August Reflection

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Another month has come and gone and all I have to show for it is thirty something blog posts. This is where I'd insert the obligatory line about how I cannot believe that August is already (well, almost) over. I've learned to accept the fact that time goes by too fast and that there is nothing I could possibly do to make it slow down. Try as I might, the months just go by too fast and I'm just going to have to learn how to deal with that.

August was the first month that I hadn't been home in quite some time. It was a bit weird, though I am seeing my family this coming weekend, so I think I'll survive somehow. It was truly just a month full of working and reunions. I worked full time and just tried to squeeze out the last few ounces of my free time to take advantage of my last month of nothingness before the semester started. Actually, yesterday was my first day off of work in two weeks (yup, including Sundays) and it was somewhat glorious. Weird, but glorious.

Everyone started to slowly move back during this month. My new roommate moved in towards the end of the month, my old roommate Olivia (the one with the blog) came back after being gone for what felt like six thousand years, and my other roommate came back after spending the summer traveling and at home. Okay, so maybe it hadn't been six thousand years, but she had been gone for like eight or nine months and nothing was the same. It felt really great knowing that the family was back together and that we were getting a new roommate! The apartment is always too quiet when no one else was living in it.

I'm sincerely hoping that since the school year kicks off again and I won't be working every day of the week that I'll have more exciting things to report back on for my September reflection. Overall, August was pretty kind to me. It's hard to reflect on a month where, quite frankly, nothing happened. At least there was nothing to complain about!

Balancing Work & College

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Homegirl has to have a job. I'm not in any position to be able to be unemployed during the semester, both financially and mentally. I don't do well when I'm not busy. I don't know how to explain it, but the less time I have to get things done, the more productive I become. If I know that I have a whole day to do something, I'm going to take the whole day to do that one thing. If I know I have four hours to do my homework and catch up on reading or writing or my blog, I'm going to kick my booty into gear, get my homework done and then spend the rest of my time doing things that I actually enjoy (sorry, didn't mean to call you out, schoolwork). The question do you successfully and equally balance work and school? Well kids, don't do what I do. Just kidding. Despite a little blunder last semester, I personally think that I balance the two quite well. How? Wow, so full of questions today!


Agendas are no joke. I mention them in every single college advice post that I write and I will continue to do so until the end of time. Life with agendas and planners is infinitely better than life without one. Seriously. Head on over to Target or splurge on an Erin Condren planner. Doesn't matter what you use as long as it has monthly calendars and weekly spreads for your assignment. Keep track of the days (and hours) you work on your monthly spread. In a different color, put your class times. The key is to make sure that there is enough time in there for breaks. If you're going to work three days a week and have classes three days a week, make sure that you have a day off or at least a chunk of time off one of those days, whether it's during the afternoon or at night. Sometimes this can't be helped, especially if you're going to school full time and are close to working full time to make ends meet and pay for school. Those situations can get tough and that's when you need to practice incredible motivation and self-control to keep yourself focused. Use your agenda to not only keep track of your work and school schedule, but also to keep a detail count of your assignments. Write them down as tasks for the day, but also include their due dates so you know how much time you're working with.

2. Dedicate a specific time to school work

Yep, that's right. Create a period of time on your free day(s) dedicated specifically to school work. Carve out two hours (or three or four, however much time you need) and make that schoolwork time and nothing else. Knowing that a certain portion of your "free time" away from class and work is dedicated to schoolwork makes it part of your routine, your schedule. If you know that you have a four hour window of time on Tuesdays and Thursdays to get work done, take two of those hours each day to only do schoolwork. If you finish early, great, then you have more free time! Eventually, it'll become part of your routine and you'll know that schoolwork always happens from noon to two every Tuesday and Thursday!

3. Don't bring your work home

Easier said than done for some jobs. This might be easy if you work strictly retail, but if you don't and work in an office environment or hold some sort of other position at work, try your hardest to keep your work at work. This might be impossible from time to time so if it's an emergency, don't be too hard on yourself. But if you can, try to avoid working on work during your free time at home, especially if that free time is coming out of your allotted schoolwork time.

4. Give yourself weekly check-ins

Dedicate even twenty minutes or so at the end or beginning of each week to see where you are in the semester. Check to see which due dates have passed (and make sure you turned something in for those!) or which ones are coming up soon. See what you have to look forward to in the readings or discussion posts for the week. Just try to give yourself a little understanding of what your week is going to be like in regards to school instead of going into a week of classes blindly. Plan accordingly if you know that you're going to have a lot of work to do that week. Give yourself more time to work on school, by extending your "schoolwork time" by an hour or taking time out of one of your evenings after work to get a little extra done.

5. Give yourself breaks

It's easy (at least, for me) to get into that work, work, work and busy, busy, busy mentality, but sometimes you just have to give yourself a night off. I try to get all of my work done before the weekend so I have nothing to worry about until I start to plan out my week again on Sunday evenings. We all deserve a free day or night from time to time. Make it a priority if you can. Sometimes, we are just so loaded with work from school and our jobs that maybe this isn't possible, but if you can make it happen, treat yourself to some free time. You deserve it!

First Day of Class Woes

Monday, August 29, 2016

Nearly considered naming this post Running Through the (21)6 With My First Day of Class Woes. Maybe I should've.
Well, it's here...the first day of classes. And I have to be honest...I'm not excited. I'm truly, one hundred percent not excited. I'm sorry professors, who most certainly will not read this (but if you do, by chance, it's no offense to you–it's my last semester). After what feels like one thousand years of being in school, I'm finally at the end of the road and...nothing. I feel nothing. Not an ounce of excitement, not any sort of eagerness to go to any of my classes. Just a whole lot of nothing.

But all of this sounds so pessimistic. I do wish I was a bit more excited about the semester, but I also know that sometimes it just takes going through a situation to become more comfortable about it. Maybe I'm nervous that it's my last semester. Maybe I'm just not excited because I'm not entirely sure what I'm getting myself into. Or maybe I'm just not excited because I don't know what I'm capable of this semester yet.

The first day of classes still makes me a little nervous. Will I know anyone? Will the professor like me? Am I going to be able to pass this class? Am I going to be able to ace this class? Will I say something dumb? Am I going to understand the material? These are the stilly little things that run through my head during the first day and I don't think I can control them. But then they disappear and I stop worrying and all is well again.

I suppose it's hard to escape the first day of classes woes, the nervousness, the negative feelings. But then the first week of school passes and you fall into your routine and you don't even remember how you felt when you first walked into class at the beginning of the semester. At least, that's what I'm banking on!

Good Reads

Sunday, August 28, 2016

1. Packing for College - How to Pack Like a Pro When you have the most adorable roommate in the world who finally came back to Ohio and used to make equally as adorable Youtube videos. Olivia is the master packer and organizer, so really, trust her tips.

2. NYC Will Always Have My Heart So jealous of Danie's summer in NYC and I think you might be too!

3. Dimmed Lighting Scares Me This entire blog...just yes. Hannah is hilarious and such a good story teller that you just get really engrossed in whatever she is saying. Give it a read!

4. Cracking Concealing Hannah is another person I trust with my makeup life so, by default, you should too.

5. Striped & Scalloped Can't go wrong with this classic color combo!

6. Timeless Originals I am so unbelievably excited for fall. This look isn't helping...#ByeByeSummer

7. Pinstripes and Pom Poms An unlikely combination that still manages to work!

8. Tools for Vlogging #NeverSayNever

9. 3 Ways to Actually Make Your Idea Come to Life Generally, I get ideas pretty often, I just struggle to do anything with them...

10. Leather & Lace A favorite fabric duo of mine, plus an equally as great song.

11. Pre-Fall Moodboard What I would give for fall to actually be here...

12. Three Looks: Prada Spring 2006 Boots Never doubt the power of patent leather hot pink boots.

13. The Dreaded Style Rut! I feel like I get stuck in these quite often...

14. Woman Crush Wednesday: Simone Biles I think I  mentioned my love and admiration for Simone Biles last week but in case I didn' I am, mentioning it again.

15. 25 Lipsticks for Fall Winter 2016-2017 Give me them all. Right. Now. (Though I do already have that Kat Von D liquid lipstick, so at least I'm ahead of the game there).

16. Remember 'The Nanny?' @WhatFranWore is Doing Important Work  I don't think I've ever seen The Nanny, but I know for a fact that I reblog photos of Fran Drescher every time they pop up on my dashboard on Tumblr because I am so in love with her character's style. Major heart eyes over this account.

What have you been reading lately? 

Can't Fight the Moonlight | An August Playlist

Saturday, August 27, 2016

I don't know how this playlist got so big, but damn, August was the month of new (and rediscovered) music for me. There were a lot of killer songs on the Pandora stations at work and I think I really just dedicated time this month to try to listen to new releases or to delve into some #tbt tracks. Truthfully, for this to be a truly reflective playlist of what I listened to this month, the songs "Closer," "Into You," and "Cool Girl" should be on there about fifty times each. Those three songs were definitely the songs of August for me and I don't see that changing in September. So. Good.

Positivitea Cup Twelve: New Semester Pep Talk

Friday, August 26, 2016

Well folks, we're at the three day countdown until the fall semester starts. Three more days of freedom until school, once again, takes precedence over everything else. Whether you're excited or not (both are completely valid feelings), it's too close to the start to avoid the reality of a new semester. Whether it's your first semester or your last semester, or anything in between, the new semester is a new start in a sense. You get a new batch of classes with new professors and classmates and course material and all that good stuff. You might even get a new campus, if this is your first semester or even if you're a transfer student. Whatever the situation, something new awaits, which can be a little nerve-wracking.

It's okay to be nervous. It's hard to combat nervousness for the unknown. Sometimes, it just happens and it's nothing to be ashamed or afraid of. Easier said than done, but try not to let your nerves consume you. Find your comfort on campus or even a place off campus, if you must. Do what you need to do to make yourself comfortable, but don't let it control you or your actions on campus. Talk to the person next to you in class, meet your floormates, raise your hand to answer questions, make lunch plans, study plans, just take advantage of the new. Embrace it, even. No matter if you're going to a small college or a big university, you're going to be exposed to new people, new places, new things, just a whole lot of new.

College is going to be an adjustment. Heck, even a new semester is going to be somewhat of an adjustment. There's something ever-changing about college life, from new schedules every semester to seeing new faces when you're on campus on different times. New students filter in and out and there are only a few aspects that are constant. Even you might not be constant, but that's okay. College is a place to live and grow and learn new things about yourself. It's okay to make personal adjustments, adjustments to your schedule, any sort of tweak to grow and adapt with your new life.

Overall, just try your best. Put your all into whatever you do. Participate in class, make plans and go through with them, make friends, make acquaintances, make something of your time in college. Make yourself proud.

Things I'm Loving

Thursday, August 25, 2016

1. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Cannelle

I've been somewhat without concealer for the past month. I accidentally broke my Urban Decay Naked Concealer when I was home in July, but it was running out while I was on vacation regardless of the fact that I shattered its lid. I had a little bit of my MAC Pro Longwear Concealer left that got me through the following couple of weeks, but it was time I tried my hand at a new concealer. I always get nervous trying out new skin products as my face likes to break out any chance it gets. I didn't want to try something entirely new, but I also didn't want to repurchase the Urban Decay concealer because I just like to experiment with different products when I can.

Back in December, I picked up a sample of the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer to use as an undereye concealer. When I was on the hunt for a new one, this one was on the top of my mental list. It didn't break me out when I was using it back in the winter and I'd always heard good things about it from the beauty vloggers I watched on Youtube. I never know which shade to get so I just sort of...winged it with the shade here, but I ended up with Cannelle, which seems to be working out just fine for my skin tone (and foundation shade) at the moment! A little bit goes a long way, which is always a plus in my book. I just dot it over my imperfections, also known as my zits. I cover up my zits. Imperfections is such a kind way to describe my terrible skin, though. Thank you, Sephora descriptions.

I haven't had any issues with it yet! It hasn't irritated my skin, it wears quite nicely (I do set it though, just to really make sure it doesn't budge), and I like the packaging a lot! I always like Nars packaging though, even if the black matte packaging does get dirty easily.

2. TooFaced Better Than Sex Mascara

Man, I feel like this one needs a big #TBT hashtag next to it. I used to use this mascara back in my early college days (because I'm so old now, yeah?). I think I just got caught up in trying a lot of new mascaras that I sort of forgot that this one existed. However, I started to run out of my MAC False Lashes mascara and this was the first thing I thought of when I was thinking of what to replace it with. I just love this mascara so much? It's one of the only ones that I've tried that actually keeps my lashes voluminous and curled. It's not the most lengthening mascara for my lashes, but I am quite lucky to have long lashes in the first place, so it doesn't affect me all that much. I'm typically more concerned with making my lashes thick and voluminous rather than spidery and long, so this mascara is just the perfect one for me to achieve that look! Plus, I love the pretty metallic rose packaging!

3. Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Champagne Pop

Well, I finally did it. I finally joined 2016 and got one of the most gorgeous highlighter shades ever. This was definitely one of the most impulsive purchases I've ever made. I was meant to be getting the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette to replace mine (RIP, thank you for lasting me a whole year before you ran out) and right before I went to check out, I took a peek at the Becca counter. I took one look at at the metallic rose gold packaging and I snatched it. Right then and there, I snatched it and took it right to the counter with me without another thought. I've certainly swatched it before, but I just told myself I didn't need it. I still don't need it, but I got it anyways and I don't know if I've worn anything but this shade since I bought it last week. Honestly, Becca highlighters are just a personal favorite of mine in general. They literally make your cheekbones glow. If you are looking to jump on the highlighting train, just go right in and get a Becca one. You will not be disappointed.

4. "We Don't Talk Anymore" by Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez

This is just a continuation in my never ending saga of Francesca Loves Pop Music. I heard a few covers of this song and enjoyed it quite a bit, but then it came up on one of the Pandora stations at work and I wanted to fall on the floor. It's so good. Charlie Puth's voice is just so smooth and lovely and then you know Selena Gomez is there. I'm joking. Kind of. But really, it's a really nice duet and I'll probably cry at some point listening to it, but so far I've been tear free and have been able to truly just bop to this tune.

5. Topshop 'Dart' Block Heel Sandal

And here we have another impulsive purchase on my part. I have no excuse aside from the fact that Topshop finally had my size shoe in my favorite style and in a color that I don't have that style in yet. All of the elements were there and I had money in my bank account. Honestly, the timing was perfect and we were meant to be together. I have a pair of shoes like this in both nude and, oddly enough, a neon apricot color, but not in black? How did I go this long without having this shoe style in black? It's a travesty, truly. There are so many outfits that I've worn that could've used a pair of shoes like this, but better late than never, right?

All of my co-workers must be so sick of me wearing these shoes every single day, but I can't help it. They're comfortable, they go with literally everything and they are so easy to put on and take off. My other ones have complicated buckles or just slip on and take a lot of wrangling to do so, but these just slip on and you just have to do one little side snap and they're secured. One day I'll stop wearing these shoes. But for now, I'm going to embrace their presence in my life.

What have you been loving lately?

Stationery for a New Semester

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My favorite (and one of my only favorite) thing about going back to school is going school supplies shopping. I am obsessed with and will probably always be obsessed with things like pens and netbooks and agendas and everything in between. There's just something so fun about buying the things that you need for school. The school, I could do without it. Let me hoard all of the post it notes for my own pleasure, not for actual use...

I swear, stationery is getting cuter and cuter as the years go on. These are some of my picks for some adorable school stuff on the market this year. Admittedly, I haven't done any school supply shopping yet because I technically don't have to because I buy this kind of stuff all year round...but I might just need to have a little peek, anyways.

12 Indie Beauty Brands

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I love makeup and I love small businesses. I like to help out the little guys as often as I can, in whatever aspects that I can. I like boutique shopping for clothes, I like avoid chain restaurants, I like farmer's markets and just trying to find unique places for me to frequent. With humungous retailers like Sephora and Ulta and makeup counters at every department store, we're seemingly bombarded with all of these makeup options. From high end to drugstore, there's this sort of...overexposed beauty world. But, of course, with the help of the internet, indie beauty brands linger to offer their incredible products, typically for much, much, much less money. I rounded up twelve indie beauty brands myself, but there are plenty of lists online that will provide dozens upon dozens of more indie beauty brands that create the most incredible pigmented and high-quality makeup at a fraction of the price (and, generally cruelty free!).
  1. Makeup Geek for...affordable, pigmented eyeshadows. 
  2. Floss Gloss for...unique and vibrant nail polish shades.
  3. Sugarpill for...neon and highly pigmented unique shades in eyeshadow, lipstick, and more. 
  4. Morphe assortment of brushes that won't break the bank and incredible multi-shade palettes. 
  5. Colourpop for...pigmented, long lasting lip colors (with the same formula as Kylie Jenner's infamous lip kits...)
  6. Sigma Beauty for...quality makeup brushes that don't cost an arm and a leg and that come in convenient sets.
  7. Fortune Cookie Soap for...curated soap and body products in seasonal boxes.
  8. Makeup Monster Cosmetics for...vegan and cruelty free matte liquid lipsticks.
  9. Coloured Raine for...long-lasting opaque and bold lip colors in unique colors. 
  10. Beauty Bakerie for...cruelty free makeup products for your lips and eyes, including and interactive "cookbook" to show products in action.
  11. Dose of Colors for...bold makeup products for your entire face, including special vegan lines.
  12. MAKE Beauty for...the perfect products for a minimal, "no makeup" makeup look, all produced in New York City.
What is your favorite indie beauty brand?

This Moment In Fashion...Graphic Tees

Monday, August 22, 2016

I used to never wear t-shirts. I think I owned one or two before this year and I rarely ever wore them. I just never thought of myself as a t-shirt person and now...well...there's rarely a day when I want to wear anything else. Why did I reject the idea of a t-shirt for so long? How could I push away something so comfortable, so easy to style, so versatile, and now, so darn cheeky and clever? I'm a sucker for a good graphic tee with some sort of funny saying or print on it. I mean, I have my newest one from Zara that has a sequin embroidered lightning bolt, french fries and a jellyfish on it.

Graphic tees are so easy to incorporate in your wardrobe. Wear them tucked into a pair of high-waisted jeans, tuck the front (I usually choose it off to one side rather than right in the middle) into a pair of boyfriend jeans and wear a more relaxed fit shirt, buy them over sized and tie them at the waist to wear with a high-waisted skirt. Layer cropped tees over dresses or jumpsuits, wear them under over-alls or a jumper to give that 90s grungy school girl vibe, pair it with a neck scarf. You can do anything you want with a basic tee and the graphic nature, whether it's text or a design, just gives it a little more detail.

Good Reads

Sunday, August 21, 2016

1. The Fine Line: Simone Biles Gymnastics Other than the fact that this is just really cool interactive multimedia journalism, this is just an incredible story. I, admittedly, have not watched any of the Olympics, but have enjoyed catching up with it via social media. I must say, Simone Biles has very quickly climbed her way to the top of my favorite people.

2. Lucy and Lydia Talk Destination Disney and Attend Perrie Edwards' Birthday Party Look at my friend knocking it out of the park, as per usual! I've recently become a bit obsessed with Lucy and Lydia on Youtube and this was just the coolest thing to pop up on my Twitter feed! You go girl!

3. Travel Guide: Seminyak, Bali Indonesia When your roommate does really cool things then shares her tips... !!!

4. August Just an aesthetically pleasing moodboard with a cool playlist to boot!

5. Fall Winter 2016-2017 Shoe Trends: The 3 Designs You Should Buy Don't mind if I do.... *buys a dozen new pairs of trendy shoes and as a result, goes broke*

6. My Favorite Handbags We had a Loeffler Randall handbag at work for a couple of months and I was absolutely obsessed with it and its shape. If only I had more money during the semester...

7. The Thought Process of Wearing A See-Through Dress This dress is amazing and this post was hilarious.

8. How to Style Balenciaga's Classic City Bag Not that I'll ever own one, but styling posts are fun no matter what.

9. How To Make The Transition From ‘College’ to ‘Career’ Easier When you realize that this is going to be you sooner rather than later....

10. 10 Easy, Cheap, and Delicious Recipes for College Students The question is...will I ever try one of these? Statistics say no, but my constant need to prove myself wrong says hell yes!

What have you been reading lately?

Dream Closet, Vol. 20

Saturday, August 20, 2016

 Like Jenna Lyons once far as I'm concerned, leopard is a neutral. I don't know what it is with me and leopard this month, but I just #AllTheLeopardThings. Like, I've been dying for a leopard printed jacket and boots for years now and I just haven't found the perfect one. Perhaps Fall 2016 will be the time for me to shine...

What do you wish was in your closet this month?

Positivitea Cup Eleven: Little Steps Towards Positivity

Friday, August 19, 2016

I don't get frequently asked a lot of things, besides whether my eyelashes are real (they are), but one of the recurring questions I get often enough generally revolves around how I maintain a good, optimistic attitude. I can hear my mom laughing at me all the way from New York, the same way she did when I won best personality for a senior superlative. I digress, I pride myself on the shift in personality I managed to make throughout college. For me, I think I just spent far too long (also known as my entire adolescent and then some) being miserable and it turns out...I'm not naturally miserable? It's much, much easier for me to see the bright side of things now and I just prefer living life that way. Call it rose-tinted glasses, call it naivety, whatever you want to. It's just how I like to live my life! I don't think it was one huge change that happened over night. Like anything, it took little steps. Even now, I still have to remind myself of these little things, but it's always worth it!

1. Compliments on compliments on compliments

I make it my mission to compliment someone daily. That's my bare minimum for the day, compliment one person on something, whether it's something physical, something they've written, part of their personality, whatever it may be. Think of how wonderful compliments (legitimate ones, not disgusting men beeping at you on the street...but that's a whole other story for another time) from other feel. It's never going to hurt anyone to compliment them on something. It's just a simple way of spreading joy like Christmas cheer.

2. Smile more

This one is super cheesy, but whatever, it's true. I hated smiling until I got my braces off and even after that, there were 1,001 different things that embarrassed me about my smile. The way my eyes squinted, worrying if there was lipstick on my teeth, what my smile looked like because of the shape of my nose, whatever it was. I made excuse after excuse why I shouldn't show my teeth and finally I just stopped worrying about it. Smiling is infectious. I mean, think of adorable babies. Everyone is going to smile at an adorable baby. Well, mostly everyone. Walk around like like you're smiling at an adorable baby. And thus concludes my weirdest explanation in any blog post ever. Thank you and goodnight. 

3. Try to see the bright side

I'm a glass half-full kind of gal. I try to see the bright side. I, personally, don't find the need to think of every worst case-scenario (I slip up sometimes though, I'm not perfect) or think the world is ending every other day. My dramatic side gets the best of me sometimes, but I usually knock myself back to reality after a few minutes of thinking that everything has gone to crap. I don't want to say it's simple because for some it might not be, but there's no harm in trying to put a positive spin on situations. Everything is contextual, obviously, but when it comes to the small hardships, just try to find the good in it. Not everything The Worst Thing To Ever Happen™. 

4. Surround yourself with positive people

Ain't nobody got time for negative people in their life. I'm not saying to drop everyone in your life who falters and has a negative moment. I'm not saying to strip your friend group down to nothing because they've said one negative thing. But if there's a constant source of negativity in your life that drains you of your positivity or good energy, sometimes you have to do what's best for yourself. Surround yourself with people who will support you and share the same ideals as you. You don't have to feel forced to be friends with someone if they're truly "bringing you down." If being around somebody feels draining or toxic, trust your gut. It's hard to let yourself bloom if you're surrounded by people who just want to stomp out your progress. 

Things I'm Loving

Thursday, August 18, 2016

1. 1 State Faux Leather Wrap Skirt

This was, indeed, the skirt I bought completely on a whim last week because tax free weekend plus the Nordstrom sale plus free shipping plus my obsession with the phrase #TreatYoSelf. I'm obsessed, okay? I have literally never felt cooler in a piece of clothing since my black suede booties from Nine West and my randomly embroidered white dress from Zara. It fits perfectly, it's uber comfortable, and it just goes with everything. I've worn it with a light chambray shirt, I've worn it with a plain white t-shirt. I'm anxiously awaiting the colder weather so I can wear it with my skintight black turtleneck and a vampy lip. I have so many plans for this skirt and I must pat myself on the back for this purchase.

2. "Cool Girl" by Tove Lo

If anyone follows me on Snapchat (@ AccordingToFran, if you're interested in my shenanigans), these next two songs have been all over it. The song title says it all. I'm not cool in the slightest, but this song makes me feel so cool. Every time I listen to it, I have a solid pout on my lips and I just feel like a bad a$$. It's like for a few minutes, I'm transported to this "I hate the world" mentality, which isn't cool for all of the time, but it's kind of fun to play around with it for a few minutes. Then I go back to listening to my happy pop music and I'm content.

3. "Closer" by The Chainsmokers and Halsey

I didn't think I would grow to like the original version of this song. I heard Sarah Close's version first and went to listen to the original and was just, meh. But then I kept listening to it and now it's the only thing I can listen to in my car. I'm obsessed. It's constantly playing in my head. It hurts my throat to try to sing it but dammit, I try anyways. I love pop music so much. I love it.

4. Lorac Pro Matte Lip Color in Pink Taupe

Have I talked about this shade already? Most definitely, but it honest to god has been one of the only lipstick colors I've been wearing. I have plenty of lipsticks, so for me to exclusively be wearing one says a lot. It mostly has to do with the dreary weather stomping on my outfit creativity, but mainly this color is just really cool. It's got that brown toned nude thing going on without being too dark. It has a hint of pink which keeps it from being too muddy, but it definitely has that 90s grunge nude vibe going on. I'm obsessed. Plus, it's matte and it's a twist up pencil and it isn't super drying and it smells nice and it layers you see what I'm trying to get at? It's awesome.

5. Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize in Marie Antoinette

Another product I've definitely talked about, but I've been wearing it so much lately that I think that it's appropriate that I bring it up again. This is a really interesting formulation of a cream eyeshadow. It's not a tacky sort of cream, it's more of a mousse, but not like a whipped mousse. It's quite confusing if you don't have it in front of you, but it's a cross between a cream shadow and a mousse and it's an absolute delight. You can apply a sheer layer or build it up (synthetic brushes work nicely with it, too) to create a more dramatic eye look with dimensions in the outer corners and crease. You can really do a lot with this product and I really need to get myself some more colors.

What have you been loving lately?

If I Was A Vlogger...

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My first thumbnail...
I watch plenty of Youtube videos. I just do. I watch Youtube videos like they're TV shows. It's kind of my thing. There are generally a couple of types of videos I like to watch: beauty tutorials, favorites videos, fashion and styling, Grace Helbig videos and then vlogs. If you are unfamiliar with follow me around vlogs, it's essentially what it sounds like. People film their days and it feels like you're following along with them. I love these videos. I will sit there and watch 24 minutes of Zoe Sugg's day, no problem. When I say this out loud, it sounds a bit silly and weird, but that's fine. I am a lover of vlogs and I'm proud.

The more I watch, the more I think that I can do it. I mean, how hard could it be? Take a bit of footage from my day, pop it into iMovie and try to use my shoddy editing skills to throw together a quick little video. On the surface, seemingly simple. But then it gets to the hard part: what the hell do I do during the day that would be remotely interesting for a vlog? And my answer is always this: nothing. It would be the most mundane and bizarrely weird vlog ever. Since I will never get the chance to actually film one, these would be some of the very Francesca-esque moments that could be  tragically captured on film.


  • My tragic morning hair. Sometimes it's dirty, but it's rarely brushed. Slightly resembles some sort of animal in the wild. Overall, not attractive. 
  • Anything pre-coffee. My eyes are a bit smaller from squinting, my undereye circles are out in full force. I look like a shell of a person. 
  • Spending fifteen minutes trying to make sure my brow hairs are all plucked and in place.
  • Taking ten minutes to do my eyeliner because I cannot focus enough on the application because all I can think about is the coffee that I can have when I'm finished.
  • Writing my blog post half an hour before I'm supposed to leave to go to work when I know damn well I should've pre-written it the night before (not that that is happening at this current moment. Nope).
  • Driving to work. Vlogging and driving is a terrible idea don't do it unless you have an apparatus in your car that would allow for this. I, for one, would love one, but I am poor and also do not vlog so it would be pointless. 
  • All I do is work. Literally, there would just be a massive gap in my day. Perhaps there would be small cuts to me dancing around on the floor during lulls at work. Or, quite honestly, I just dance around when people are there. I don't care anymore. 
  • Let's say that hypothetically, in a dream world, I had a day off of work. I don't do anything. I'm so excited for a day off that I literally lounge in my pajamas all day. I might break out the hula-hoop and do that with "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" playing in the background on repeat. Perhaps I take fifteen minutes to dance around my apartment and spin down the hallways before I eventually get winded and need to lie down on the floor for a few minutes to recover. 
  • Reblogging the same photo of Harry Styles on Tumblr with slight variations. Honest to blog, I'd do this for at least twenty minutes. New candids of him came out the other day from a short video clip and let me tell you...heaven.
  • Going through the Starbucks drive-thru when I know that there's no line on the inside. There would be footage of me sitting in a car with six cards ahead of me, looking slightly annoyed, though it is more at myself for continuously choosing the drive-thru over going inside when I know that there is always a quicker option that I just fail to choose.
  • Coming home from work and immediately, like seriously immediately, changing out of my work clothes the second I drop my bag off in my room. It's sweatpants central from then on out. 
  • Taking twenty minutes to decide what I want for dinner when I literally only have about two options, which are the same two options I have every night because I really only eat about four things. I then get sad about my dinner because it's boring but that's just what happens when you're a picky eater. 
  • Bothering my roommates, if they're home. My favorite thing is to just walk by their doors making faces until they notice me. It's not fun if they don't. I usually burst into laughter before they notice me and then I get that fake "oh Fran you're so funny" smile that really means "why do I willingly live with you."
  • Hiding in my room for the rest of the night. I will literally sit down and do nothing until I'm ready to go to bed. That's it. I wake up, I go to work, I do and say some weird things, I come home, I eat dinner, I sit idly. Maybe I'll like, try to read a magazine? Heaven forbid I pick up one of the dozens of books I have in my room. Sometimes I try to be productive and pre-write my blog post but if that was the case, it wouldn't be 8:34 a.m. as I finish this blog post right here. 
Other scenes that could potentially be missing from any given day:

  • Me, crying over something that shouldn't be cried over. Usually some sort of animal video.
  • Me, narrating mundane parts of my life via song. Yes, I like to sing what I'm doing sometimes, even if it's just me washing some dishes or sweeping the floor.
  • Jumping on my bed while simultaneously worrying about breaking my bed. 
  • Running full force down the hallway and running straight into the door to stop myself. 
  • Whispering things to my roommate's chinchilla when she's not home (sorry, Elissa). 
  • Laying upside down on the couch begging for something to do. 
  • Having a staring contest with the giant stuffed shark that sits at our kitchen table at all times. 
  • Checking my bank account balance to see if I can afford coffee. 
And that, my friends, is why I don't vlog. Okay, and just pure laziness. Honestly, it's 99% pure laziness, I'll be really honest with you. But that's okay. Some were born to vlog, some were not. Baby, we were born to vloggggggg. Please forgive me, Bruce Springsteen, and the entire state of New Jersey. Please forgive me.

Move-In Day Tips

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Move-in day for college students is just around the corner. Your life is probably packed away into boxes, or perhaps it's on its way to that state. The end of summer and freedom is slowly coming to an end and a new semester is ready to grace *vomits* our presence.

I lived in the dorms my first two years of college and didn't move into the apartment I'm living in now until last August. I've, essentially, gone through three different move-in day processes and each of them were painful. I'm joking. They honestly weren't that bad, but there were certainly some struggles and not so fun moments. It's all worth it when it's over, but there's definitely a few tips and tricks that could help alleviate some of the bad assets of moving.

1. Use plastic totes

As amazing as cardboard boxes can be, they're just going to create a lot of trash. Plastic bins have handles, they are easy to stack, and they double as storage under your bed if you're living in the dorms. I keep a plastic bin in my apartment to store a few pieces of clothes that I kept behind for between the seasons that are no longer needed. Right now mine is storing some of the winter-y clothes that I carried into spring after I brought my extreme winter clothing home around Easter. The plastic totes store a lot, they're easier to carry and manage, and they're typically on sale around this time of year in the college sections!

2. Keep your clothes on hangers in garbage bags or garment bags

I suppose this just depends on how many clothes you have and how many people you have helping you. Life is much, much easier if you transfer your clothing already on hangers, but it's not a necessity. Just think of how much time you'll save on move in day, though, if all you have to do is tear off the garbage bag that you're using as a makeshift garment bag and just pop the hangers on the rack in your closet. Certainly beats having to unfold every individual piece, put them on hangers and then put them in the closet. But that's just me!

3. Wrap your mugs or fragile items in tee shirts or tank tops

This is an easy way to pack clothes that can get wrinkled with no worries and to make sure your fragile items get transported safely. Only one of my mugs came with a box (thanks, Kate Spade), meaning that all of my others ran the risk of completely smashing during the drive from New York to Ohio. However, all I did was wrap each individual mug in one of my pajama shirts and it was a simple way to pack more stuff and save my objects. I just popped them into the bottom of a plastic bin and called it a day!

4. Let your parents help and linger

Just let them help unpack. Let them set up your TV, let them assembled your cubby. Let them linger and meet your roommates and help you set up your dorm. It means a lot to them and you'll wish that they had stayed longer if you let them go. Trust me.

5. Lend a helping hand

If you moved in already, help your roommates. Help your floormates. Hold open a door for someone, help them move boxes from outside the dorm into the lobby. Offer them your dolley, just try to help as much as you can. Some people don't have a whole team or arsenal of family behind them and might need as much help and assistance as they can get.

6. Introduce yourself

This has less to do with the actual moving in process and more to do with the day in general. Introduce yourself to people on your floor, especially if you're a freshmen. Make connections on that first day, try to get comfortable with the people you're going to be living next to for the next year (give or take). You don't need to become best friends with them, but even just introducing yourself and getting your names out there is a nice start to a school year!

Good luck moving in this year!

Two Week Countdown | Fall Semester Checklist

Monday, August 15, 2016

It physically pains me to type out this next sentence, but I have to do it. I can't avoid it anymore. Fall semester at my college starts exactly two weeks from today. That felt like a knife to the chest, honestly. It's such a conflicting feeling. While I want the semester start, I also just want to be done with school forever. I'm not looking forward to anything about this semester. There's not a single class I'm excited about, but I suppose that's the life of a senior with one semester left. However, just because I'm a jaded college student doesn't mean that other people shouldn't be excited or at least show a smidgen more enthusiasm than me.

By this point in the summer, there are definitely a majority of things that should be crossed off of your to-do list regarding college, especially if you're a first year student. A lot of mental preparation goes into the beginning of a new semester, as well as a lot of shopping trips. If you're a first year student or if you just need a little reminder, here's a few things that you should try to get done soon if you haven't already.

1. Finalize your schedule

I mean, this should've been done months ago, but there's nothing wrong with tweaking your schedule, especially if you want to see if any new sections have opened up. If you're a freshmen, you might not have any control over this, but if you're not...check out your account and see if there's any wiggle room. I switched one of my online classes just a couple of weeks ago because I realized I made a mistake with credit hours and even just yesterday my roommate switched a class so that she was taking it in a better time slot!

2. Purchase your agenda

I will never write a college post without mentioning agendas. I just can't. They are the most important things in the entire world to me. If I had to only buy one piece of stationery for a semester and one thing only, it would be an agenda. Everything I could do digitally, I'm sure, but not agendas. I need that physical account of all of my responsibilities, always. It doesn't matter if it's a $50 Erin Condren agenda or a $1 journal from Target that you convert into an agenda. As long as you have some place to put down all of your assignments, due dates, important information,'re in the clear.

3. Order/download your books

I don't care if you order your books online, from your bookstore, torrent them or download PDFs or even just make arrangements with friends taking a similar class to share a book. Just make sure you have all of your absolutely required books in your possession, one way or another, especially if you're not living at home. Professors, especially the first few weeks, are generally really chill about students not having books, but sometimes it's just easier to have them right from the start than have to worry the first couple weeks about getting them. While some books definitely aren't necessary, you are going to have books in college that you need to purchase, as painful as it sounds. I've had plenty of classes with interactive discs that we had to physically purchase and it was the most painful experience. My book bookstore balance...I digress, make arrangements for your books early on so there's less to worry about later.

4. Get your parking passes

This is mainly for my commuters, but if you're living on campus and want to have a car you should worry about this too. Parking at my school is a nightmare. If you haven't gotten a parking pass by now at my school...good luck? But honestly, if you haven't done this yet, make arrangements ASAP because when you get to campus, you're going to need a place to park. That's an obvious.

5. Start packing

Shout out to my dormers out there. Start packing now. Start boxing up the little things and sorting through your clothes to at least separate your closet into what you want to bring and what you don't want to bring. This will make life so much easier when actual move in day comes around. The last thing you want to do is wait until the night before and end up laying on your bedroom floor an absolute stressed mess. Not that I know what that's like from personal experience...I digress, start small and just get your dishes or dish towels or wash clothes or something packed away and kick-start the packing process to alleviate from stress from later on in the summer when you really have to kick it into gear. Save yourself the trouble and hassle and just do it slowly but surely.

Good Reads

Sunday, August 14, 2016

1. New and Now I completely understand Carly's qualms about fashion in stores at the moment. We just put our fall stuff out at work. Meanwhile, I'm literally sweating on my two step walk from my car to the building. At the same time though...fall is coming and I am getting jittery!

2. Sunset in the City I am a sucker for ruffled collars and mini neck ties made of string on shirts. I can't help it!

3. Summer Sets I've been looking for a killer two piece set and the one I really wanted from Zara appears to not be available anymore. Boo! Also, I definitely thought of The Summer Set when I read this blog post title. Yet another thing I can't help...

4. I Tried the Instagram Foodie Diet These kind of posts from Man Repeller literally have my in stitches.

5. Love Yourself Before You Love Anyone Else (And Other Silly Things People Say) This is the kind of post where I start to clap and say "YES GIRL!!!!!" every time I agree with every brilliant and #TRUE thing Kelsey says.

6. Combat Boots for Fall Winter 2016-2017 Another thing I'm not cool enough to wear, but I can still admire them, right?

7. How to Wear See-Through Clothing Without Looking Vulgar I partially just love the title of this post, but also, sheer clothing is cool as heck. I want to wear it without revealing myself to the world. Mostly because it's apparently frowned upon, not that I just wouldn't.

8. Ten Target Decor Items Items to Snag ASAP *screaming* I LOVE TARGET AND HOME DECOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9. School Supplies  I will continue to drown myself in school supplies until the day I die. Being (almost) finished with college will never stop me!

10. Mykonos With Follie Follie When will I ever not be obsessed with Sonya Esman's aesthetic? Never, that's when.

11. Popsicle Shirtdress What more could anyone want in life than a shirtdress with little popsicles on it? Tell me. I'm curious because as fas as I'm concerned this is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

12. The It-Bags for Fall 2016 I've talked about it-bags on my blog before and I'm just fascinated by how they change from season to season with seemingly no reasoning behind it. Always curious to see what's up and coming though.

13. White and Blush I just think Tibi has some of the coolest pieces ever. Love that it's a New York label, too.

14. NY Closets: Nikki Ogunnaike My favorite blog series strikes again!

What ave you been reading lately?

End of Summer Playlist

Saturday, August 13, 2016

A more accurate representation of my end of summer playlist would, in fact, just be two hours of somebody sobbing. However, I'm not sure that that's a viable option here, so I've tried to pick as many crying-free songs as possible. I suppose the end of summer is happy in a way. Sure, it means that school is starting up again and that my life is going to be entirely consumed by academic work I'm going to have to pretend to care about. And sure, that means my free time, while already limited, will become even more limited and I'll probably just want to binge eat cookie butter from Trader Joe's with a ladle and cry in my shower. But hey, at least we're one step closer to fall, where I thrive.

Positivitea Cup Ten: Improving Your Mood

Friday, August 12, 2016

Despite how fervently I try to avoid the unavoidable, it's impossible to not suffer from a shift in mood. There's just no way to be in a good mood all of the time without faltering at some point. Try as I might to stay in a good mood at all times, it's just not going to happen. Whether it's exhaustion from working too much, stress weighing me down, or my introverted behavior striking back for overspecialization (I like to think of myself as an electronic device. I have no issues being out and about with people, but my socialization battery gets drained and I need an hour or so to "recharge" before doing anything else). Maybe I had a bad day at work, maybe I saw something that upset me. Who knows what the situation is. Sometimes even the smallest of things can throw us into a funk, no matter how much we want to fight our way out of it. For me, there are a few ways that can almost always, with little failure, drag me out of my mood.

1. Hula-Hooping

I've always had a hula-hoop around, sans my two years in the dorms. I was always really good at it as a child and I always kept one in the house for when I was bored. It was just a simple little exercise that was quite monotonous but allowed me to do other things on my phone or just watch TV without any crazy interruptions. Now I have one in my apartment and I just pick it up whenever I feel like it: when I'm waiting for something to cook, when I'm watching Netflix, when I just want to do something while I'm scrolling through social media. It's also, oddly enough, a good stress reliever. Because even if it is a simple monotonous movement, I still have to focus on the movement of my hips or else it will fall and I'll be sad that I messed up. Just kidding. It's just a fun activity that reminds me of my childhood and is just silly enough to cheer me up.

2. Dance party for one

Dance parties are, hands down, one of my favorite things to do in general. The amount I dance (horribly, I should add) around my apartment is ridiculous. The amount I dance in general is a bit shameful, truthfully, but it always puts a smile on my face so who really cares? I will dance to anything (remember that time I still managed to get down at an Arctic Monkeys concert?), anywhere, anytime. My dance playlists are forever changing, but I have two main ones that I use. One is clean and one is not so clean. Also, if Taylor Swift was on Spotify, "Shake it Off" would be on every single one of my playlists ten times, at least.

3. Chat with friends

Sometimes when I'm having a bad day, I just want to check in and see how my friends are doing. I mean, I want to do this all of the time anyways because I need to make sure they're hydrated and are getting enough sleep, but I digress...It's just nice to have a normal conversation with someone to sort of pull you back to reality!

4. Watch Legally Blonde

This might just be a little specific to me, but literally, watching this movie is an instant mood booster. Honestly, ten minutes in and I'm feeling better. I mean, I wrote an ode to Elle Woods that one time, this movie clearly means  a lot to me. So maybe it's not Legally Blonde for you, but really, any movie or TV show or musical that is your favorite could be the perfect way to take your mind someplace else.

5. Paint your nails

There's nothing like a fresh manicure to cheer you up. Maybe you go to a salon and get a mani/pedi combination. I do it myself and just sitting there concentrating on making my nails acceptable looking again is my favorite thing to do. I just love a fresh manicure. It just looks so polished and pretty and I tend to be in a better mood when my nails have a fresh coat of color on them.

But above all, remember: there's nothing wrong with not being in a good mood. Nobody is meant to be happy all of the time. It'd be a bit concerning, honestly. We're human. Sometimes we're happy, sometimes we're sad, sometimes we're mad, and everything in between.

Things I'm Loving

Thursday, August 11, 2016

1. Target mugs

I've been good about not buying mugs lately. I got through these weird spending sprees where I'll buy approximately five mugs that I most certainly do not need because, well, I am one person. Why do I need a dozen mugs? I do my dishes, I only drink one cup of coffee and one cup of tea a day. I don't need that many mugs and yet here I am, hoarding mugs in my cupboard, my desk, anywhere I can store them safely. Naturally, I bought two new mugs at Target the other day. I couldn't help it. They were so me. I mean, one has the word "totes" on it and the other...come on. It's me in a mug. They fit the perfect amount of coffee, they're super smooth, the colors are fun. What more could you ask for in a mug?

2. Positivity tumblr

Last Tuesday, I had a day off. My days off usually produce a weird brain child because I'm just so excited that I have free time that my imagination sort of runs wild. That Tuesday, I spent the day dancing around my apartment, hula-hooping my life away. It was then that I realized I wanted to start a positivity Tumblr. So, that's what I did. I got the URL positivebinch, made my icon a pug and started to queue up some overly positive and pretty graphics. That's essentially what it is. It's a home to pretty graphics with little sayings, doodles, and some quotes all in one place. I call it my happy place. I take a few minutes every day to scroll through other positivity blogs to find content to post and I just end up in a great mood. I hope it can become your happy place, too.

3. Farmers Market

I've been working at the Tremont Farmers Market every other week for, essentially, the entire summer. I work in the same mobile boutique that I started at in February of 2015 and one of the events that I have the pleasure of working multiple times is this farmers market. I love it! I think that it's incredibly fun and I love to see small businesses get together for something like this. However, my silly self hadn't thought to bring cash with me, mostly because I never have cash on me. However, I had a few bills last time I was there and I had to bop around the stands. I got a quart of fresh peaches from a local farm that are absolutely delicious. Truthfully, I ate three as soon as I got home and I'm rationing my last two because I could easily devour them in seconds. It was my second time getting a loaf of bread from Breadheads Breadery. I got a cinnamon raisin loaf my first time a few weeks ago and it was a game changer. I went back to get another loaf on Tuesday and...well, I nearly lost it. They had a PEANUT BUTTER BREAD WITH CHOCOLATE CHIPS. What? LIKE WHAT? All I have to say about that is that there is less than half of the loaf left and I have not shared with anyone yet. It's too good to share and I don't know what I'm going to do when I stop working the market...? In conclusion: check out if your city has a local farmers market. It's a great place to meet some really cool business owners and snag some really delicious local food.

4. The Vaccines

If I haven't mentioned The Vaccines on my blog before, I've at least included them in my monthly playlists. They're an English band (shocker, I clearly don't have a soft spot for those...) that formed in 2010, which makes me a little mad that it took me until 2015 to find them ("Teenage Icon" was like, my song in summer 2015). This type of music has become my favorite of the summer, I think. It's that like upbeat indie rock, sort of Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Wombats, Little Comets style. The kind that makes me want to wear my mirrored cat eye sunglasses and walk around with a pout on my lips or drive with the windows down looking like I just don't give a crap about the world around me. Just give me a leather jacket, a red lipstick and a pair of cool moto booties and I'm all set.

What have you been loving lately?

Five Beauty Looks to Try

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

This could be alternately titled as Five Beauty Looks That I Should Try, But Never Will Because I Am a Creature of Habit and a One Trick Pony Who Is Physically Incapable of Being Adventurous With Anything But My Lipstick Choice. But we'll just call it Five Beauty Looks to Try for short.

1. Color Correcting

I am just too damn lazy to do this, but I am the type of person who should be doing this. I have insane amounts of redness (thank you, acne, my old friend) and dark circles (thank you, sleep, my enemy). Honestly, getting sleep for me is like me running into Harry Styles onto the street casually: it never happens. Color correcting has always been a thing, but my god, I swear it's like every single beauty company was contractually obligated in the summer of 2016 to push all of their color correcting products to start this huge revolution.

2. Highlighter #GetThatGlow

Nobody needs to ask me twice to wear highlighter. I once forgot to put highlighter on and genuinely debated going to the drugstore or even make the trek to Sephora to get one just so I didn't have to go without it that day. I suffered through it, but I never made that mistake again. I never want matte skin again. I want to glow. I want my cheekbones to be so highlighted that the light reflects off of my face and can melt metal.

3. Cut Creases

I tried and failed to do this once upon a time when I was wearing my beret and a really cute turtleneck/jumper dress combination back back in the winter. It was when Zayn Malik's "Pillowtalk" single came out. I still have the Snap Story from that day saved on my phone...I digress, I wanted to do a cut crease so bad and I just can't. I can't do it. I'm the worst. It looked like I got punched in the eye for saying something stupid. If anyone saw me they'd nod and be like "ah, yes, Francesca finally got what she deserved..." But truthfully, I see these on everyone else and they look incredible and much less like "hey I just got socked." So I'm keeping this on the list because if they can do it, so can you. And maybe me. I'll try. Or I'll have someone else try and I'll pretend.

4. Facial Contouring

Facial contouring? That just sounds gross. I should've just said contouring, but that just seemed too short. I'm literally shuddering at facial contouring but I'm going to leave it because I think it's funny. Anyways, that aside, I love me a good contour. I want my cheekbones so chiseled that they could cut glass. I want to break diamonds with my jawline. I want to rival Harry Styles' with his jawline that I swear to god is as strong as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. For a simple contour, all you have to do is apply your contouring powder in a 3/E shape on your face: your temples, in the hollows of your cheek, and on your jawline. Start light and gradually build up so it's not muddy and so you can blend it out more naturally. Take some bomb selfies. Embrace it.

5. Liquid Lipsticks

I literally cannot go on Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram, whatever it may be without being bombarded by liquid lipsticks. I like them as much as the next person. Hell, I love my Kat Von D ones so much that I would literally sell my soul for the whole range. I'm not even going to mention the liquid lipsticks that everyone is obsessing over because I just can't get past the fact that there is an equivalent that is more available and comes in more colors and is insanely cheaper with the same exact formula. But don't get me started. Not that you did. I got myself started. Okay, I digress, liquid lipsticks are the only thing I want matte on my face. Like, I don't mess around with lipsticks that aren't matte or at least semi-matte. I'm just not about that life.

What beauty looks do you want to try out?

Back to School Style

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Yesterday marked three weeks until the semester starts for me, meaning that the inevitable is creeping up on us all. Back to school season is upon us and the only thing we can do about it is drop out. Kidding. Don't do that. I mean, unless you really feel passionately about it and it would be best for your health. But we won't get into that. I, Francesca Gariano, am not starting a revolutionary to throw our middle fingers in the air to higher education.

I continuously joke about taking the first week of classes to establish my fashionable dominance on campus. Well, I say it's a joke, but I think the chances of me being serious are high. I bring the big guns out during the first week of classes, showcasing my favorite outfits in that five-day period. Maybe it's not a dominance thing. Maybe it's just a confidence thing. Maybe it's both. The world may never know why I do the things that I do, but back to school outfit planning is important to me, one way or another. I already have a few of my outfits planned for the first week, but no decisions will be made final until I see the weather report. However, here are a few ideas if you're struggling to figure out what to show up to class in during the first week. Keep in mind that I will walk around campus in chunky heels and and lipstick so dark it could be black, so I'm not exactly all that interested in being a low-key dresser. Proceed with caution. But full force ahead if you're a go big or go home dresser.

Am I telling you to wear a nice blouse with a pair of completely ripped up high-waisted shorts? Yep. Yes I am. One of my favorite outfits that I will be breaking out as soon as the weather cools down is my pair of heinously ugly distressed and frayed Levi's with a silk blouse from Elizabeth and James. Mix and match moods and tones, friends. Do it. Embrace it. Fashion has no rules.

This is more of a reminder to myself more than anything else that I should start wearing more olive green. Kidding. It's a great flattering color that steps away from black and white while still remaining in the neutral territory. Paired with brown suede and gold accessories and you're all set to impress (yourself) on campus.

This an outfit I am not nearly cool enough to wear, but I wish I was. Maybe I should give it a shot, if I ever make the plunge and buy a pair of fashion sneakers. Anyone else could rock this look easily, though, so I highly recommend giving it a try. Too hot for jeans? Swap it out for a pair of distressed jean shorts!

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