least, I have these chunky brown ankle boots that I stole was given to by my mom. They are anything I could ever want in an ankle boot. The color is perfect, they are comfortable, and they give me a couple extra inches to make me that much closer to my dream height of 5 foot 10.

What have you loved in the month of October?


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