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Top Five Fictional Females

I watch a decent amount of television and the bare necessities when it comes to movies. I don't really have the attention span for them, but my favorite (like all time favorite/I will not shut up about how much I love them) genre are romantic comedies. And in most of these shows and movies, I fall in love with characters for two reasons: looks when it comes to the man candy and personalities when it comes to the leading ladies. I always appreciate a healthy does of humor, cleverness, and just all around fabulousness.

1. Mindy Lahiri

Through all of her conquests of love, political incorrectness, and impeccable style, Mindy Lahiri is the perfect example of the zany, spazzy women that I love to watch. She's driven at times, and other's she has her own little distractions, but overall I am just too amused by Mindy Lahiri to not include her on this list.

2. Leslie Knope

Leslie Knope is perfect. She believes in breakfast, equality, and positivity. I have never wanted to be best friends with a fictional woman in my entire life. She cares about her friends and loved ones and is truly, one hundred percent dedicated to her job and her home. She makes promises and keeps them until they are fulfilled. She's just a gals gal and I love her to pieces and miss seeing her on television (despite never actually watching an episode live....binge-watching on Netflix was a necessity).

3. The Gilmore Girls

I couldn't choose between Emily, Lorelai, or Rory, so I just grouped them all together. It wasn't until my third time watching that I truly realized what a gem Emily is. YES, she is eccentric and dramatic and a bit controlling, but my god that woman is sharp and hysterical. And then Lorelai...she is witty and sarcastic and yes, she stumbled and made mistakes when it came to her life, men, her relationship with her parents and with her daughter. She was independent, a bit stubborn, but she wanted what was the best for each situation at hand. AND RORY, oh my goodness, Rory was my idol growing up (still is, if I'm completely honest). I used to be very shy and timid and Rory gave me comfort in knowing that sometimes it was okay to just read a book and be by myself. And then she grew into her own! And she made mistakes too! Their imperfections make my heart sing, which is probably a weird thing to say but...ya know, that's just me sometimes. The Gilmores will always be there for me!

4. Cher Horowitz

Cher, oh Cher. I talk about my love for Miss Horowitz (Clueless, for anyone who doesn't know) far too often in real life. I don't see her as vapid or self-centered or daft. Yes, she likes to shop and yes she likes herself, and her agenda might seem twisted at times, but I just love her to death.

5. Elle Woods

Probably my all time favorite character of all time in general. Elle Woods was and is just so great all around. Even if going to Harvard initially was for a boy, Elle kicked a$$ while she was there. She didn't step on any feet to get herself to the top, she didn't drag anybody down for her own personal fulfillment. In fact, she took a lot of sh*t for being the person that she was and didn't change herself for anybody. For goodness sake, she rocked a pink ensemble for the final day of the trial! She helped her girls pals along the way and really grew into her own. Honestly, whenever I rewatch Legally Blonde I get so angry at everyone who is so rude to Elle for a majority of the movie. She is so nice to everybody! It drives me nuts the way people treated her, but I appreciate her fully.

Who are your favorite fictional females? 

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