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How To Deal With: Mean Girls Without Really Trying

I'm starting a new series of posts in which I try to explain, with my non-expertise, a topic of sorts. Perhaps it is something that I myself am dealing with or my friends are. I think that as a teenage girl myself, I might be able to give some sort of advice, whether helpful or not. This week I am going to talk about the stereotypical high school mean girl that for some reason seems to lurk for an eternity following.

If you ask a girl in her teens, ranging from around the age of 12 and onward, what she hates the most, here are some typical answers: the fact that she is not married to Channing Tatum (Curse you, Jenna Dewan!), the fact that she is not a 5'10" model walking the runways, periods, and, you guessed it, other girls! We can't help the fact that sometimes, other girls piss us off. I should clarify, though, that not all girls are the enemy, just like how all boys are not allies either. But that is another story for another time. Right now, I'm here to rant about girls, specifically the mean ones.

We have all heard of the movie Mean Girls, arguably one of the most quotable movies of all time. This great movie featuring our favorite mean girls, Gretchen, Karen, Cady, and the infamous Regina. Yes, they are just characters in a movie, but how many of us have a living and breathing Regina George in our lives, seemingly trying to victimize us whether we provoked it or not? Raise your hand.

When I categorize a girl as mean, I am not referencing the fact that they are honest with people. I truly believe that being an honest person and being up front with people does not make you a bitch; it makes you blatantly honest, and there's nothing wrong with that! Celebrate your honesty among the halls of liars. Honesty is the best policy. Deceit, though a staple in high schools, is what aids to the truly unbearable aspects of it. 

It seems to me that there is always at least one girl terrorizing the rest with their icy glares (no, that's not just the way your face looks) and snide remarks she makes sure you hear. She always has a comment to make, whether or not you asked for it. But fear not anymore because I plan to give you all some tips on how to deal with mean girls and how to avoid any added drama! I had successfully avoided high school drama for three years and a month. Then, of course, I got dragged into some that has been ongoing since October. Well, it is all one-sided. I am civil. The other party is not. So here's how to deal with that as well. 

  1. Stay off of twitter! I mean it. Subtweets are so common now, passive aggressive heaven for a bitter girl with steam to blow off. Seeing these blatant, yet not totally confirmed, blows at you will just make you angrier and will cause you to shoot back your own comment and provoke more from the other side. If you avoid them all together, she looks like a petty complainer who has nothing better to do than subtweet you. If you can't live without twitter, then unfollow this person and keep yourself from going to their page.
  2. If there's a group discussion about this person, do not join in. Word will get back that you were part of this hate session and she will not like that at all. Just sit there silently or leave all-together.
  3. Be civil. I know, I know. This is easier said than done. Don't give her mean looks or be outwardly rude to her face. Smile at her in the hall or try to make small talk by asking what the homework was. If it seems like you're trying, maybe she will too.
  4. Don't start or spread rumors. You're just asking for it. Keep a rumor to yourself and definitely do not make one up on your own.
  5. Don't let their comments get to you. If you can hear her whispering in class about you, don't turn around and scream at her face. Sit and calm yourself.
  6. Remember to be the bigger person, in all situations. This is the golden rule. I know it seems like a lot more fun to duke it out with your enemy verbally, but in the end, she looks like the bitch who was talking about you behind your back instead of you looking like the girl who fought back.
As I said, I am not an expert on this subject. I'm still learning how to deal with it all. But these are some of the things I keep repeating to myself when I'm in school or at home. It takes one dumb tweet to start a brawl. In the end, none of this is worth it. You have to realize who your real friends are and hold on tight.


  1. Couldn't have said it better myself. It's pretty sad that so many people think they're being the bigger person by subtweeting because "it could be about anyone" and you're not directly saying it to their face, but word spreads and if everyone's talking about a team victory or some major event and you're tweeting about someone who looked at you the wrong way during lunch, it's sort of easy to figure out. Anyways, nicely played, and I hope whatever drama you're stuck in resolves nicely! Well, no drama resolves nicely, but hopefully no claws come out. Actually, if you had claws, that would be pretty sweet... Nevermind. Best of luck, and I'll leave it at that.


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