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Benefit's Dandelion

Recently on a trip to Ulta for a little pre-Chicago shopping (and by pre-Chicago shopping I mean I literally got home in time to pack my stuff up an hour before we left) I picked up a few things, one being this darling boxed powder. 

The packaging is nice and sleek, and I love the green box. I like that the lid isn't completely detachable and has a hinge sort of opening to make access easier.

The color itself (though very hard to photograph) is a light pink with a very slight hint of mauve. There is some fine shimmer/glitter throughout but not enough to make it look like a unicorn threw up on your face.

The payoff is good. The blush itself is not sheer, but since the color is so light it isn't very visible on my skin. This color would probably work better if you were looking for something natural or if you had fairer skin. Maybe if you were darker than me, it would work as a highlighting powder because of the shimmer.

As I said above, I wouldn't totally recommend it if you had a darker complexion especially because of the steep price tag ($28!). But, if you are a blush fiend and are on the lighter end of the spectrum, I would say go for it! It looks lovely when applied right.


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