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Hi! I'm Francesca, a teenager who likes to spend all of her spare change on anything beauty related with the occasional Vitamin Water (Kiwi-Strawberry only!) and newest issue of Elle or Nylon. Other than that, my collection is growing. 
As a summer project, I decided that having a steady blog about something interesting and not my life (because honestly, nothing really goes on with that very often...) would be something fun to do! So for summer 2012, I'm starting a beauty related blog that may include fashion and music and anything that might be somewhat interesting to other people. 
I personally love music, reading, makeup and Joe Jonas way too much so that's mainly what's going to be on here. If you don't like those things...well...then why are you here? ;) Kidding, kidding. I love you. I always love using the word love. Yeah, I'm that ass that people hate.
Rambling is my favorite thing to do hence this super long introduction that didn't have to be this long. 
I'll probably do swatches, reviews, and all that other fun jazz on this. It's all for fun, right?
Hope you enjoy!
Francesca Pauline


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