Favorite Musicians from Youtube

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

YouTube has become this massive  platform for content creators alike. From musicians to filmmakers to cooks and everything in between, it's a social platform for videos and a place where people can flourish and show off their talents (or, occasionally, a lack thereof). Fortunately, these five girls have immense amounts of talent and should be showing it off to the world, through albums, through videos, through every possible media they can.

1. Mree

Mree (Marie Hsiao) is the female version of Bon Iver, though I don't want the comparison to strip her of her talent. She uses loop pedals like a pro, her layering in her music is ethereal, and she does it completely on her own. One girl, one voice, many instruments, and a final product that is absolute gold. Her covers of songs are so unique, her own style inserted into the already popular songs. And then when it comes to her own music, her lyrics are the equivalent of a summer day. They flow, they glide, they are so smooth when combined with her voice.

To listen to: her covers of "Blood" by The Middle East, "Michicant" by Bon Iver; her original songs "Into the Well," "Life Me Up," "Monsters," "You Are," and "Grow (Instrumental). 

2. Laura Zocca

Laura has the voice of an angel, I swear. Her voice is so soothing, so gorgeous. It's like velvet, honestly. She covers so many songs and always immediately after their releases too. But even her covers seem like originals. She just dominates, honestly. And don't even get me started on her original songs because those are honestly the best part about Laura. She's so prolific and poetic and I just adore her to pieces.

To listen to: her cover of "Out of the Woods" by Taylor Swift, shared by Taylor herself. 

3. Sarah Close

Not only did she get the chance to wear a Giambattista Valli dress (my two worlds have collided...), but she's just incredible all around. Her covers are solid (and her taste in music is incredible), her piano skills are enviable, and she even does these Q&A videos where she turns the questions into a song and it's just so perfect. She's so talented!

To listen to: her covers of "Style" by Taylor Swift, "Love Me Like You Do" by Ellie Goulding, "Take Me To Church" by Hozier, and "Not On Drugs" by Tove Lo.

Another girl with another angelic voice. She reminds me a lot of Laura Zocca stylistically, just with a piano instead of a guitar. Don't be fooled by her soft spokenness though, because the girl can sing. I love listening to her when I'm writing late at night because it's just so soothing.

To listen to: her covers of "Only Love" by Ben Howard, "Wildest Dreams" by Taylor Swift, and "Poison and Wine" by The Civil Wars.

Who are your favorite musicians on Youtube?

Fourth of July Attire

Monday, June 29, 2015

I am all for the color combination of red, white and blue so come independence day you best bet that I'm sporting those three colors to the fullest. Fourth of July almost always includes a red lip and if I can wear that Free People American flag scarf without roasting, you best bet that I will.

Good Reads

Sunday, June 28, 2015

1. Kate Spade Resort 2016 It's been a constant drool session over the newest resort collections as of late, so of course I'm going to have to go heart eyes over Kate Spade's addition to the parade.

2. Instagram Death Match: Rosé vs. Avocado Toast L-O-L. Where is the lie though?

3. Instagram Editing There's no such thing as too many Instagram editing tips, right?

4. Our Top 12 Posts About Blogging Always, always, always looking for posts about blogging. They're such a help!

5. Get Her Look: Olivia Palermo OP is my homegirl and her style is just impeccable.

6. Five Summer Outfit Ideas Not for the weak of heart certainly, but I always admire Leandra's ability to sort of rock the "closet exploded on my body" look. Trust me, that is the highest of compliments.

7. My Eight Favorite Pieces of Ikea Furniture If I talk about my apartment one more time, I'm afraid I might get tomatoes thrown at me (and I have a strong hatred for tomatoes and the color red), but seriously, I'm on the hunt for furniture so this post will certainly come in handy.

8. Brooklyn Bridge in a Bow Skirt Can I just hashtag this outfit #ALLOFTHEBOWS? Because it's so cute and I feel like that will appropriately sum up my feelings.

9. The Best Ballet Flat As someone who constantly struggles to find flats for herself, these definitely pique my interest...

What have you been reading lately?

Top Five Fictional Females

Saturday, June 27, 2015

I watch a decent amount of television and the bare necessities when it comes to movies. I don't really have the attention span for them, but my favorite (like all time favorite/I will not shut up about how much I love them) genre are romantic comedies. And in most of these shows and movies, I fall in love with characters for two reasons: looks when it comes to the man candy and personalities when it comes to the leading ladies. I always appreciate a healthy does of humor, cleverness, and just all around fabulousness.

1. Mindy Lahiri

Through all of her conquests of love, political incorrectness, and impeccable style, Mindy Lahiri is the perfect example of the zany, spazzy women that I love to watch. She's driven at times, and other's she has her own little distractions, but overall I am just too amused by Mindy Lahiri to not include her on this list.

2. Leslie Knope

Leslie Knope is perfect. She believes in breakfast, equality, and positivity. I have never wanted to be best friends with a fictional woman in my entire life. She cares about her friends and loved ones and is truly, one hundred percent dedicated to her job and her home. She makes promises and keeps them until they are fulfilled. She's just a gals gal and I love her to pieces and miss seeing her on television (despite never actually watching an episode live....binge-watching on Netflix was a necessity).

3. The Gilmore Girls

I couldn't choose between Emily, Lorelai, or Rory, so I just grouped them all together. It wasn't until my third time watching that I truly realized what a gem Emily is. YES, she is eccentric and dramatic and a bit controlling, but my god that woman is sharp and hysterical. And then Lorelai...she is witty and sarcastic and yes, she stumbled and made mistakes when it came to her life, men, her relationship with her parents and with her daughter. She was independent, a bit stubborn, but she wanted what was the best for each situation at hand. AND RORY, oh my goodness, Rory was my idol growing up (still is, if I'm completely honest). I used to be very shy and timid and Rory gave me comfort in knowing that sometimes it was okay to just read a book and be by myself. And then she grew into her own! And she made mistakes too! Their imperfections make my heart sing, which is probably a weird thing to say but...ya know, that's just me sometimes. The Gilmores will always be there for me!

4. Cher Horowitz

Cher, oh Cher. I talk about my love for Miss Horowitz (Clueless, for anyone who doesn't know) far too often in real life. I don't see her as vapid or self-centered or daft. Yes, she likes to shop and yes she likes herself, and her agenda might seem twisted at times, but I just love her to death.

5. Elle Woods

Probably my all time favorite character of all time in general. Elle Woods was and is just so great all around. Even if going to Harvard initially was for a boy, Elle kicked a$$ while she was there. She didn't step on any feet to get herself to the top, she didn't drag anybody down for her own personal fulfillment. In fact, she took a lot of sh*t for being the person that she was and didn't change herself for anybody. For goodness sake, she rocked a pink ensemble for the final day of the trial! She helped her girls pals along the way and really grew into her own. Honestly, whenever I rewatch Legally Blonde I get so angry at everyone who is so rude to Elle for a majority of the movie. She is so nice to everybody! It drives me nuts the way people treated her, but I appreciate her fully.

Who are your favorite fictional females? 

(images: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5)

The Lifestyle of Man Repelling

Friday, June 26, 2015

Man Repeller is my all time favorite blog. I discovered it my senior year of high school and I think it was really important for me to—number one—become more interested in fashion in general and—number two—realize that it was one hundred percent okay to dress for myself and myself only. You can read all up on what a Man Repeller is here and if you feel so inclined as I did this morning (it's also just entertaining to read the choices, so why not?), you can also take a quiz to find out if you're a Man Repeller or not. I'm a semi-repeller, which I can deal with. I don't really have the funds to full fledge man repel yet, but someday soon I hope.

I have two pairs of floral harem pants (both from J. Crew) that are in my top ten favorite purchases of all time. They're comfortable, they match multiple lipstick colors I already own, and they are probably my best example of man repelling clothing. They're not form fitting, they aren't exactly the most flattering pants in the entirely see (read: they don't show off my nonexistent bum and kind of give you the illusion of a bit of stomach chub if you don't stand up straight), and apparently they aren't exactly loved by men? I don't know, nor do I care, so therefore I wear them every opportunity I get.

This specific pair of pants was purchased last summer when I was shopping with a guy friend (we were shopping for him, but I can't help myself sometimes). I already had a shift dress and a pair of dress pants in the same print (just with a green background rather than navy blue), so I figured I might as well pick up a pair of the harem pants for good measure. I asked him whether or not he thought these pants were the ugliest things he had ever seen and when he said yes, I grinned widely and took them straight to the counter, whipping out my debit card and prancing away happily with my first official pair of man repelling clothing.

Bear with me as I still haven't mastered the art of self-timers (I swear, I'm going to take up my friend's offer to take blog photos for me this summer!!!) and also I still cannot pose for the life of me. Most of these pictures are what other people would consider outtakes, but I am just that much of a spaz that I do these things on a normal basis.

Top: American Apparel
Pants: J. Crew
Sandals: Target
Lipstick: Lingonberry from Bite

And here are a few reasons as to why I am not allowed to take pictures while "Black Magic" by Little Mix is on.....

Did you take the Man Repeller quiz? Where do you rank? 

Things I'm Loving

Thursday, June 25, 2015

1. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Sydney

Never would I ever think that I would include a non-bold lipstick in a list of things I've been loving, then again, who thought I ever would've owned a light pink shade either? I picked up Sydney because I thought it would be a more pastel pink, bordering on lavender shade. When I first put it on, I was a bit disappointed. It was a little too "nude" for my taste. However, after wearing it once or twice, I fell in love. It's the perfect demure shade to wear when my look or outfit is a bit softer. I mean, do I really want to be wearing a siren red with seersucker pants and a white t-shirt? Not particularly! Sydney fulfills all of my lipstick needs when I wanted a simple shade that goes with everything. Gone are the days where I skip a day of lipstick because I think I don't have something that matches!

Like the rest of the soft matte lip creams, it smells great, applies smoothly (and you don't have to be as careful with this one because it's not a bright orange or pink so if you're in a rush, there's less of a concern about feathering). I would definitely make sure to exfoliate well before applying though, as it has the tendency to dry into the fine lines of your lips and it's more noticeable before of its tone.

2. Kat Von D Tattoo Liquid Liner

Goodbye, Stila eyeliner! I had to replace my liquid eyeliner (hallelujah) and picked this one up on a friend's recommendation. Guys. GUYS. This eyeliner is a god send. It has a felt tip that allows for precise lines. Do you know what that means? WINGED EYELINER FOR DAYSSSS. Seriously, this stuff if the real deal. It doesn't budge, it's super opaque, and the precision tip is perfect for getting your inner corners, creating a thin line, and for those pesky wings that I can never seem to get sharp enough.

3. Cajun Shrimp from OPI

I've talked about this nail polish at least a dozen times on this blog before. It's my all time favorite color of nail polish and I pretty much wear it all year, sans a few months in the winter time because of its orangey tinge. It's the perfect spring/summer/fall red. It has a tinge of orange in it, but it's not too intense. And it's a one-coater! Any nail polish that requires one coat and dries ridiculously fast without a topcoat deserves an award in my boat.


4. "Can't Feel My Face" by The Weeknd

Shoutout to my homegirl Abby for introducing me to this song over the weekend (HAH! GET IT?). I'm obsessed. I cannot get this song out of my head. I listen to it on every drive I take, every time I'm getting ready, really just any time I'm doing anything and haven't listened to it within an hour or two. It's so catchy, it's so unlike The Weeknd while still totally being him? Like, I have no idea how to describe it. It's not overly sexual or broody. It's seriously the ultimate getting ready/driving jam and I can't wait to put this on every single one of my playlists for the rest of eternity.

What have you been loving lately? 

Five Things To Improve About Myself

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Like every other human being on the earth (yes, even Harry Styles—don't think I don't remember the double plaid shirts), I am not perfect. I do not have a spotless record, a faultless personality. I do not have a flawless appearance, I am not Einstein. I am Francesca and I make mistakes. Some things about myself I cannot change, but there are a few facets of my personality and character that could be tweaked in order to better myself for myself.

1. Make more plans

I know the importance of alone time for me. I am an introvert, through and through. This doesn't mean I dislike being around people or that I'm "antisocial." I love being around people! I just need a little kick in the butt to get me out there and then once all of the fun is over, I need a half an hour to myself in order to recharge, so to say. However, if I don't have a kick in the butt to get me out AKA somebody asking me if I'm free or would like to do something, I will most likely just stay home because I prioritize alone time and then proceed to complain about how boring I am. The problem could be easily solved if I just texted a friend and asked if they'd like to hang out for a few hours!

2. Ask more questions

I am afraid of raising my hand in class in fear of being stupid. I am afraid of furthering conversations in fear of being too invasive or creepy. I am afraid of asking administrators, advisors, organizers, etc. questions about what I'm supposed to do in fear of seeming misguided or unprepared. I never want to be too much of anything, so I choose not to be or say anything at all. But then I am losing out on all of the answers I need to succeed, all of the information I could use to form a friendship, all of the solutions to my worries and problems. Most of them could be solved with a, "I'm sorry, but I don't understand. Could you explain more?" or "How do you feel about such and such a thing? Cool, me too!" 

3. Be more assertive

This links along with being afraid to ask questions, I think. I never want people to think I'm coming on too strong, so I usually wait back for somebody else to make the first move. Sometimes I think about all of the opportunities and people I'm missing out on by being too timid. I need to reach out and get things for myself instead of waiting for other people to help me along the way, like I constantly need guiding.

4. Be (even) more confident

I've gotten fairly confident with my appearance, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. I think I have a sense of myself, but I'm still at the point where I don't know if I can accomplish much. This three week long creative rut (and still going...yay) has made it difficult to think that I can accomplish anything in my career. I started looking up practice LSAT, for godssake. I don't want to go to law school! I don't think there's anything wrong with a backup, but I don't know why I'm relying so heavily on the idea of having one when I'm only going into my third year. I need to start being proud of my work and the things I can accomplish with the resources I'm lucky enough to have at college.

5. Own it

Own my lipstick choices, own my fashion choices, own my creative decisions. Own the paper I completely aced, own the continuous A's that appear on my transcript, own my work and accomplishments in a manner that shows that I'm proud, not bragging. Own my opinions, own my beliefs, and own myself.

There's Nothing Wrong With Ohio...

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Does anybody else remember that song? I have to listen to it every time I'm driving to and from Cleveland because it makes me so happy. Bowling for Soup are just the best. Don't even get me started with "1985..."

As you know, I went back to Cleveland over the weekend to hangout with my friend, meet our cat, and just get away for the weekend. I had such a lovely time and it felt so nice to be back in Cleveland, even if it was disgustingly humid and I am grossly out of shape.

Friday morning started out with a 6AM wake up call, some last minute packing, and a quick trip to Tim Hortons to get my coffee fix for the day. I hit the road before seven, which was a goal of mine so I could avoid both traffic out of Buffalo and coming into Cleveland. I ended up pulling up in front of the apartment a little bit before 11 because of a nice stop in Erie to get some Krispy Kreme doughnuts to share for the weekend!

 No hangout with Abby is complete without a trip to Target (we made a total of three in the matter of two days, no big deal...). And no trip to Target is complete without pretending that floral and citrus wreath arrangements are flower crowns and that you are actually at Coachella and not in the midwest.

After a morning of wandering around Targets (yes, plural) and downtown Cleveland, we managed to work up quite and appetite so Abby took me to a restaurant right across from Quickens called Barrio. It's an affordable Mexican restaurant with amazing chips and salsa, some killer six dollar queso (do you see how massive that bowl is? Well worth it!), and the most incredible tacos. Basically, you customize your own tacos and they're only three dollars each!!! I got chicken tacos with lettuce and corn salsa and it was amazing.  I mean, as you can tell from the sheet in the first picture, there is a lot more toppings you can stuff into your tacos. I just happen to be very picky!

After a pretty hefty late lunch, we decided to hit the streets again and walk down to our favorite spot on the pier to work off the tacos and just enjoy the decent weather! It wasn't too hot, there wasn't any killer sun burning our skin, and even the breeze was pretty mild!

We had a few hours between getting back from the pier and going out to watch the sunset, so we just hung around and watched Netflix in the interim. Which also led to lots and lots of cuddles with Bailey! Isn't she the absolute cutest? She's probably the sweetest cat I've ever met (owned??) and I'm in love with her. I cannot wait to move in and play with her every single day!!!!

Abby is an adventurous soul and managed to find the most incredible spot to watch the sunset. You get the entire skyline from a distance. I can't even describe how gorgeous it was up here. I had to face my fear of heights and definitely was a total wimp the entire time, but it was so worth it.

The golden hues stayed around the cityscape while the cotton candy colored skies hung around behind us. So of course, I had to snap some pictures of the pastel pinks and lavenders!

What can I say? I'll face my fears of heights for aesthetic purposes.

Saturday turned out to just be another chill day! We ate doughnuts for breakfast, went to Starbucks and then went to Target again to get food to make for dinner! It really was just an all around chill day filled with lots of laughs, lots of dancing in the car, and some more Netflix time! 

I'm definitely going to enjoy my last month and half I have left at home, but I'm so ready to move in! August is going to be crazy and wonderful!

This seemed to be the only explanation behind this photo...

Bohemian (Rhapsody)

Monday, June 22, 2015

Maybe it comes along with the festival vibe, or maybe it's the trend that never dies, but the bohemian style that has been appearing on your Instagram feeds, on the pages of magazines, and on the racks in the stores is alive with the sound of music yet again. It is forever epitomized into stores like Free People and Urban Outfitters (same company, though) and worn by the likes of Vanessa Hudgens and a majority of young Youtubers/content creators.

Another summer, another season of the expansion of the bohemian trend. You can find trendy pieces at so many stores now and all different price points! When I think boho, I think white, fringe, Coachella, fun, trippy prints, crochet, and long statement necklaces.

We'll start off with the cheapest: Target. I was perusing the women's clothing section with my friend on Friday and was shocked to see all of the boho pieces! They're really stepping their clothing game up and nothing pleases me more!

Next up is PacSun, home of the Californian uniforms and one too many Kendall and Kylie collections. You can always find cheeky cutoffs and loose silhouettes on the shelves at PacSun, two essentials in the festival/bohemian style.

And last but not least, eShakti recently added some bohemian style clothing to their website! If you don't remember the brand from my tulle skirt post, I'll give a quick background again! It's a customizable clothing website where you can add your exact measurements, make adjustments to the garments (I added pockets to my tulle skirt and shortened it!) The best part is that they include sizing from 0 to 36W! How incredible is that?

I love the look of cotton jogger pants and the idea of palazzo pants make me so excited. They're so easy and flowy and feel like you're wearing pajamas with the same chicness of normal trousers. And you can't forget the white dresses!! 

Pssssst, today might be your lucky day because I have a special code for you in order to get $35 off of your purchase! From now until June 30th, if you enter the following code at checkout, you'll receive $35 off of your purchase at eShakti!


Happy shopping!

Make A Statement In Bold Pants Or Shorts!
*This post has been sponsored by eShakti. However, all opinions are my own! Thank you!*

Good Reads

Sunday, June 21, 2015

1. The Stripes Are Rebelling God bless Resort 2016.

2. Music Monday: Cover Edition, Part Two There are few things in this world that I like more than cover songs. The Catfish and the Bottlemen covers are some of my favorites.

3. 24 Hours in NYC Carly has one of the most crazy and fabulous lives (from what you can tell through blogs and vlogs, anyways). Look at these photos from her shoot with Sunglasses Hut! She did a great job styling and directing!

4. Unsaid Things In which Kelsey absolutely nails it once again. I never know when to speak up (I think I can only recall one time when I have and it was through a text message).

5. Confirmed: The Best Style is Coming Out of Berlin I am OBSESSED with street style!

6. Quick DIY: Lace Up Pointed Flats One day I'll actually do a DIY...

7. Pink Flamingos After missing out on that Alice + Olivia flamingo skirt (less because of being late, more because I am a broke girl), I think I might have to jump on this one...

8. How To Tap Into Your Creative Self I've been lacking in the creativity department as of late, so this post could not have come at a better time.

9. Punchy Pineapples Tossing this in here for you, Katie. On a serious note, pineapples are adorable and I'm loving that it's still hanging around this season!

What have you been reading lately?

Cognac Leather

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Cognac leather is my preferred shade. I find that it's universally flattering and just matches so many different color schemes. Whether it's in shoes, handbags, or even the much coveted leather jacket (it is on my to buy list), cognac leather items are a staple in my wardrobe, especially during the summer. 

Off To Ohio

Friday, June 19, 2015

Hello! I'm going away for the weekend back to Cleveland to hang out with some friends! I have a couple of posts queued to go up because I'm leaving my laptop at home for maximum friend time!! I'll be back Monday with recounts of this weekend's shenanigans, I'm sure. Hope you have a good one!

Things I'm Loving

Thursday, June 18, 2015

1. Rules of Seduction by Jenna Mullins

I did a whole post about this book two days ago, but this is the latest book that I've read and finished this summer! It's a nice light YA read featuring lists, a good amount of quirks and humor, enough drama to keep your hand clapped over your mouth, and characters that will melt your heart. I'd give it a shot if you're looking for a book perfect to read during the summer months!

2. The Fool by Ryn Weaver

I'm not sure how long I was waiting for this album and I didn't even know the actual release date, just that it was sometime during early summer. I was on iTunes at midnight on Tuesday and saw that this was in the recently released section and hopped on that purchase button! Ryn's music is the perfect combination of pop with a little bit of an edge. Her voice has a great vibrato, it's strong, and it's just straight up cool. I can definitely seeing myself driving to this album with the windows down and just letting loose.

Favorite tracks: "The Fool," "Sail On," "OctaHate" (duh!), "New Constellations," and "Traveling Song."

3. Bite High Pigment Pencil in Velvet

I have a Bite lipstick duo that I purchased back in May, so since then I've been itching to try more Bite beauty products. I was scouring over the display at Sephora the other week when I was looking for a new liquid eyeliner and was oddly drawn to the shade Velvet. It's a subdued pink, no incredibly bright but still not a nude, and I fell in love. It's creamy, slightly glossy, and just a gorgeous and flattering color. My favorite part is that it's a twistable lip pencil which means NO SHARPENING!!!!

Some sassy over the shoulder action...
4. Palm Print Romper

I picked this up on my friend's request/suggestion. She sent me a photo of this romper while she was shopping because she knew that I had wanted something with a palm print on it. And on sale at $20, how could I say no?

It has criss-cross straps in the back with a little bit of elastic as well! There's a nice drawstring waist and has a modest V neckline that's a bit cheeky, but not too dramatic.

What have you been loving lately?

Taylor Swift's Girl Gang

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Taylor Swift's album 1989 and the "era" surrounding it might be the most important moment in my life. Sounds dramatic (because it is, I always am), but I firmly believe that it's true. This includes the months leading up the album release, the album itself (October 27, 2014 is one for the history books), and everything that has come since. I talked about this in my Things I've Learned From 1989 post, but Taylor has transformed into this incredibly loving and no holds bar kind of girl. I mean, it's no secret that she has no f*cks left to give and can dish it out, but 1989 was more about the moments after self-discovery when you really find your true self. I mean, she's only 25! She spent her teens and early twenties in the spotlight trying to figure things out. Like, I barely have a handle on my life and self at nineteen and I don't have people scrutinizing my every movement.

This 1989 era for Taylor Swift meant a new style, both fashion and music wise, a new outlook on life and love, and the blossoming of many new friendships. Taylor and Selena [Gomez] have been going strong for a while in their friendship as well as Taylor Swift and her best friend Abigail (yes, the one who gave everything she had to a boy who changed his mind)(my mom makes that joke every time I mention something about Taylor and Abigail).

Taylor's first appearance on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2013 was the start to what could possibly be the most beautiful friendship(s) ever. Here, she met Karlie Kloss (AKA #LIFEGOALS), Lily Aldridge, and the other insanely gorgeous VS Angels who welcomed her with open arms (well, almost everyone...). A day that will live infamy indeed, the beginning to a beautiful friendship between Karlie and Taylor.

Because who wouldn't want to roam around in glamorous bejeweled Oscar de la Renta pieces with ostrich feathers?
In the past, Taylor might not have seemed very inviting to some girls (mostly the ones she seemed threatened by when she was in relationships). Which, if you've ever been an 18 year old girl, IS NORMAL. Of course, it's not "acceptable" when you're put on a pedestal and are supposed to be poised and submissive. But Taylor has always been the kind and caring person that she still is to this day, which is why is excites me to no end that she's begun spreading around her kindness in excess. And she has a team of gal pals to help her along.

The list of Taylor's friends is endless and there seems to be a new girl added to the list every time I take a look. In the arsenal of fantastic women, there's Karlie Kloss, Selena Gomez, Tavi Gevinson, Lorde (though Taylor calls her by her real name, Ella), Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Camila Cabello, Hailee Steinfeld, Jaime King, Hayley Williams, Alana, Danielle, and Este Haim, Cara Delevigne, Ellie Goulding, Zendaya, and seriously, guys, this list is endless. Just watch the "Bad Blood" music video and you'll get a better look at some of her closest pals.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with being friends with guys. Really. And I completely understand that you will not get along with everybody...but I personally believe that having a solid group of female friends is very important. It doesn't even have to be a group (though my list of life goals includes forming a kick-a$$ group of female friends)! A support system, though seemingly unnecessary to some, is a great addition to have in your life. It's a fountain of encouragement, advice, and just a ton of fun if you do it right. The wonderful thing about Taylor's group is that it isn't this secret or exclusive club. And as fun as it is calling it Taylor's Girl Gang, is honestly is just girls treating each other with kindness. It's more of a lifestyle, less of a "club." A lot can be learned from these girls!

Support each other! Help another girl out! I'm not saying that you have to like everybody (especially if they've been nasty to you), but try to spread kindness as much as you can. Tell people you like their outfits or lipstick or something that they've said. Reach out, smile, be friendly. Offer a shoulder or lend an ear. Be nice to nice!

(images: one, two, and three)
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