6 Tips to Get Your Hairstyle to Survive the Summer Humidity

Friday, July 13, 2018

You know when people say things and you smile and nod but just assume they have to be lying because nobody actually likes doing any of those things, right? I get this way when people talk about biking, but on the other hand, I'm sure people think this about my obsession with doing my hair and eyeliner every single morning. Am I comparing biking, a very rigorous physical activity with curling my hair? Yes, yes I am, because my arms ache after trying to style my million pounds of hair (thanks dad, your genetics suck)(just kidding, thanks for my green eyes).

The problem with my need to curl my hair every morning (straight hair is not a Look™ on me) is that the second the weather starts to get humid in the transition from spring to summer, my hairstyle is, quite frankly, screwed. An ounce of humidity will turn my loose waves straight, making my twenty minutes of curling completely pointless. It's always a defeating moment when I spend precious time doing something only to have it ruined by mother nature, but I'll stand for it no more!

Well humidity, I'm fighting back! Here's how I (for the most part, some days there's no point in trying) keep my curled even on the most humid of days.

Air dry your hair (and make sure it's dry)

The thing with blowdrying your hair is that it can end up really silky and smooth, which is not really ideal for heat styling when it comes to curling. Your hair needs a little more grip to it if you want the curl to stay really well, so I always let my hair air dry overnight when I do decide to wash it. Make sure your hair is fully dry before you apply heat to it as well because curling wet or damp hair is more susceptible to heat damage. Plus, it's just not going to curl as well as dry hair will, so why even waste your time? 

Use heat protectant

I mean, trying to get your hair to survive the humidity or not, anytime you use a heat styling tool–hairdryer, straighten, curling iron, etc–you should be using a heat protectant spray as well. It's just a no brainer. It'll keep your hair from suffering from heat damage which will keep it healthier for longer.

Use anti-frizz hair products

Again, another no brainer, but why not start at the source? Using anti-frizz shampoos, conditioners, or treatments will help keep your natural hair tamed down before you decide to style it.

Hairspray and texturizing sprays are your best friend

I mean, I feel like this is another no-brainer, but if you want your hairstyle to stay, put some hairspray on it. It's like when people say that their foundation and concealer won't stay on but don't set their face with powder. While hairspray is a "duh" product, texturizing sprays might not be. I like to use the Ouai Wave Spray or the Kristen Ess Beach Wave Spray to (a) loosen up my curls because I don't like them tightly done and (b) give my hair more texture...duh. I've used the Living Proof Texturizing Spray in the past as well and really enjoyed it, especially when I was dealing with the summer humidity in Cleveland thanks to Lake Erie. But be sure to use these sparingly and not overdo it because it will leave a lot of build up in your hair and will make it feel crusty and gross as the week goes on if you don't wash your hair every night (which I don't). 

Avoid touching or excessively playing with your hair

The more you fuss with your hair, the more it's going to lose the style you gave it. If you're constantly combing your fingers through your hair, you're going to disrupt the style you worked so hard to give it! This is something I'm really guilty of because playing with my hair is just something I do subconsciously, especially trying to comb through any tiny little knots that form periodically throughout the day.

Embrace the second day hair (or third...or fourth...)

"Dirty" hair styles better, it's just a fact. The more texture your hair has, the better it's going to hold your style. You just have to make sure that you're not over-doing it on the heat and products so you're not damaging your hair in the process. You can always refresh the ends of your hair with an oil to keep them from feeling like straw.

How do you get your hairstyle to survive the summer or do you just give up and throw it in to a ponytail?


  1. I needed this. Georgia has not been good to my hair.
    A tip for build up (I only wash my hair once a week) is to get a clarifying shampoo and conditioner!
    I'm really loving the OGX Detoxifying Shampoo right now!

    Darrian | www.amcoffeecollective.com

  2. Loved this! I struggle with my hair especially in the summer.

  3. I agree with you. I love the Aussie spray. I live by it.

  4. These are great tips and most useful since I’ve been recently struggling! Thanks for sharing

  5. In the summer, my hair is ALWAYS up in a messy bun, haha!

  6. I really need to get some anti=frizz products! My hair goes crazy in this weather!

  7. Hairspray works wonders for me! I love these tips :)

    -xo, Azanique | www.lotsofsass.com

  8. Great tips! The only time my hair ever stays wavy = in the summer, so I don't mind it too much, but it takes forever to dry!

  9. With the humidity being like it is, I can't seem to get my hair to cooperate! Great tips!


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