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NOTD: Butter London's 'Fairy Lights'

I've become increasingly more busy between school and soccer, but I'm finally here today to review my first ever Button London nail polish! I've heard nothing but good things about the brand, and once I saw that Ulta was having a BOGO free on the tenth, there was no way I could pass up my opportunity to finally try one from the brand.

First and foremost, I love the rectangular packaging on this. I really like when brands stray from the typical somewhat-cylindrical glass bottle. It just gives it a memorable and unique edge. You pull the black cap off to reveal the twist top that is connected to the brush. The brush itself is nice, but the applicator cap felt a little small. It didn't bother me enough to make or break the polish for me.

Fairy Lights is described on Butter London's website as a “liquid metal” rose-pink metallic nail lacquer. I would say that it definitely has somewhat of a purple tint in certain lights. The finish is metallic, which is fairly obvious in the bottle.

I applied this with one coat and it was opaque enough to wear, but since it is a metallic I had to do multiple coats in an attempt to get rid of visible brush strokes. Alas, they were inevitable and I could not avoid them.

What was going through my mind when I bought this, I do not know. I hate metallic nail polishes and I always have. I prefer cream nail polishes and the occasional glitter on an accent nail, but that's about it. I got sucked in by the color, I think. If this nail polish was made in a cream finish or even a glitter, I think I would absolutely love it. But since it is metallic and very hard to apply evenly unless you have an immense amount of patience, I probably won't reach for this often.

Overall, I had no problems with the nail polish formulation at all. In fact, it was awesome. If you applied the first coat carefully enough, you were good to go. If you do like metallic nail polishes, then you'll probably love this!

I bought this for $14 at Ulta. What's your favorite Butter London nail polish?


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