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1. How to Keep Learning (Outside of School) See, I love learning, but I don't love school. But I do love this post for giving me lots of ideas how to keep my mind fresh after graduation!

2. Giving the Cold Shoulder We're almost completely through summer and I still don't own a cold shoulder or off the shoulder top. Fran, what are you doing?!

3. An Ode to The Little Prince This is one of my favorite books of all time. Top three, at least.

4. How to Only Pack a Carry On - 11 Pro Packing Secrets I tried to tackle the single carry-on bag for my vacation to Boston and I wish I had seen this before hand!

5. The Best Place To Score Affordable Off-The-Shoulder Pieces Speaking of off the shoulder...

6. Favorite Vintage Find Ever That two piece set though *heart eyes*

7. 8 Jumpsuits To See You Through Summer Give me #ALLTHEJUMPSUITS!!!

8. How to Dress Like...Alexa Chung Alexa Chung is high up on my list of style inspirations, in good company with Olivia Palermo and Jenna Lyons. Ugh. So cool.

What have you been reading lately?

July has been the month of a lot of new music for me. It's mostly because I spent a lot of July working, meaning I was exposed to a lot of new songs that come up on the Pandora stations at work. My two favorites, by the way, are the Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness and the Walk the Moon stations. They are hands down the best. Very few skips, lots of cool indie, alternative and teenage angst bundled into one place. I dig it. These are the songs I've been singing, dancing, crying, bopping, and listening to.

As the month of August creeps closer and closer, the inevitable must happen: the fall semester must start. For some, it's just considered back to school, the commencement of another fifteen weeks of classes, fifteen weeks of stress and adventure. But, for some, it might be the start of a whole other journey in general. The transition from high school to college–or even from a gap year to college–can be a difficult one to make. Even if it's not particularly difficult, there are definitely going to be moments where you might question things, where you might panic and need a solution to a problem as soon as possible, or maybe where you just feel a bit lost or helpless.

1. Keep your mind open to the new and unknown 

Chances are that you're seventeen or eighteen (or who knows, maybe you're a bit older!) and you've been living in the same city for quite some time, surrounded by the same people for high school, maybe even for your entire academic career. You've been influenced by family and your select friends, but perhaps aren't that exposed to everyone else around you. College is the time where every door opens, causing a rush of new beliefs and values and likes and dislikes come into play. You're going to meet people–friends, professors, the barista at your coffee shop–who are going to have new ideas and beliefs that you'll be exposed to. With meeting new people comes embracing the idea of "new things." There's no shame in changing in college. There is no shame in changing during the final years of being a teenager. College is a learning experience, through both academics and life experience. 

2. Don't overthink it

Everything might seem like a big deal. You're meeting new people, you're being introduced to all of these new things, and you're not used to it. You're put in new situations, social situations that you might not have had to deal with since the last time you went to a new school or moved to a new city or even a new state. Sometimes we forget how to get comfortable with new people, how to be comfortable with people who don't know the ins and outs of our personalities. We can drive ourselves crazy trying to micro-analyze every little conversation, every line in a text message, every wording of a sentence or question. The more you think about it, the more convoluted and less genuine in becomes. Embrace who you are and just do as you would. Not everything requires insane amounts of analysis behind it.

3. Learn how to balance work and fun sooner rather than later 

College is full of temptation, whether it's binging an entire series on Netflix, hanging out with your new friends as often as you can, parties, and so much more. Your world opens up when you go to college, which provides more distractions than ever. It's best to learn how to manage this early, before midterms come and you've fallen behind on all of your work because you got too caught up in the social life. There is nothing wrong with making friends (obviously) or having a good time in college. There is nothing wrong with utilizing your Netflix subscription, making memories with your new friends, or enjoying your weekends (as long as you're being cautious and safe). But we chose college for a reason, we chose to further our education, which involves some homework, essay writing and studying more often than not. Find your balance, find your groove. Study with friends, learn how to multitask and watch Netflix while you work, or maybe just take a weekend off to catch up. There's always next weekend.

4. Remember to take care of yourself 

Things are going to get a little stressful. You might have brief moments of loneliness or sleepless nights where the work seems endless. You might have weeks that feel like months, weeks that drone on and on, weeks where you're so tired you could cry. When moments like that happen, you have to take care of yourself. You have to go to bed that extra hour earlier and set your alarm for a bit later. Your morning routine can afford to be shortened if it means catching an extra half an hour of sleep. You need to stay hydrated, you need to eat your three meals a day and make sure you're having your fruits, vegetables and protein. You need to take some time to yourself if you get exhausted being around people. You need to do something for yourself and care for yourself. Your health, both physically, mentally and emotionally is more important than anything else.

5. Be yourself 

It's a bit cheesy and a bit silly, but it's true. If you haven't embraced your true self before setting off to college, there's no time like now to stop pretending. College is the place where you can love who or what you love. Use that new open mind of yours to open yourself up to the idea of new interests, the same that everyone else is doing. Speak openly, speak proudly. Remain unashamed of your interests, of your passions. Make your jokes, state your opinions, show people who you really are. There's no use in faking it or holding yourself back. There is a whole new batch of people who are ready to meet the real you.

1. My reunion with the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

I would list just the eyeliner as my favorite, but I think we all know by now after constant posts about it and whining that I didn't have one in my possession that this eyeliner is a holy grail for me. I try not to be too dependent on one specific product, as I like a bit of variety in my makeup life, but when something works as good as this eyeliner works for me, you just have to get exclusive with it. I finally picked up a new tube of my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner right before I left for Boston last week and it has been a serious game changer in my makeup game. You truly don't know what you have until it's gone. I've used countless liquid eyeliners over the past few months and nothing will ever come close to the Kat Von D one. It it the blackest, longest lasting, and has the most precise point and easiest control. If you want a sharp wing, look no further.

2. Glossier Generation G lipsticks

I literally just talked about these on the blog yesterday, so speaking in length about it right now is a bit redundant. But if you want a sheer wash of matte color that looks like a gorgeous popsicle stain...these are the lipsticks for you. You can read more of me raving about them here, if you so desire!

3. "Girls Talk Boys" by 5 Seconds of Summer

I meant to talk about this song last week, but without a Things I'm Loving Thursday, I wasn't quite sure when to mention it. I've been listening and dancing to this song since it leaked came out on iTunes and Spotify. It's so fun. Judge all you want, but it puts an extra pep in my step and I find them perfectly adorable. It's got that fun retro vibe and it makes me want to swing hips and dance around and have a good time.

4. Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness Pandora station

I've put a lot of time and effort into trying to find the perfect Pandora stations to play at work. I've gone through dozens and dozens trying to find ones that didn't get insanely repetitive and didn't make me want to skip every other song. After plenty of trial and error, I've come to the conclusion that alongside the Walk the Moon station, the Andrew McMahon station is the best. Sure, I work plenty of days a week so it gets repetitive eventually, but I don't think I could ever get sick of hearing Jack's Mannequin, Something Corporate or Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness repeatedly throughout the week. Really, it's just a nice mix of music that gets me super nostalgic and provides a lot of new tunes for me to jam out to. I have a habit of taking photos of the screen when a song that I like comes on so I can add it to my Spotify later that day.

5. Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray

I used to use this religiously in high school then I think I just kept forgetting to buy it again? I feel like that's the only explanation for why I haven't been using this for the past few years. It used to save my life in high school, when my skin liked to get oily after only a couple of hours, no matter how much I set it. A true pain in my butt. My skin combination, because I do have plenty of little dry patches, mainly from my acne products. My t-zone, however, remains oily and the humidity and hot weather does not help in the slightest. I definitely needed a little bit of extra help over the summer. I don't want to look completely matte, but I also don't need to look like a greasy mess. I spritz this on my face after I do my makeup and I've already noticed a difference this week in how my makeup is wearing. It doesn't getting muddy or patchy, it doesn't start to break apart or slip off as the day goes on, and it just keeps my face oils at bay.

What have you been loving lately?

Surprised that I have a lipstick review? You shouldn't. Yes, I am fully aware that I own far too many lipsticks for one human and shouldn't be buying anymore, but I can't resist a good formula. I can't. So when I got my e-mail that Glossier had restocked their previously sold out Generation G lipsticks, I jumped straight onto the website, snagged two and waited impatiently for the few day delivery period. The best part was that they were supposed to arrive last Monday, but they ended up coming the Friday before, which was super convenient because it was right before I left for vacation. I've had plenty of time to play around with the two shades I got and the verdict is in: they're amazing. 

The Glossier website describes the the Generation G lipsticks as a stain that apply like a balm. But not just any normal glossy balm. No, as if these products couldn't get any more perfect, they're matte. These lipsticks give that illusion that you've got popsicle stained lips, straight out of a summer romance. They apply quite sheer at first, but you can build them into a more opaque stain that wears beautifully and evenly. I got mine in the shades Crush, a cherry red shade, and Jam, a raspberry shade. 

These are hands down the most comfortable lipsticks I think I own. I love the twist up tubes with the skinny body and slanted tip. I love that they're easy to throw in your pocket and that the packaging is quite simple. And when it comes down to the actual product, well, I never thought I would be this stoked about a sheer wash of color. But even I, lover of deep and dark opaque lipsticks, understand that sometimes you just need a little bit of color without dousing your lips in product. Quite honestly, I've been so excited about these that I've been reaching for them the most over anything else in my collection. Both shades go with so much in my closet and I just find that the faint stain is super flattering and really fitting for this time of year, especially as the weather gets hot and the air is humid and wants to make my makeup budge.

The Generation G lipsticks do just as they say they will. They glide across the lips, no tugging or pulling necessary; they feel like nothing more than a lip balm yet dry completely matte; they are subtle, yet still give your lips that extra enhancement for a little bit of summer color. Even if they're not the most long-lasting lipstick I've ever used, reapplying is so easy and the color wears off evenly where if you didn't have time to reapply, you wouldn't look silly. Plus, as they promise, they leave a gorgeous subtle stain even after they wear off.

Crush is on the left, Jam is on the right

If you want to see either of these shades in action,  I wore them the entire time I was in Boston! You can peep the shades in a few of my shots on Instagram!

I don't know how the two lighter shades perform and how much they actually change the color of your lips, but I can attest to the beauty of the two deeper shades in the four color range. I'm curious to see if Glossier releases new shades of this in the future. I'll definitely be waiting with bated breath!

Meanwhile, I definitely still want to try out Glossier's Boy Brow and Mega Greens Galaxy Pack face mask. Hopefully I make another order soon!

Have you had a chance to try out any Glossier products?

When I was younger, even up until I was about eighteen, I used to read all of the time. Seriously, I'd always have a book and I would tackle around twenty to twenty-five books a year. I loved reading, I love reading now, it just all comes down to time. I don't have the time I used to have to sit down and completely dive into a whole new world. I can't commit hours on end to trying to complete or book or sometimes even those twenty minutes to get a chapter or two in. When I have the opportunity to read, I seize the day. I take it without looking back and I just try to devour as many stories as I possibly can. So I must say, thank god for vacation.

I've mentioned in my posts during the past week what books I was bringing, what books I picked up and which ones I read, so I figured I'd go into a bit more detail about each of them in mini reviews. I don't actually know what I'm talking about but that's never stopped me before, so here's what I enjoyed (and maybe not-so-enjoyed)(but let's be real I enjoyed all of them) about the books I read on vacation.

Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen is my homegirl, let's start there. I've been reading Sarah Dessen books since middle school and I don't think she'll ever let me down. Sarah Dessen books are my go-tos. If I know that I need a good read, I can count on my girl Sarah to provide a great story that will keep me entertained and present. This was, unsurprisingly, not an exception to that. The books all follow a similar pattern, one that I will never get sick of reading, no matter how many of her books I tackle. There's still so much variation in the telling of the stories that I just find the need to read them all.

Without giving too much away, Saint Anything is about a girl with a troubled older brother whose actions seem to haunt her family, whether it's in the way that she's treated or the way her mother reacts the world. Sydney is thrown (well, she willingly chooses to transfer) into a new school with new friends and new adventures. She finds solace in a pizza parlor and ends up befriending the children of the owners. From there, Sydney begins to truly feel what it's like to accept and be accepted, something she hadn't previously gotten in the past. It had its fair share of cliches, which I am a total sucker for. If you're looking for a summer read you won't want to put down, I have one for you!

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

I've been meaning to read Eleanor & Park by Rowell for a while now, but alas, I picked up Fangirl first because I'd heard a lot about it from friends and on Tumblr. This was the second book I read during the first car ride, the chaser to Saint Anything. I started it in a gas station somewhere in New York and finished just before we hit Massachusetts. It starts with two twins going away to the same college, though for the first time they won't be living together because Wren doesn't want to live with Cath anymore so she can experience new things. Cath is an introvert, preferring solace in her room and keeping her sister close for comfort. The book is a sweet telling of making it in the first year of college (while sometimes not making it), trying to impress the "unimpressable" professors, worrying too much about our parents, and knowing when to move on (and when not to). At the beginning, I was starting to regret the purchase, but come the middle of the book I was full-on internally squealing when "things" started to unfold and happens to Cath. Definitely don't regret purchasing and if you're a fan of YA (or honestly, if you just like good books, come on now) you should give it a read!

Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari and Eric Klinenberg

I've been eagerly wanting to read this book for ages now, but I didn't want to get the hardcover copy because...well...I've definitely talked about my hatred for hardcover books. I was ready to cave many times, but alas, I popped into the bookstore before vacation and saw this sucker in paperback and knew it had to come home with me. It's a humor/social commentary book about modern dating and I found it hilariously fascinating all at once. You get Aziz Ansari's distinct and funny narration while getting to learn about the ins and outs of modern dating and all of its tools. It's like having a really hilarious professor or lecturer in front of you for however long it takes you to read the book. It tackles emoji usage to the gap between replying to texts and the competition to see who can take longer to reply to Tinder pictures and everything in between. It has insight from various other professionals, from social scientists to professionals from dating websites and from just regular day-to-day people from various parts of the world. It was funny, insightful and a super great read.

Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler

This was the book I wanted to read the most on vacation and I didn't actually get it until I was on vacation. I saw this book on plenty of Instagram feeds over the past few weeks and really just wanted to get in on the fun. What I wasn't expecting was this gritty and interesting coming of age sort of story of a girl who escapes to New York City and delves into the surprisingly drama-filled food business. Tess, the narrator, moves to NYC knowing nobody with no money into a Brooklyn apartment with a stranger. She gets whisked away into the restaurant business where she becomes a back-waiter at a very prominent restaurant in Union Square, where a job was more than a job, it was a lifestyle. It was the most "intense" book I read over the trip, in its storytelling. It dealt with topics from food to sex to drugs to love in a different way. Tess went through what felt like hell and back throughout the story as she got more and more involved with the restaurant and all of its employees. Out of all of the books I read over this trip, I might have to say this was my favorite. It took me a chapter or two to get used to the tone of the novel and how the narration worked, but once I found my groove, I never wanted to get out. I was genuinely worried that the road trip would end before I could finish because the thought of putting it down killed me.

What books have you read lately?
I, thankfully, didn't do as much shopping on vacation as I thought I would. This is a bit disappointing for the shopaholic in me, but every other part of me (the responsible, money-saving and pragmatic Fran) was quite proud that I resisted the urges Newbury Street caused. I did pick up a few bits, both before and after the trip. Can't totally break the shopping habits. I have to take it one step at a time.

As for what I picked up before the vacation, I got two of the Glossier Generation G lipsticks, one in the shade Crush and the other in the shade Jam. On the same makeup wavelength, I also finally picked up a new tube of my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in the shade Trooper because my life was sorely lacking my favorite liquid liner. I also got the Urban Decay De-Slick oil control makeup setting spray. I used to use it a lot in high school and thought it would come in handy since it has been so hot and humid and my makeup has not been loving it.

Books were a must-have purchase pre-departure. With two eight hour car rides and down time in the hotel, there was no way I'd be able to make it without the help of some books. I actually picked up five books before I left, but I only brought three of them with me. At my favorite bookstore, The Book Corner, I got Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari, Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen, The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides and The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Díaz. I also picked up Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell at Barnes and Noble as well! I ended up reading both Saint Anything and Fangirl on the drive from Niagara Falls to Cape Cod, which left me with only one book to get me through the drive from Boston back home on Saturday. Yikes.

The first thing that I picked up on vacation was at a bookstore in Martha's Vineyard. I actually had all intentions of picking up this book before I left for vacation, but neither store I went to before we left had it and I wasn't keen on picking up yet another hardcover book. It's partially the price, but it's mostly based on the fact that I just find paperback books more comfortable to read. However, I truly wanted to dive into this book, so I snagged myself a copy and eagerly awaited the day I could read it. It ended up being the second book I read on the drive back home and it was well worth the twenty something bucks I doled out for it. Thank you, Sweetbitter, for not letting me down.

I resisted all urges to go to Primark, but I couldn't say no to Zara or No Rest for Bridget. A co-worker of mine recommended that boutique to me and it truly reminded me of the boutique I work for here. They actually carry a lot of the same brands, which made shopping a lot easier! I was familiar with the quality and fit of a majority of the garments. I ended up getting two pieces from that boutique, one of which I wore on Friday, which you can check out in the first half of this post! It's a black and white   printed dress from the brand En Creme and it had the cutest tulip hem in the front. It was super comfortable and I actually ended up sizing down in it because the arm holes are quite wide and drooped down a bit too low in my normal size. The second piece I picked up was this white and light blue striped draped shirt with bell-sleeves. I actually wore this yesterday and, honestly, I might be a bit too obsessed. I always forget to buy tops and this actually inspired me to start buying more shirts. It's so flattering and cool and easy. Totally breezy, totally easy to style. All around, a very flattering and good purchase.

I popped over to Zara afterwards and couldn't spend that much time there. Not because I didn't want to, but because the store was a disorganized mess and was making me a bit antsy (also, I had to meet my dad and brother for dinner). I did manage to snag a few adorable pieces while I was there, though! The first was a t-shirt I wore to the Red Sox game Friday evening. It was a plain white t-shirt with  sequin versions of a jellyfish, french fries and a lightning bolt embroidered on. I also got a little black bandana with cute little colorful doodles on it. Last but not least, I felt obligated to get this dress. My mother hated it, but I could not help but fall in love with quite possibly the quirkiest piece of clothing I own, next to my two zebra scarves and maybe my linen giraffe blouse. Lo and behold, the most glorious dress to ever exist...

Last but most certainly not least, I sort of got a bit giddy when I saw a Uniqlo at Quincy Market. I have never been, despite passing them frequently in New York and telling myself I should go in. It's like monochromatic and simplified style heaven. Very simple pieces in very simple colors and patterns, but very cute (and cheap!). I only picked up one top, which wasn't even supposed to happen. I told myself I was done after Zara the night before, but alas, I broke my own rule and got this striped top because I genuinely did not own one that I liked anymore. It's simple, but it's comfortable and was under twenty bucks. Score!

The rest of my purchases in Boston cannot be hauled because, well, they were all coffee. All of them. Lots and lots of coffee and lattes. I got a lavender latte when I was in Cambridge and it was life changing. I wished I had a picture of it to show and a whole pitcher of it to bring back...
1. How to Wear a Blazer As a Dress I'm absolutely obsessed with the idea of a long, oversized blazer acting as a risqué dress for women. So chic, so edgy, so sexy. #Goals

2. Fall Wardrobe Staples We are gradually getting closer and closer to fall and I am not-so-gradually getting more and more excited. It's not secret that I hate summer, so the faster we fast forward through it, the happier I get.

3. Places You Don't Need to Bring Your Phone Sometimes I swear that my phone is glued to my hands or inside the pocket of whatever I'm wearing. Yikes!

4. A Trajectory of Your Life, as Told by Your Eyebrows I wasn't allowed to over pluck my brows as a child or teen, so mine has always sort of resembled the unruly pre-teen brows, with a little more control now. Still hilarious though!

5. #SpreadTheSoftness With Splendid I'm all for this idea, without a smidgen of doubt.

6. Madrid Travel Guide I was a wee little seventeen year old on a school trip when I went to Spain and didn't get to experience nearly enough of these, so I suppose it's time to go back, isn't it?

7. Psychedelic I love the bold, mixed prints and insane pops of color of the two top pieces. And paired with just a pair of simple denim shorts? Amazing.

8. The Chatroom: Karlie Kloss Literally, Karlie Kloss is an actual angel and it would take a lot to make me think otherwise.

9. How to Dress Up a Casual Outfit Sometimes I think I struggle with dressing casually, but maybe I'm just always casual and don't even realize it...I digress, I love Carly Cristman's style so, so much.

10. A Single Girl’s Guide To Easy (And Healthy!) Weeknight Dinners Ya'll know I can't cook, but still, a girl can dream.

11. 5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer on a Tight Schedule Tips that I should definitely start implanting into my life before summer is over...#OneMonthMore

What have you been reading lately?
Yesterday was the most chill day since Tuesday when it came to activities. We were gone all day, sure, but we really didn't do a lot. We caught the trolley that took us over the the water again, but instead of exploring the harbor, we headed to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market because we didn't get a chance to go on Thursday. We shopped around, melted in the extreme heat and just killed some time before the Red Sox game that night. 

The last thing I wanted to do in Boston was to find this food truck. I had seen it the day  before on the trolley but it wasn't at a stop so I couldn't just hop off in the middle of a route. The same friend that recommended Mike's Pastry to me said I should try out an ice cream sandwich from this truck, so since she is clearly the most trustworthy when it comes to sweets in Boston (those cannoli were life changing), I knew I had to find it. I thought this truck was supposed to be parked somewhere else yesterday but during a little stroll around the market, I saw it parked near the carousel and wanted to cry. I got The Salty Dog, which if I remember correctly was two salted caramel cookies with turtle ice cream on the inside. So. Good. So melty, but so good.

My first outfit yesterday was a dress from No Rest For Bridget, which I picked up on Thursday evening. I'm wearing the same Quay sunglasses and Kate Spade purse. On my lips is Glossier's Generation G lipstick in Jam and on my feet are a pair of Sanuk sandals.

After we had some lunch at Bertucci's down at the market, we took a trolley back to our hotel and just spent an hour or so chilling in the air conditioning before we went down to Fenway to watch batting practice. In true Francesca fashion, I had a bit of an outfit change. I changed into my new Zara t-shirt, switched my lipstick to Glossier Crush and traded in my dress for a pair of distressed high waisted demin shorts that I made myself. I've always wanted to try Del's (which is probably weird, I know) so I was pretty stoked that they sold it at Fenway (which you can't tell by my face). It was hot and humid and I pretty much just wanted to lay down in front of the misting fans the entire time. The Red Sox lost but hey, at least I got to experience "Sweet Caroline" in a city that actually appreciates the song.

We're heading back home today and god, I am excited. Vacations, I've decided, are just not my thing. Looking forward to going back to Cleveland tomorrow and work on Monday. Peace out, Boston. See you later!
Alas, a full day in the city! My family and I spent the day trying to cover as much of the city as we possibly could. Generally, we avoid touristy sort of activities in cities that we visit, generally because we're staying with family or close friends when we go away who know the city well. However, since Boston is (almost) entirely new to us, we had to resort to embracing the tourist way. Since it's hard for my dad to get around by foot and the city is just too big to try to cover every single area by foot, we ended up opting for one of the "hop on, hop off" tours that took us around Boston and Cambridge in a really spacious and breezy tour bus. So after breakfast at The Thinking Cup on Tremont (I got a chocolate and nutella croissant!), we headed to the Massachusetts State House to pick up our tour bus for the afternoon!

The ride was really comfortable and breezy. Our specific tour had over a dozen stops around the North End, Back Bay and Fenway area of Boston. It also swung around to Cambridge to cover the MIT area and Harvard Yard, which was a fun addition, I think!

We got off at one of the first stops on the tour down near the harbor. My mom and I never got to the water the last time we were in Boston, mainly because it was November and it was freezing. Down by the water isn't exactly the first place I'd want to be when it's already cold enough outside. We basically just walked around a bit by the water before picking back up on the tour bus. It was a really fun and easy way to get to explore! We could get off at any one of the stops that we wanted to and just had to make sure to get back to that same spot to just pick up a new bus.

I wore the same Tahari nude sandals yesterday that I did the day prior. I paired them with a Virginina Witbeck (from Oliver NYC, though I got it at Cleveland Consignment Shoppe) and Coach scarf (also from CCS). I carried my usual Kate Spade crossbody and my Quay mirrored lens sunglasses! On my lips is the Glossier Generation G lipstick in Crush, as well.

My family parted ways when we got to the Fenway Park stop. My dad and brother got off to take a tour of Fenway Park and get lunch at Wahlburgers. My mom and I continued on the bus tour because I had this weird desire to go to Harvard and at least see the campus. I think it was my inner Elle Woods kicking in or something. Maybe the young Rory Gilmore in me...Regardless, we came, we saw, we conquered. I walked around Harvard Yard saying "What, like it's hard?" repeatedly with my lavender latte that I got at Crema Café on Brattle Street. 

My mom and I picked the tour bus back up in Cambridge and made our way back into the city. We ended up stopping at Lewis Wharf so we could make the short walk over to Mike's Pastry on Hannover. We ended up getting quite a few cannolis, one of which we ate right at the little bakery (it was espresso). We then walked from that area of the city back to our hotel, which really only ended up taking about twenty minutes.

We spent a little time resting up in the room, waiting for my dad and brother to get back from Fenway and Wahlburgers. After they got back, my mom and I shopped on Newbury while we worked up an appetite for dinner. We ended up only stopping into No Rest For Bridget and Zara because I really don't need new clothes, but I can't resist a chance to shop cute little boutiques and Zara. I just can't. After that, we just headed back to the hotel to eat dinner as a family and retired back to the room to get some rest.