It's New York Baby, Always Jacked Up

Friday, September 29, 2017

That is a Harry Styles lyric, in case you haven't heard "Kiwi" from his debut self-titled albumDon't do drugs, kids. And now that we're off to a really strange start to today's blog post...I saw Harry Styles yesterday. But more importantly, FRIENDS! (But also Harry Styles).

I feel like there has to be something weather-centric in these blog posts given how bizarre and jumpy the weather has been lately. It was beautiful yesterday. B-e-a-utiful, if I'm trying to be Steve Carey a-la Bruce Almighty. That is probably the first and last time I will ever mention that movie on my blog, but I guess *Justin Bieber voice* never say never. Where was I? Weather, right. It was beautiful yesterday, just super windy so I didn't even bother curling my hair. I just let the wind which it around and make my hair stick straight and so matted that I decided for today (Friday) that I needed fresh hair instead of second-day hair. Mer mer mer.


Thursday, September 28, 2017

Y'all, not to complain, but I'm going to complain about the one thing that we all have a common annoyance towards at the moment: 80-degree temperature at the end of September. It is almost October and I was sweating bullets out of every single possible crevice of my body yesterday. I haven't sweat in these places since the last time I played softball in 90-degree heat, which is honestly equivalent to what hell probably feels like. My entire body was coated with a thick layer of sweat and  I just felt like a gross, sweaty human the entire day.

Whirlwind Month

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

GREETINGS FROM NEW YORK! I arrived last night around eight p.m. and promptly passed out the second I got to the apartment I was staying in. Just kidding. Kind of, But I was absolutely exhausted. My friend is coming today and we'll be exploring the city as much as possible until we both leave on Sunday!

I'm just so excited to be able to do things again. I mean, I was essentially a hermit this entire summer. I spent my days babysitting, stuffing envelopes, mailing letters, and going to dinner at my grandparents' house. I went to a couple of concerts and clocked that in as my socialization for the summer. It's just been so weird not talking to friends in person or going out to dinner once a week. I miss the freedom of being able to walk to get food and have options for coffee that weren't just Starbucks, Tim Hortons, or Dunkin Donuts. I think above all, I miss having my own life.

Necessities for a Long Bus Ride

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

I don't fly a lot. I never really go anywhere far enough where a flight is absolutely necessary. I've never minded long road trips. I'm okay with sitting on a bus or train for over eight hours. It really doesn't bug me all that much and it's usually much cheaper than trying to book a flight from across the state. So, I'm going on a bus to New York today. I'm no stranger to the Greyhound buses, as they were my only transporation home from college my freshman year, so it's going to be a nice little #tbt when I hope on one in a few hours.

The key to long bus rides is to be fully prepared with both sustenance and entertainment. Certainly, you could totally conk out during the ride too, but since I can't sleep unless it's bedtime, I'm forced by my inability to nap to improvise and make sure there's always something for me to do.

What I'm Packing For New York City

Monday, September 25, 2017

I think my secret underlying hope for writing this blog post was that it would be my guide for packing my suitcase. I'm a notorious last minute (and also, in my mom's opinion, an atrocious) packer and never know what to bring with me, especially to New York. It sounds silly, but one does not pack their shoddiest outfits to prance around New York in. No, I must dress to impress myself. It's the one place I can finally wear all of the things that my heart desires without sticking out like a sore thumb (case in point: that one time I wore my hunter green furry atrocity of a bomber jacket and did not stop receiving strange looks all day in Cleveland).

It's Friday, Friday...

Friday, September 22, 2017

Yep, I still can't think of what I want to call these posts yet and soon I fear I will run out of Friday themed titles and all hell is going to break loose. Shoutout to Rebecca Black for today's TGIF nonsense. This week has kind of been a blur. Not because I've been busy or anything. In fact, I've been so unbusy that I'm driving myself crazy. I fear I'm becoming a hermit. Just kidding. I just think that my body is preparing me for at least two weeks of non-stop socialization. But even with a boring week, I still had time for new things, which are always fun to ramble about!

Yet Another Fall Fashion Trend Post

Thursday, September 21, 2017

I am fascinated by trends.

When I was trying to compile a list of trends for this coming fall season, I went through a lot of round-up posts for inspiration. Like a lot. And I came to the conclusion that there is no such thing as trends. Just kidding, there obviously are, but how the hell are we supposed to follow forty trends? And is it really a trend if, in reality, only a tiny fraction runways featured it? Like, I saw galactic prints in one slideshow and I couldn't help but wonder how many shows really featured "galactic prints" whatever that means? What constitutes as a trend? Is it just coincidence? Are there conference meetings where everyone collectively decides that we're going to wear Pokemon backpacks this fall because they're cool? I mean, I could Google it, but that's not the answer I want. I don't want Merriam Webster's definition of a trend. I just want to know the truth.

(Also, I should let y'all know that while Pokemon backpacks aren't an official trend, nobody said they weren't a trend so...)

All jokes aside, I tried to compile my favorite trends. I mean, there are some I'm leaving out, but quite honestly, I got really overwhelmed by everything. I mean, there were feathers and ruffles and puffer coats and fishnets and trench coats and literally dozens more. So in all fairness literally anything could be a trend this fall tbh.

That being said...I'm going to be my usual self-centered self and talk about six trends that I either want to try or am just all around fascinated by.

Four Simple Accessories For Everyday Wear

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A more accurate title for this post would be Two Accessories You'll Have to Pry Out of My Cold, Dead Hands and Two Accessories That Are Somewhat New to Me. One of my many character flaws is that I have trouble accessorizing. What is too much? Is there even such a thing as too much? Can't I just wear whatever I want and just pile on the accessories and call it a day?

Y'all, I'm no fashion guru (but I sure as hell act like one, am I right? Just kidding) and there's a slim chance that you're going to catch me wearing a ten feet tall top hat just because Vogue says it's cool. I should say that Vogue has not, to my knowledge, decided that a ten-foot top hat is a necessary accessory, but who knows anymore.

Accessories, quite frankly, intimidate me. I love looking at them. I adore seeing other people style them on themselves and I cheer for them as creative individuals every time. I take accessories in smaller doses, the more obvious of doses. Perhaps one day I'll feature a ten-foot tall top hat on this blog and all will be well in the world.

Is It Summer? Is It Fall?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

My cashmere top says fall, but my skirt, open toed mules, and the humidity in the air still say summer. I swear, last week it was cold enough to wear sweaters and jeans. I was getting used to the idea of autumn and that comfort has been cruelly ripped out of my hands by the final grips of summer!

Also, I fee like my shirt is an optical illusion and I'm really glad that most of the photos didn't work out because my eyes were starting to twitch while editing these and the few that didn't make the cut. #RealTalk, this shirt hurts my eyes but I really like it and probably, most likely don't wear it enough.

Ten Minute Fall Makeup Look

Monday, September 18, 2017

Putting a full face of makeup on feels like a chore some days. I love makeup as much as the next person, but sometimes I just don't feel like getting ready. Contrary to popular belief, there are some days where I don't wear winged eyeliner and red lipstick and chisel my eyebrows to a perfect point to ensure their perfect nature. Some days I just want to take ten minutes to finish my face of makeup and move on my with life. Plus, it's always fun to prove to people who think you're high maintenance that you can get ready in ten minutes, you just choose not to on occasion.


Friday, September 15, 2017

Yesterday was the first Thursday that wasn't a Things I'm Loving Thursday in...a long time. We're going to try this Friday thing out, name pending of course. Here are just some of the things that have tickled my fancy over the course of the past week, so much so that I am now the type of person to say "tickle my fancy."

Glossier Super Pure Serum

So, I've already talked about this, in great detail, but I figured it deserved another shout out and some more encouragement to keep working for me. This is a serum that helps reduce redness on your face, whether it's acne or in my case, acne scarring. A lot of the facial scarring creams from my dermatologist are considered cosmetic and therefore are (1) not covered by insurance and (2) pricier. I'm on my second bottle of this already, which is my only complaint about the product, which is not actually about the product itself, but how small the proportions are. I have a couple of period breakouts at the moment, which is pretty normal, but this combined with my oral medication made the perfect team to tackle my active breakouts and the scars left my breakouts of the past.

Six Artists That Should Be On Your Playlists This Fall

Thursday, September 14, 2017

I'm not a musical gatekeeper by any means. I don't control what music gets popular or gets released out into the world. What I say about music, to be quite honest, probably doesn't matter. Still, that's not going to stop me from talking about six artists that I think deserve a spot on your playlists this fall.

I'm a fan of popular, Top 40 music. But for a long time, I refused to listen to anything that a standard person with very little interest in music would listen to. It was pretty pretentious of me, truly, but in its own twisted way, it gave me a sense of appreciation for more types of music and all kinds of artists.

Puss In Boots

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

I'm a glorified chauffeur. 

That's absolutely a joke, but sometimes it felt like my job was to get paid to drive people around. Babysitting my cousins this summer was less like babysitting and more like driving them to all of their camps and friends' houses and what not. I also legitimately got paid to pick up some musicians from the airport and take them to the venue. So yes, on my Snapchat story, I posted a picture after a particularly early pickup and said someone should provide me with a chauffeur cap. 

So...they did. 

My cousin picked up this hat for me after their family vacation as a joke and at first it was funny until I realized that it was actually really flippin' adorable. Catch me wearing this when I don't feel like washing my hair in the fall.

Autumn Leaves Falling Down Like Pieces Into Place

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

 I can explain the Taylor Swift lyrics in the title...later. For now, let's talk about these crepes because who doesn't love crepes? Or perhaps I should start with where I was, who I was with, why I was there, and how to deal with awkward questions at the border.

Yesterday, semi-spontaneously I would say (I'm a planner, anything not set in stone weeks in advance is spontaneous to me) ended up in Canada to hang out with Kelsey and Naureen because...why not? I've lived ten minutes from the border my entire life and the only times I've ever been up to Canada have been for concerts, my eighth-grade class trip, and maybe a day or two in Niagara Falls, Ontario. What a waste of living near the border, right? They invited me to come up last week and I figured that yesterday was my day off, I've been dying to go since I got back from Cleveland in was perfect timing.

Float Down Like Autumn Leaves

Monday, September 11, 2017

Let's just address the elephant in the room...MY BLOG LOOKS DIFFERENT! I've been itching for something new for a while now but I haven't been able to find the perfect choice for me. I'm very much the type of person who likes to switch things up. #CommitmentIssues, am I right? I changed up my Instagram theme recently which has been the most liberating thing I have ever done in my 21 years on this earth. So, it seemed pretty fitting that I change up a few other things around these parts.

All jokes aside, welcome to the new blog that is really just the same blog with a face lift. It just got a little nose job and maybe some botox too. Okay, and some highlights, but it's still the same on the inside!

I know it's only early September but honestly, it's fall. I put the heat on in my car on Saturday night and nearly wore a jacket to a concert on Friday. The calendar might not indicate that it's fall but I can feel it in my heart.

Why I Wanted To Be The Busiest

Friday, September 8, 2017

A truthful extended title of this blog post would be Why I Wanted To Be The Busiest & How It Sucked The Life Out Of Me.

"If you rest, you rust." - Helen Hayes

One could argue that this quote promotes dedication and persistence. It's a quote about working hard to reach success and making a name for yourself. We need to persevere or we will become stagnant. I'm not against working hard or keeping busy by any means, but there's an undeniably massive focus on the constant state of being busy. Maybe it's our deep-rooted competitive nature, constantly feeling the need to keep up with everyone who surrounds us or who we see on social media.

I'm not a competitive person on the surface. Sorry to anyone who has ever been on a soccer or softball team with me. I most likely didn't care whether we won or lost. I probably treated a game of cards more seriously than I did with sports. However, my favorite (see: least favorite) form of competition is when the comparison game comes out to play. We all love that game. Who doesn't love comparing their completely unique and different life and appearance to somebody else's?

Things I'm Loving

Thursday, September 7, 2017

I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do with these Thursday posts. I'm a bit bored, to be honest, of Things I'm Loving Thursday mostly because I've been doing it for a few years now and I have commitment issues where I get bored of, well, commitment. I still like the idea of talking about random things that I'm loving at the week progresses because let's be real, I thrive off of short-term obsessions when it comes to most things besides boy bands (still holding out for that Jonas Brothers reunion show). 

So, I'm going to keep messing around with the name and structure until I find something that doesn't feel as stale as that pumpkin spice granola I kept for a year and a half because I kept forgetting to throw it out until I moved out of my apartment.

Five Must Have Shoes To Transition Into Fall

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

I kid you not when I started my junior year of college, I only had six pairs of shoes that I would wear on the regular: brown riding boots, black riding boots, black suede boots, black leather cut-out booties, black braided-thong sandals, and gray quilted slide-on sneakers. Six boring pairs of shoes to wear to classes and work. How, you might ask? I have absolutely no idea. I went through a phase where I just hated shoes and then one day, I snapped, caved and bought a few pairs of shoes, then a few more, and now I have trouble stopping the overflow of shoes lined up at the top and bottom of my closet. 

Some shoes are troublesome to style all year long. Certain shoes only go with certain looks. You might only get a few outfits out of a pair of heavily embellished stiletto heels that paired nicely with a dress you needed to wear for a special occasion. However, I'd like to think that these five shoes (or at least four out of the five) can fit seamlessly into whichever fashion mood you're in that day.

The Week I Read Five Books

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

You read that correctly. A couple of weeks ago, I managed to tackle a feat that I've never managed before. I didn't have much going on and had a pile of books to read, so I did what I apparently have been doing best this summer, and binge read them. The fifth book was Lauren Graham's newest book, but I already talked about that in another blog post.

Juniper Lemon's Happiness Index by Julie Israel 

I'd be completely lying if I said that I wasn't originally drawn to this book because of its cover. The confetti is just enticing, what can I say? The book begins 65 days after the tragic accident that Juniper was in with her sister Camilla, one that was fatal for her sister. Juniper discovers a letter addressed to "You" written by Camilla on the day of the accident that was never sent out or given to the mystery person she was seeing. This sets Juniper back, causing her to wonder who her sister was seeing and why she was keeping it a secret from everyone. She sets out to find who was dating her sister, enlisting the help of her sister's friends and some new pals along the way. 

What I Did Wrong In College

Monday, September 4, 2017

I'm not perfect. Luckily, I grew up with Hannah Montana truthfully singing "Nobody's Perfect" so I didn't have these unrealistic expectations about perfection. All jokes aside, I screwed up a lot in college. I also did some great things for myself, but I'm willing to admit that I started college on a bad note. I didn't do my first two years of college right, or at least, not the way I thought I could have done them. And even into my senior year, I was still making mistakes that I carried with me from year to year. What would life be if we didn't make a few mistakes from time to time, right?

I think my mistakes could be broken up into two sections: socialization during my first two years of college and managing stress my last two years of college. It's easy to think about things in retrospect, playing "what if" games until I realize that I can't change anything no matter how questions I ask myself about what could have been different. I'm not mad or disappointed about how my college experience ended. I didn't have a bad time at college and in fact, I kind of miss it now that I'm not there. But, you know, there are a few things that I could've worked on more that I think would have been beneficial for me at that time.

Recent Reads #2

Friday, September 1, 2017

1. How to Understand Your Analytics We can glance at our analytics for as long as we want to see the super basics of them, but you can learn a lot when you delve a little deeper, below the surface of just pageviews and visitors. You can learn a lot about your readers and what content they prefer (and tons of other things) through Google Analytics and this post really lays some out for you without being overwhelming.

2. What I Wish I Knew My First Summer Post-College This is one of the first articles that I've ever read where I had to sit back, take a moment to collect myself and accept the fact this is my life summed up into one Man Repeller post. It's no secret that this summer has been rough on the good ole ego. I tend to do exactly what #4 said not to do: compare trajectories of friends, peers, and random people who pop up on my timeline.
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