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Aqualillies for Tarte Palette

I had originally gone into Sephora on a hunt for a mint eyeliner, then I came to the realization that I literally never use eyeliner and spending money on one would be a waste. As soon as I was ready to leave, I saw this palette and it was insta-love.

Just look at this gorgeous palette. It is like a circular mermaid of wonderfulness. I would be lying if I said that this didn't affect my decision to buy it.

This palette comes with a highlighter, a matte bronzer, a FULL SIZED!!!!!!!!!!! blush, and six eyeshadows. I cannot stress how good of a deal this palette is and how gorgeous it is in real life.

In order from left to right it goes Champagne (highlighter), Park Ave Princess (bronzer), and Captivating (blush). Champagne is pretty self explanatory. It's a champagne~ highlighter and it's very smooth. Park Ave. Princess is a matte bronzer. It's not very dark, which for me is perfect because I am relatively fair. Captivating is a matte, darker coral blush. 

Next up are the eyeshadows. The top row goes Hammock, Bikini, and Barefoot. The bottom row goes Parasol, Sundeck, and Poolside.

Hammock is a deep, chocolate brown. Bikini is a duochrome, which you can't see in this picture unfortunately. It is golden and purple and it sounds really ugly, but it is quite possibly the most gorgeous eyeshadow I've ever seen. It was the number one reason I bought this palette. Barefoot is a very light gold, leaning toward a champagne shade. Parasol is pinky champagne. Sundeck is a matte light brown. Poolside is a turquoise shade that seems to be duochrome as well, though I could be wrong.

This palette is the perfect edition for Spring and Summer. Even some of the shades could transition into the fall, mostly the two matte shades (Hammock and Sundeck) as well as Parasol. It is also very convenient for traveling. This will be the only thing I have to take with me on my trip to Delaware this summer because it has anything I'd need. Highlighter, bronzer, blush, AND eyeshadow all in one? Count me in. I cannot stress how good of a deal this was either. I paid $38 for everything listed above including a full sized blush which retails for $26. For an extra $12 you can get a highlighter, bronzer, and six eyeshadows. I cannot wrap my head around how well priced this was. You get a lot for your money and I have to applaud Tarte for that.

If you are in the market for a good Spring/Summer palette, I would take this one into consideration. I was very impressed with the colors, packaging and quality. Tarte never seems to let me down. 


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