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MAC's Soft and Gentle MSF

At Macy's in Chicago, I picked up my second MSF from MAC, Soft and Gentle! I've heard beauty gurus rave about this for quite a while now (I'm talking about you, Rachel Whitehurst) and I'm obsessed with highlighting my face so I thought why not!

I just love looking at the designs in the actual product. The color is a pink champagne, but the best way I can describe it is by saying that it is basically the exact same color and finish Urban Decay's eyeshadow in Sin. It is basically an exact dupe in MSF form instead of eyeshadow. It's crazy!

The texture is very smooth and when you dab your brush in, it picks up enough product to get the job done.

The color is darker than High Beam but definitely more pink than Sun Beam. I think that if you mixed those two liquid highlighters from Benefit together, it would form Soft and Gentle (liquid form, of course).

If you're looking for a new highlighter I would most definitely recommend this one! I got mine at Macy's for $29. It is part of the permanent collection so you don't have to worry about it selling out and never being able to get it ever again.


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