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Little Notebooks

I'm not sure if it's just me, but I love carrying around little notebooks or planners with me just incase I want to remember something. Usually I'd just write it in on my notepad on my phone put when I'm in school I can't really do that unless it's a free period of some sorts.

Instead of wasting an entire sheet of loose leaf for a single thought or one thing to remember to bring in the next day, I whip out a little notebook and call it a day.

I went to Barnes and Noble to pick up some new ones for the upcoming school year and I figured why not dedicate a whole blog to these little nugs.

The first one I got was a little notebook with a map on the front that says travels, which I thought was fitting for my trip to Spain in February. Plus I'm obsessed with maps and this was just impulsively purchased after getting my first paycheck. ANYWAYS. It's bulkier than the next ones I'm going to show but it'll be perfect for carrying around in my bag during school.

The next were recommendations from my cousin. I saw these at checkout and literally grabbed them a second before I got rung up. It is a very mini Moleskine notebook and come on, aren't those so precious? They're pocket sized and adorable. This will prove to be very useful, I know it.

And this was yet another strange blog post from me. But hey, if you have an unnatural notebook obsession like me then maybe you enjoyed this.


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