February Reflection

Saturday, February 28, 2015

In the month of February, I started using a new app called Color Calendar. Basically, it is a calendar that gives you the option to color code your days based on how your mood was, as well as attributing little notes explaining why (if you choose to add these). You can choose to view it as a colored in calendar or as a pie chart that breaks down the percentages of awesome, good, neutral, bad, and horrible. 

Based on my calendar for the month, it has generally been a pretty solid one! It was my first full month of school and I'm still disliking a majority of my classes. I didn't expect for this to change, but part of me was genuinely hoping that I would at least start to tolerate some of the classes. Oh well! I'll be making my Fall 2015 schedule sometime near the end of March, so let's just hope that I am blessed with a better schedule. I only have one more gen-ed to take my junior year, which means I am going to be totally immersed in my major and minor courses...AHHH!!!

The biggest thing that happened this month is also the thing I don't want to talk too much about just so I don't jinx it...but your homegirl got herself a job! When I feel more comfortable talking about it, I'm sure I'll have more to say about it at a different time, but let's just say that I can cross something else off of my 2015 To Do List. ;) I also applied for an apartment, so let's see how that goes. My friend and I have been nonstop pinning and plotting for the apartment...a lot of it has to do with throw pillows, prints, and pugs.

Even though February is only a few days shorter than the rest of the months, I feel like it flew by so fast and that not a whole lot happened. I've been incredibly busy with school and now work, so I'm definitely looking forward to my spring break coming up starting next week. It's kind of early for spring break, but I'll take a week off of school whenever, honestly.

How was your February? Anything monumental happen?

Clueless Cook: Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla

Friday, February 27, 2015

Judging by the existence of this post, I finally learned how to cook something else without it turning into a complete and utter disaster. This following "recipe" is both home and dorm friendly (if you have a stovetop to work with!)

I made this on a whim when I was home a couple of weekends ago because we had some chicken left over from my dinner the night before and if I ate another grilled chicken salad that week, I might have exploded. I get these buffalo chicken quesadillas when I'm at school every so often, so I figured they might not be too difficult to make by myself. For once, I was right!


+ Pre-cooked chicken (you can grill it yourself, use leftovers, or buy pre-grilled chicken at a grocery store)
+ Shredded cheese of your choice (I used a mix of mild cheddar and mozzarella)
+ Hot sauce
+ Ranch dressing
+ Tortilla shells
+ Skillet


1. This could be optional, but if you like finally chopped chicken in your quesadillas, chop up your chicken into smaller pieces. If you wanted to use smaller chunks or even shredded chicken, you are free to do that as well.

2. In a bowl, stir up the cheese, chicken, a small dollop of ranch dressing, and as much hot sauce as you'd like. The ranch dressing is just going to cut the hot sauce and make the mixture more creamy when it melts .

3. Warm up your skillet and place your tortilla shell down. Spoon in your desired amount of cheese/chicken combo and fold over the side of the tortilla. You can also just place another tortilla on top to make a circular quesadilla. Flip until both sides are a golden brown.

4. Add your sides, if you want some. My brother likes sour cream with his, my mom likes sour cream and salsa with her. I just prefer mine plain, shocker!

Things I'm Loving

Thursday, February 26, 2015

1. Mikky Ekko

Not entirely sure how I've let the rest of his music slip under my radar, but I've been loving Mikky Ekko as of late. He's obviously incredible on the song "Stay" with my love Rihanna and his song "Place For Us" was on the Catching Fire soundtrack, so that has obviously been such a jam for me. One of his songs came up on my Hozier radio and I saved it immediately and went to listen to his entire discography available on Spotify.

My favorites of his are "Pull Me Down," "Kids," and "We Must Be Killers."

2. Benefit's Boi-ing Concealer

I go through phases where I want to spend the extra few seconds in the morning applying under eye concealer. A lot of the time, I just ignore this step and just hope that foundation will cover my dark circles, but recently it just hasn't been cutting it. I have two shades of this concealer, so I've been using the lighter on (shade 01) and applying it with my ring finger gently underneath my eyes to conceal and dark circles (or, luggage, if we're going to reference last night's Black-ish).

3. Urban Decay's Primer Potion in Sin 

I got a four sample pack of primer potions from Urban Decay a while ago and I just recently decided to take them out of their packaging and depot them into empty contact cases for easy access. Urban Decay's Sin eyeshadow might be my favorite eyeshadow of all time, so having the Primer Potion option is a great addition to my makeup routines. I wore it by itself on Tuesday and it might be my new lazy day eye product. It's not thick like some cream eyeshadows, it lasts all day, and it gives the nicest sheen to your eyes to make you appear more awake. What more could you ask for?

4. Fleece-lined Leggings

I have my trusty pair of Under Armour leggings to get me through the winter, but sometimes they just don't keep me warm at all if it's particularly bitter outside (which lately, that's all it has been). Back in January, I got these fleeced lined leggings from The Wandering Wardrobe and let me tell you...they are life-changing. The insides are the softest fleece that will ever grace your legs (pro-tip: wear these after you shave and melt into a puddle of happiness) and they come in a bunch of different colors! I have the black ones and you can see me wearing them multiple times in one week. No shame!

5. Double Pump Vanilla Soy Latte

Dear Abby, if you're reading this...I hate you for getting me hooked on this drink. I was complaining about not really liking the vanilla lattes (that's right...plural, I had two in one day) I had on Saturday from Starbucks. My friend ordered this when we went the next day and I was so intrigued by her order that I just got it as well. And let me tell you...it was life changing. I don't know the specific details about this sorcery of a drink, just the face that it ranks above Ryan Gosling shirtless in the hierarchy of important things in my life at the moment.

6. Amara Organics Vitamin C Serum

On my 2015 To Do List, one of the things to check off my list was to invest in nicer and more skincare. My skin is probably the most problematic part of me (obsession with male musicians and Rihanna aside), so I figured I might as well treat it like a goddess to see if it will eventually love me back. I recently received this Vitamin C Serum from Amara Organics, a product that is supposed to brighten and smooth your skin and offer some anti-aging remedies as well. I'm only 19, so I'm not entirely concerned with the anti-aging effects of this quite yet, but I am intrigued by the brightening effects. Vitamin C is also supposed to help with acne scarring, which I have quite a bit from.

For this serum, I believe I would have to be using it a little bit longer than a couple of weeks, but upon the first few uses I noticed that my skin felt smoother! We'll see what other effects come with this product as time goes on.

What have you been loving lately?

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London Fashion Week

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A lot of collections were fit into the four day span of London Fashion Week. Here are some of my favorite looks!

Look 16 from Christopher Kane

Look 12 from Burberry Prorsum
Look 14 from Pringle of Scotland

Look 7 from Mulberry
Look 38 from Temperley London
Look 10 from Marchesa Notte
Look 5 from House of Holland
Look 15 from Holly Fulton
Look 2 from Tom Ford
Look 1 from Erin Fetherston

Midterm Survival Guide

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Midterms are the wicked stepmother to finals. They're sprung upon you in the middle of the semester, generally sporadically without permanent dates like the ones given during finals week. There may or may not be proper review sessions for them and there is a good chance that you might not be feeling very motivated around week eight or nine of your semester.

Here are some of my older posts about studying tips or how to handle finals week:
+ Finals Week: Crunch Time
+ Studying Tips
+ How to Study in College

I had my first "midterm" last week, which was a little earlier than most, but that's just how my Latin American Society and Culture class is set up. However, I have a midterm for my Broadcast and Interactive Media class in the coming weeks, so I'll be using these studying bits that I used for my Spanish exam to study for that.

1. Digital and physical review sheets

For my Spanish class, we were given a long list of terms, places, people, and events that we needed to know for the exam. I went through and typed them all into a word document. Slowly but surely, I went through all of the supplementary reading and Powerpoints and filled out the study guide in my word document so I could always have a copy on me.

1b. Flashcards

There's no doubt in my mind that I would have failed this exam had I not decided, on a whim, to make flashcards for this exam. I used my digital worksheet to create the cards. I wrote the general term on the front and everything else on the back...as you normally would for a flashcard...

I digress, the first few times, I would go through and read the definition side first and try to guess the term on the back. Once I got comfortable with  all of the definitions, I would switch and read the term side first, trying to spout off as much as I could at the top of my head. Switching back and forth between reading definitions or giving definitions is a really great way to make sure that you're actually learning and retaining the material, rather than memorizing key words to trigger the term (which hurts you when you have to give the definition on a test rather than match it to the correct term).

2. Timelines

This serves more towards history classes, I'm sure, but writing out timelines with details of births, deaths, important periods of time, and events keeps your terms organized chronologically. It also gives you another excuse to rewrite what's going to be on the exam. One of the biggest memorization and learning techniques is to rewrite, rewrite, and rewrite some more. 

3. Out of the room and away from the computer

Once I have my physical copy of the study guide printed out and the flashcards made, I try to get as far away from the comfort of my room as I can. I'll leave my laptop, try to leave my cell phone, and just disconnect from everything so I can focus solely on my work. Even moving from my bedroom out to the living room is beneficial to my studying process. The change in scenery and lack of distractions really let's me focus in on trying to broaden my knowledge and commit everything I need to know to memory.

Along with studying techniques, there are definitely a few items that I must have with me while I'm studying for massive exams like midterms (or any exam, really).

Do you have midterms? What's your number one preparation must have?

Best Dressed: Oscars 2015

Monday, February 23, 2015

I admittedly don't think I have seen any of the movies that were nominated at last night's Oscars, which is typical. I'm not a huge movie buff nor do I watch that makes films to begin with. I like my staple rom-coms with the occasional documentary (and by documentary I just mean One Direction's This Is Us) sprinkled in and that's pretty much it. However, the Oscars is home to the best red carpet fashion for award shows, in my opinion, which is why I flock to Twitter and soak in the wondrous Oscars fashions! Here are some of my favorite looks from last night, in no particular order (because how could I choose?)

1. Lupita Nyong'o in custom Calvin Klein

2. Emma Stone in Elie Saab

3. Jennifer Lopez in Elie Saab

4. Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji

5. Kiera Knightley in Valentino (Spring 2015 Couture)

6. Jamie Chung in Yanina Couture

7. Anna Kendrick in custom Thakoon

8. Zendaya Coleman in Vivienne Westwood

9. Margot Robbie in Saint Laurent

10. Jennifer Anniston in Atelier Versace

11. Chloe Grace Moretz in Miu Miu

12. Julianne Moore in custom Chanel Haute Couture

Who do you think was best dressed last night? 

Also, the ever so lovely Reese Witherspoon said something last night that I'll just leave here:

"We are more than our dresses."

Good Reads

Sunday, February 22, 2015

1. New Indie Fashion Designers — Spring 2015 Collections New designers are always fun to come by. Figured since we're in the middle of the fashion week circuit, some "indie" designers would be a nice addition to the hype!

2. Inside the Monogrammed, Monetized World of New York City's Preppy Bloggers Couldn't be happier to see three of my favorite bloggers mentioned in one place!

3. What's In Monique Lhuillier's Fashion Week Bag I'm always interested to see what other people carry in their handbags (I blame YouTube), but Fashion Week "editions" make me giddy.

4. Lessons In Packing Light This is a skill I will never master, but will forever attempt.

5. Live the Life You've Imagined Desperately trying to do this with my own life. Taking it one day at a time...

6. Jillian Harris Style Crush I may need those floral pants from the first photo...

7. Ten Takeaways from J.Crew's Fall '15 Today They had me at "turtleneck."

8. Fashion Week Outfits Belting a boxy fur vest with a ribbon was genius. 

9. Blue and White Decor Everything home related is becoming apartment inspiration and I'm not quite sure I can avoid purchasing a ginger jar at this point in my life.

10. Best-selling Author Reimburses U of M Student for Quote I will admit, I just went through my John Green tag on Tumblr and saw that I have this quote attributed to him. Awkward! Melody is clearly one talented writer though! And good for John Green for creating an entire video about it.

What have you been reading lately?

Top Five Moments from NYFW 2015

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Since we're a little far away from fall fashion (and there's still three more main cities in the fashion week circuit to predict trends), I figured that a big event like NYFW would have brought out enough entertainment, excitement, and material to count down the top five things about it.


Y'all knew this one was coming. I said I wasn't going to talk about any potential trends, but the turtleneck trend is undeniably. So many collections utilized turtle and cowl necks. Altuzarra even had ruffled lace collared turtlenecks. That's some high class turtleneck action. What more could you ever want from the fall season?!

2. Kesha's appearances

Kesha is my homegirl, and she should be your homegirl as well. It was a hectic year for Kesha in 2014, with her admittance and release from rehab for an eating disorder and accusations against her former producer Dr. Luke for...well...we won't get into this, but he is a lot of words that I cannot say on this blog (I don't tolerate those who belittle others and trigger illnesses, like EDs, in other people).

All of that aside, Kesha straight up nailed it at every NYFW appearance she made. Can we please talk about the huge circular sunglasses she wore to Adam Selman? Because I have a feeling I will never get over them. They are the Harry Styles of sunglasses...

3. Models smiling at Desigual

Don't get me wrong, I love the "serious" atmosphere associated with high fashion and runway collections. I like that it showcases the clothes, the artwork created by incredible designers a few times a year. The reason I enjoy the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show so much is because the models look like they're having a great time. Some of the models who are in the VSFW do high fashion shows, and it's great to see their smiles and to see them having a little bit of fun. Desigual's show incorporated color, quirky prints, and the big bright smiles (and hair!) of the models walking in the show. Even Behati Prinsloo bared her gorgeous smile as the shows opener!

4. Jamie Brewer's NYFW debut

A star in the American Horror Story series, Jamie Brewer was the first model with down syndrome to walk down the runway. Can I just say, she completely owns this black pleated shirtdress and quite frankly, I'm a a bit jealous. She walks with such sass and pride. And look at how happy she looks! What an amazing moment this Fashion Week!

5. Anna Wintour's unamusement with North West

It's not secret that I'm actually terrified of Anna Wintour. She's intimidating, powerful, and c'mon, that bob means business. Vogue editor-in-chief did not find North West charming, nor Kimye toting around their child like an accessory a wise choice in the hustle and bustle of fashion week. I make the same face whenever I see a pair of cargo shorts on campus, especially on men during the winter.

NYFW, Day Eight

Friday, February 20, 2015

The final day of NYFW consisted of (arguably) some of fashion's biggest names. With shows from Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein Collection and Proenza Schouler, fashion week certainly ended with a bang!

Here were my favorite looks from the final day of NYFW.

Looks 10, 16, and 53 from Marc Jacobs

Looks 5, 8, and 12 from Calvin Klein Collection

Top row: Looks 4, 7, 8 and 10 from J. Mendel
Bottom row: Looks 31,36, 41, and 46 from J. Mendel

Top row: Looks 9, 12, and 26 from Ralph Lauren
Bottom row: Looks 34, 36, and 43 from Ralph Lauren

Looks 4, 5, 9, and 17 from Elizabeth and James
That's a wrap, folks! Check in tomorrow for my overall thoughts on NYFW!

Another Conversation About Makeup...

Apparently it is not just guys who are commenting on the makeup habits and routines of girls, but other GIRLS are joining in as well. In the past, I have done posts about why I can't go out in public without makeup on and why I continue to wear makeup. In both posts, I talk about how I wear makeup because I think it's fun to put on and it makes me feel comfortable. I also talk about how it is completely okay if you choose not to wear makeup at all. In the grand scheme of things, WHO CARES?

Demi Lovato is a great advocate for addictions and body images issues. I cannot deny her of that. She's done a great job to promote feeling comfortable in your own skin, that you don't need to rely on dangerous substances to have a good time, and that self-love is important.

This is why her recent tweets upset me.

I'm not even going to point out the insane amount of irony in these tweets because I'm not going to tear Demi Lovato down to make a point. I see the point she was trying to make, especially with her new skincare line coming out. I get that she wants to make women feel like they should be allowed to feel confident and beautiful without makeup on. But the reality of the situation is is that some women feel their best with a full face of makeup, just like some feel great with just mascara and concealer, and others feel awesome not wearing any makeup at all.

What is the common theme through all of that? COMFORT. Feeling secure. Having the confidence to go throughout your day with a  smile on your face.

When I see these tweets and quotes from men (and apparently women now) about girls needing to go for a more natural look, it doesn't make me feel comforted. I don't think "wow, that's a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders," because the natural look to them isn't what an actual natural look is. If you are a normal makeup wearer and you don't wear makeup one day, people ask you if you're sick. They say you look tired, run-down. So clearly that's not the natural look they're preaching about. They want the other natural look, the one that requires the same amount of time and products to achieve as a more colorful makeup look does.

When I see things hating on girls who wear makeup, the stereotype that girls who enjoy makeup are vapid and vain...I feel like sh*t. They're trying to attribute a negative connotation with makeup and instead of making girls feel comfortable, it puts yet another pressure on us.

Just because I enjoy wearing lipstick does not make me vapid or any less intelligent than the next girl who choose not to. Putting makeup on is not a mask, it is not an attempt to paint my face in order to feel beautiful. I know I'm beautiful, with or without foundation and mascara. Makeup doesn't make me feel beautiful, it makes me feel comfortable. I feel better when I wear makeup.

Does that mean that everybody has to feel better wearing makeup? NO, of course not. People should feel comfortable with themselves in whatever ways they need to, whether that's wearing a full face of makeup or just lipgloss or nothing at all. Honestly, WHO CARES?

Ladies, can we PLEASE stop hating on each other and throwing shade? Because we have the entire male species to belittle us for the rest of eternity. Don't make it harder for each other.

NYFW, Day Seven

Thursday, February 19, 2015

That's right, the second to last day of Fashion Week was yesterday. I'm actually in denial that today is the last of NYFW...not even the start of LFW will cheer me up...okay, that's a lie. I can't wait until tomorrow!

A post on day eight will be up tomorrow and Saturday will be the big NYFW roundup, where I estimate that I will mention the word "turtleneck" at least a dozen times. Keep track!

Here are my favorite looks from day seven of NYFW.

Looks 3, 9, and 23 from Marchesa

Top row: Looks 4, 18, and 23 from Delpozo
Bottom row: Looks 24, 35, and 37 from Delpozo

Top row: Looks 3, 14, and 15 from Rachel Zoe
Bottom row: Looks 16, 17, and 20 from Rachel Zoe
Looks 18 and 21 from Elie Tahari

Looks 2, 5, 16, and 20 from Thakoon Addition

Top row: Looks 3, 7, and 11 from Michael Kors
Bottom row: Looks 21, 22, and 39 from Michael Kors

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