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My Wishlist!

I'm like any normal human being when it comes to wanting things. I go through phases. Like the time I absolutely begged for half of the shoes under my bed or clothes in the back of my closet. So naturally, I decided on a way to organize my desires. This is my current wish-list, obviously subject to change.

1. OASAP Cat Pattern Sweater: I'm more of a dog person than a cat person, but I find myself attracted to anything with cats on it/remotely related to cats. It has become a real issue because I've already been told that I will be a cat lady and I want to spite the person who said it to me. 

2. Eye Candy Tote: Okay, perhaps this is a little impractical as it is a completely clear tote. It's not that I am ashamed of anything that is in my purse, because I'm not (okay, maybe the unicorn bookmark is a little embarrassing). No, I just usually have a really messy purse. Hey, maybe this would help me stay more organized. A girl can dream...

3. Polka dot bow bandeau: If you couldn't tell from the title/url of this blog, I love polka dots. I also love bows. So combine my two favorite things into an adorable bandeau that can double as a bathing suit and you get a very happy and very broke Francesca.

4. Cottonsnaps: I just recently ordered a new pair of glasses as my good pair has been lost for six months now and I've been stuck with my three year old pair with a super weak prescription. I thought it would be obnoxious and slightly quirky to get one of these to spice up my life a little. I also figured they'd be perfect for the beach or summer in general. I never know what to do with my sunglasses when they're not on my head and cases seem too bulky to carry around. Now I will never lose a pair of sunglasses again (well, if I ever get some Cotton Snaps...)

5. Floppy hat: I don't know what my obsession has been with oversized and borderline obnoxious floppy hats, but I've been pining after one since January. Let's just see if I can find one to fit my abnormally large head...



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