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Notable Christmas Gifts, 2012 edition!

Merry Christmas everyone, or happy Tuesday to those who don't celebrate. I'm here to post some of the non-personal and relevant gifts to this blog. I'm in no way trying to boast about the things I was given. I'm very gracious and appreciate each and every one.

A month or so back, a pair of my favorite riding boots got destroyed in a chemical accident at school. Long story short, NaOH got spilled and it stained the leather. My mom allowed me to get my Christmas present early, combining it with my iPhone as a Christmas Present In November.

My boots are by Ralph Lauren and I got them at Marshalls. They're a dark brown and are a little taller than my original pair. They're very comfortable, as I walked around for two days in Boston and was fine. They were well worth the money, in my opinion. I wear the hell out of them.

My next big gift was one I was very glad I got. I'm not one to buy perfume for myself, so I was glad that my Godmother got this for me! I got Dot by Marc Jacobs. The bottle itself was worth the money. Holy crap, it is a work of art! The smell is amazing, too. I have Pink Sugar by Aqualina, which smells very sweet so I'm glad I have a more mature smelling perfume for those days that I don't want to smell like straight up Cotton Candy.

I got a bundle of CDs and a DVD. The three CDs I got were California 37 by Train, North by Matchbox Twenty and also Mad Season by them as well. My brother also got me a copy of Little Miss Sunshine which is one of my favorite movies ever. That was a nice surprise.

I got a few miscellaneous products like a Bodyshop lip butter, a case from Out of Print that is The Great Gatsby book cover and a pair of yoga pants. There were a few other small things, but they were more personal or funny inside jokes.

Two of my favorite gifts this year were from one of my friends and the other from my mom. First, my friend got me this lovely mug in which she wrote my favorite quote from my favorite book, Looking For Alaska on it.

The gift from my mom was this cool locket from the company Origami Owl. I think I cried when I saw it to be honest because I've never had a special piece of jewelry like this, maybe besides my junior ring.

I believe that mine is the medium silver locket. You order the locket, your chain and some charms to put inside. My mom got me a music note, a soccer ball, a softball and a laptop charm for mine. You can always order more charms, a new locket face or a longer/shorter chain if you want it. It's very easy. If you don't know what to get for someone, or even yourself, I highly recommend getting one of these lockets or even their metal tags. (I am not being compensated by the company for this post. My mom bought me their locket with her own money and I'm very pleased with it.)

What was your favorite present? If you don't celebrate Christmas, what's your favorite part about winter?


  1. I'm glad you liked my present so much! :D

    You asked questions, I'll answer. My favorite presents are my new Babycakes cupcake maker, my gorgeous North Face, and all of my lovely nail polish. I also got a much-needed light hoodie from American Eagle from my cousin just for those not-so-cold days.
    Winter gives me a great opportunity to make tons of cupcakes and I LOVE it. I also love snow especially since I prefer the cold to heat, and Christmas is part of winter! I just love it. Sorry. I'm awkward, but I vow I'll try to comment on these a lot more.

    1. What color North Face did you get and what style? I'm looking to get a new one for college (eek, that word scares me). Please tell me that your new nail polish and cupcake maker will lead to more fabulous blog posts? I salivate looking at the pictures you send me of your cupcake creations.

    2. My North Face is black with pink accents to support breast cancer and I looooove it. It's called the Women's Pink Ribbon Denali Jacket (I just looked it up). They will lead to new posts, I swear. I hope. Let's try. Hehehehe.


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