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Origins Haul

Long story short, I have really sensitive skin when it comes to face products in general, whether it be washes, spot treatments, foundations, etc. I've been going through a really bad patch of breakouts since November. I assumed it was all stress related and linked to my college application process and getting accepted and what not. But here I am, a month after letters and choosing my college, under no stress, still breaking out. I decided enough was enough.

My mom and I both did our own separate research and came together and the only brand we mentioned was Origins. We headed to the local counter at our Macy's earlier and had the sweetest woman help us out.

In the line of actual skin cleansing products, we got a box of 60 Spot Remover pads that are salicylic acid acne treatment pads.We also got the Super Spot Remover which is acne treatment gel with salicylic acid.

I had never owned a foundation that cost more than ten dollars, but my mom insisted that it was a "go hard or go home" situation (worded differently, of course). I got the Stay Tuned foundation in the color 19 Fair. To match, I got the Quick, Hide! concealer in 01 Light and the Silk Screen powder in 02 Tender.

My first test run of these products will be this coming week. I will do an updated post on these products to give them proper reviews when the time comes. I've heard nothing but good things about this brand. Who knows, maybe I'll go back and pick up a few more things if they products react well with me.


  1. Gahhh, I only wish I used a fancy brand like this. For quite a few years, I've been using a combination of Ery 2%/Noxzema pads (when I use them, I switch on and off) and Differin cream and they always work miracles. I don't know if it's just one of them or the combination of the two, but they do work. I think the Ery 2% pads and the Differin creams are prescription but they're super easy to get if you tell your doctor or whoever that you want to get rid of your acne. I don't use it in the morning like it suggests but I use it after my shower, and I'm sure I'd get quicker results if I used it twice daily, but I don't want my face having all of that on it in the morning. I've had all of these for like, years, and that's because I don't use them daily. Oops. When it starts getting really bad, I do, and I'll probably start being more consistent, but if you're looking for something much cheaper (I assume this stuff cost quite a bit) those products are perrrrrrfect. And I have a few tubes of Differin so if you need a practice run...?

    Sorry for typing so much. I have issues.


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