Ghosts of Halloween Past

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween everybody! It's everybody's favorite day of the year to eat loads of candy and pretend to be somebody other than themselves. It's a day of spooktacular fun (yes, I did just say that, what of it?) and all of those wonderful supernatural things. I've never been a massive Halloween fan, as fall contains my favorite holiday (Thanksgiving) and my birthday, so by Halloween I just want the end of November to come. Also, I'm horrible with costumes, there is only so much chocolate candy I can consume, and I'm absolutely terrified by scary movies, which means they're doing their job I suppose.

When I was younger, my mom was much better at getting me into costumes than I was during my adolescence. Here are some of my favorite costumes from when I was a little kid. Okay, I lied. These are the only six photographs my mom could find, as she was very technologically inept and didn't take many photos during my childhood. It's all right, mom. I forgive you. I wasn't that cute anyways.

Yes, my parents dressed toddler me up as a devil. I'm sure my religious grandparents found that absolutely precious.

If we're being honest here, I was a pretty hot french fry, no?

Bangs aside, this was a pretty adorable costume. If I had the time or money to spend on a costume like this, I would maybe start dressing up again.

I was absolutely enamored with Disney princesses, so it really comes as no surprise that I was Cinderella one year.

Being a witch was one of my favorite costumes, mostly because I got to wear all black. It's like I knew what my wardrobe was going to solely consist of just 11 years later.

By the time I got to high school, past my costume phase, and finally allowed to dress up for school again, I wore all black all four years. I was a ninja/burglar/spy/whatever people said I was freshmen-junior year and senior year I claimed that I was Lindsay Lohan's lungs. Ouch.

Clearly this was before I knew how to style my hair or put on makeup.

Last year I was some sort of cat (very creative, I know) and I wore my costume for hour before giving my ears and tail to a girl who didn't have a costume at all and wanted to go out and party. I retreated back to my room, made some popcorn, and watched Blue Valentine by myself. It was lovely.

And this year I'm being nothing but a college student dedicated to her increasing amount of homework.

Hope you all have a fun and safe holiday!

What are you being this year?

Things I'm Loving

Thursday, October 30, 2014

1. Hannah Maggs

I've found another vlogger family to obsess over. Hannah Maggs (now Michalak) is a makeup artist, blogger, and now makes weekly vlogs with her husband and their absolutely adorable little son Grayson. This family has given me some hardcore baby fever. Gracie might possibly be the cutest little child ever. His cute little cheeks and beautiful blue eyes and UGH, their whole family is just great. They're such chill parents and I LOVE THEIR ACCENTS, OKAY. THERE, I SAID IT.

2. Reading on the treadmill/iBooks

I've been pretty good about working out every day and after I go on the elliptical, I like to walk as a cool off. I usually will just put on a good album and text a few people, but I've been sampling some iBooks on my phone and it makes the time go by so fast. I might have to start finding some free books to read or some online stories! It's a great way to pass time and multitask.

3. Bloglovin' app

Now that I've got my new iPhone 6 with working wifi, I can start using the apps that I used to love pre-4s defect. During my gaps between classes, while I'm eating breakfast, or when I'm waiting to meet up with friends for lunch (which is something I've been doing recently too...weird, right?) I open up the app and delve into the blogosphere. It's the best place where I can catch up on my favorite blogs when I'm not sitting down right at my computer.

4. Pumpkin cheesecake cookie dough

I've gotten down to the last bite of this dough and I've enjoyed every second of it. I love having a nice piece of this dough when I need something sweet and something that makes it feel even more like fall.

.....And last, but certainly not least, 

5. 1989

Yesterday I talked about the 6 and a half things that I learned from this album, and that's only the tip o of the iceberg. I've been anticipating the release of this album since she announced it (along with dropping my favorite dance tune "Shake It Off"). Taylor Swift is back in the game (did she ever leave?) (I think Taylor Swift IS the game). My favorite tracks, aside from "Shake It Off" and "Out of the Woods" are "Style", "Clean", "Wildest Dream" and "I Wish You Would". Also, JUST EVERYTHING ON THIS ALBUM. It's crazy how great this is. Aside from a One Direction filled shuffle in the shower two nights ago, I have only listened to 1989 since 11:30 on Sunday night. It's been sort of an issue and my roommates all hate me, but it's worth it.

What have you been loving lately?

Things I've Learned From 1989

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

No, not the year. I wasn't even a thought in the year 1989. Bet you didn't think I could last any longer without mentioning Taylor Swift's newest endeavor in the music world, her whimsical take on 80's music in her brand spankin' new album 1989. Each Taylor Swift album teaches me something different, and 1989 was no different. Here's what I learned from this masterpiece.

1. Harry Styles Is A Sh*t Driver

See: "Style", "Out of the Woods", "All You Had To Do Was Stay", and "Wonderland". Honestly, if you've seen this boy walk or dance, his driving skills (or apparent lack thereof) wouldn't seem that surprising.

1b. Harry Styles Might Be Very Good In Bed

This probably could have been confirmed just by looking at the hunk, but Taylor might have snuck some lyrics in that if you over analyze make him seem like a very generous lover (sorry mom).

2. Taylor Swift would be the ultimate BFF. 

With songs like "Shake It Off" and "Welcome To New York", you just KNOW that homegirl is down for a good dance party after baking cookies, painting your nails, and having one long rant session about a terrible professor or kisser or that mean man who made fun of your cats.

3. Taylor Swift Has No F**ks Left To Give

Taylor has lost all chill with this album, airing out her dirty laundry in a refreshing way. It's much less vengeful, yet still completely and totally honest. Her words pack a punch without making you cringe at their cattiness (full disclosure: I love Taylor Swift unconditionally, these words are out of love).

4. Taylor Swift Can Tell a Story In A Four Minute Pop Song As Well As Six Minute Piano Ballads

Case in point, "Out of the Woods" and "Clean" and pretty much every single song on this album. Taylor is a true songstress, spinning her emotions into whatever morph she pleases. Each lyric is perfectly placed and still pack a punch, no matter the music backing them or the length in which they are portrayed.

5. Taylor Swift Has Morphed Into the Ultimate Woman That Every Girl Should Strive For

This has more to do with the year leading up to this album, surrounding herself with people that made her happy and generally avoiding the "typical love" and seeking it in friendships instead. Gone are the days of slut-shaming and not identifying as a feminist!

6. The Year of Taylor Has Only Just Begun

I want to call this the century of Taylor, but that is clearly a given. This is going to be another good year for Ms. Swift and I wish her all of the best (and to her beloved Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson).

What have you learned from 1989?

What's On My Bookshelf

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Okay, so my bookshelf at school is technically the bottom rack on my bedside table, but it is technically a shelf that holds books, just in an unconventional sense. Now that that furniture conversation is out of the way, let's discuss the contents of this bookshelf that I am quite enamored with.

I try to limit the amount of books that I keep with me at school, but you seriously never know when you're going to have free time and need a good book to occupy that liberation. Since I am not hip and and don't have a Kindle or Nook or any of that sorcery that doesn't require you to not possess a tangible copy of a book, I constantly have more copies of books that I actually need for a semester or two at school. I digress, I've accumulated more than a few books on my shelf, so I figured I might as well talk about them so they serve some sort of purpose besides decoration. I do intend to read these all, if I haven't already! 

1. Harper's Bazaar Fashion: Your Guide to Personal Style by Lisa Armstrong

In all honesty, I picked up this book from Five Below a month or two ago just because I thought it would be cute to have lying around. I haven't flipped through it yet, but I love Harper's Bazaar magazine, no matter how poor it makes me feel. 

2. Looking for Alaska by John Green

OF COURSE I have my favorite book of all time at school with me. I reread it at the beginning of the semester and it was the most fantastic decision I've made since deciding to start wearing bold lipstick on a regular basis. This is my favorite John Green story and the one I really hope they never make into a movie. 

3. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

This book has been getting so much hype for a long time and with the movie just releasing, I picked it up at Target a few weeks ago. I'll be bringing it with me on my long bus ride to NYC coming up in a week or so and I'm excited to see what the hype has been all about!

4. Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Another book turned movie (starring Reese Witherspoon, can't wait to see it!), I got this over the summer and still haven't even cracked the spine. Oops? In my defense, school is relatively busy. Well, I make it busy by doing one thousand things at once, I digress...I'll read it before the year ends, no worries. I love true stories so I can't imagine me not liking this book. 

5. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling

I reread this over the summer and I have it at school with me so that I can lend it to my cousin when I visit NYC. If you've been reading my blogs for long enough or have spent longer than half an hour with me, you'd know that I have a disgustingly aggressive obsession with Mindy Kaling. 

6. Las Valkirias by Paulo Coelho

This was a very pretentious and not well thought of purchase, I must admit. This book is entirely in Spanish and while I understand some, I don't think I understand an entire books worth. However, I really like Paulo Coelho's writing so we'll see if I can power through this someday when I have more time to translate and comprehend the story.

7. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

There's a reason why this book has been on the NY Times Bestsellers list for 326 weeks and counting. As I said, I really like his writing, and this story tells the tale of treasures and destinies so beautifully. My favorite gift I've ever given anybody was this book, and I can't imagine that changing. If you're ever at a crossroads, read this book. Even if you're not, read it anyways. 

8. Under Magnolia by Frances Mayes

My favorite book store back at home has the sweetest owner so after a relatively large purchase last year, he let me rifle through a box of uncorrected proofs of books that he received and let me take as many as I wanted. This one stuck out, as it was a memoir and homegirl LOVES her memoirs/autobiographies/nonfiction. The writing is beautiful, but it's a bit too verbose for me to enjoy when I sit down and just want to read. I do intend on finishing it, just when I have more time to really appreciate her writing. 

9. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

This was a complete impulse buy, I will admit. I saw Carly from The College Prepster blog about it so the next time I saw it at Target, I bought it without even reading the back cover. That's really all I have to say about this, besides the fact that I intend on bringing it to NYC with me as well. I've got a lot long bus rides ahead of me that I need reading material for. 

10. To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han

I love me some YA Fiction and I've heard only good things about Jenny Han. I bought this at Target over the summer because it was relatively cheap for a hardcover and I was intrigued by the title and format. Can't wait to read this, hopefully before the semester ends!

What's on your bookshelf? 

Favorite Fall Blushes

Monday, October 27, 2014

Aside from lipsticks, blush is my second favorite makeup product. I love a nice flush to my cheeks and fall has some particularly fun shades that you can play with! While I don't necessarily wear lipstick on a  day to day basis, I do always wear blush. These are some of my favorite shades for the fall months. 

1. Benefit's Rockateur In the packaging, this rose-gold blush might seem very intimidating. It's very shimmery and looks like it might make your cheeks into a disco ball, but I can assure you that it doesn't. Instead, it gives you the most gorgeous rosy glow. No highlighter necessary with this blush!

2. Nars's Sin This might be my all time favorite blush ever and I'm so sad that I don't get the opportunity to wear it the entire year. It's a nice plummy brown and it gives my cheeks a nice sculpted look, especially when paired with a good contouring bronzer (I like Too Faced's Chocolate bronzer). It has a slight shimmer, but nothing too overwhelming.

3. NYX's Terra Cotta This is my most affordable blush, aside from some Elf ones that I own, and I swear it is the most pigmented as well. You need to apply this with a light hand or else you'll look like a pumpkin spice latte! It's a gorgeous coppery color, which might sound weird for your face, but much like the Benefit blush, it gives you a lovely glow.

4. Tarte's Dollface I wear this blush all year long. It transcends seasons and flatters so many skin tones. I apply it with a light hand in the fall to give me the slights flush on those low maintenance days. It's the perfect pink that can be built up or more subdued.

5. Tarte's Exposed This is one of those "my cheeks but better" blushes. It might just seem like a weird colored bronzer, but it's a very beautiful matte shade. I wear this when I'm wearing a bold lipstick, to give my cheeks some color but to not overwhelm my face with a bunch of different shades. It reminds me of a less shimmery and more subdued Sin.

6. Tarte's Awakening This is my only cream blush for the fall months and I love that it comes in stick form. The color is very similar to Sin and Exposed in the sense that it's more a plummy color. It's nice for those days where my skin is looking a little blah. The fact that it's a cream blush makes my face look less dry and more dewy, bringing that little bit of life back into it.

What's your favorite blush for fall? 

Good Reads

Sunday, October 26, 2014

1. Skinny Sweatpants & Stripes I'm usually opposed to sweatpants in public (on myself, I really don't care what other people wear, besides cargo pants), but these skinny joggers are so cute. I love the cable knit detailing down the side!

2. Kelly Clarkson's cover of "Shake It Off" Oddly enough, this was from my hometown (kind of, Buffalo is close enough to Niagara Falls)! I love Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson, so this was just a killer combination.

3. Plaid Numbers Plaid during the fall and winter months is just too perfect.

4. Not Quite Jacket Weather That metallic Kate Spade bag is incredible.

5. DIY Record Clutch An interesting DIY for you music lovers!

6. New York City Studio Apartment Tour Part 3: The Bedroom I'm super obsessed with Krista's studio apartment tour series and sad to see it come to an end!

7. What Would You Sing to Audition for "The Voice" I honestly think about this AND my karaoke song a lot. Also, what song I would use in a lip sync battle against Jimmy Fallon ("Hips Don't Lie", for sure).

8. It's Casual As much as I love dressing up in layers, you cannot beat a plain black tee and some ripped up jeans.

9. Meet Me In The Patch That extra long cardigan looks so cozy!

10. Watercolor Wednesday: Style Is... The Red Carpet is going to be considerably less gorgeous without the wonderful designs of Oscar de La Renta.

11. What Roommate Surveys Should Really Be Asking Roommate surveys are SO ridiculous! I definitely approve this revised copy.

12. Navy Barbour Beadnell Waxed Jacket After a pair of Tory Burch riding boots, I need to get myself a Barbour jacket.

13. Sweater and Boots Cream sweaters in the fall just seem so right!

What have you been reading lately?

OH, I REMEMBER // current favorite songs

Saturday, October 25, 2014

I've been listening to a lot of music lately, so I figured before I start listening to Taylor Swift's album 1989 on repeat until the release of One Direction's new album, I might as well post a playlist of my favorite songs at the moment.

listen here!

What's your favorite song of the moment?

Top 6 Fall Nail Polishes

Friday, October 24, 2014

(top row)

1. OPI's Big Apple Red
2. Essie's Chinchilly 

(bottom row)

3. Essie's Recessionista
4. Revlon's Grey Suede
5. Essie's Sew Psyched
6. Sally Hansen's Grey Area

What's your favorite fall nail polish color?

Things I'm Loving

Thursday, October 23, 2014

1. iPhone 6

Yes, the rumors are true, I finally have a completely functioning iPhone for the first time in over a year. My iPhone 4S was gimpy for over a year, refusing to connect to wifi which made data usage limited and classes infinitely more boring (just kidding, put your phones away in class, kids!). Alas, I was due for an upgrade and thanks to the greatest Verizon worker (serious shout-out to you, Verizon employee with dashing good looks), I walked out with a new iPhone 6 on Saturday. Other than the fact that it's great having a phone that connects to wifi, I really like its sleekness and the large screen! Plus, I can finally start buying Kate Spade cases again without having to scour Nordstrom Rack or the depths of the internet for an iPhone 4S case.

2. Revlon's matte balms

I'm a huge fan of three things: lip crayons, twistable applicators, and cheap beauty products. The Revlon matte balms hit all three of those criteria. They smell a bit minty, apply like a dream, and last long for a creamy matte. They don't dry out my lips, but they still give me the look of a matte lip. I have the colors Shameless (bright purple) and Standout (dark red).

3. Naked 3 Palette

I prefer wearing either no eyeshadow or matte shadows in the summer, as I just find it a lot more appropriate and low maintenance for the humidity and heat. Now that it's fall again and my skin is a bit more dry, I love playing with different eyeshadow colors, especially more shimmery ones. I've been gravitating toward my Naked 3 palette for a few weeks now. I love nude shadows and this one features a lot of pinker shades, but I think they're still very flattering. It even has some matte shades for those low maintenance days!

4. Amarixe's new apartment

Allison (or Amarixe) is one of my favorite Youtubers/bloggers and she's recently just moved apartments. I love her style, both clothing wise and home wise, so I'm super excited to see what she's going to do with her space! I've been on an apartment kick as of late, totally obsessed with the idea of having mine own some day.

5. One Direction pillowcase

My Fairy Godmother is a firm believer in the idea of spontaneous random gifts. Last time was a very soft shirt featuring a unicorn along with a unicorn chocolate sucker. This time, it was a One Direction pillow case. My bed is proudly sporting it and will be until next laundry day. While it is a bit weird to have their heads featured in some of the selfies that I send my friends from bed, the actual material is really soft and silky. So yes, I am an 18 year-old (almost 19) using a One Direction pillowcase. What of it?

6. Andrew McMahon

I've been in love with Andrew McMahon since middle school, through Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin and now to his new solo project, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. His new album is absolutely incredible, but I've also been listening a lot to his older music. "Konstantine" is my favorite song of all time, so I constantly listen to that, but there are some songs that I've totally forgotten about. Here are my favorite songs that he's made:

  • "Cavanaugh Park" — Something Corporate
  • "Ruthless" — Something Corporate
  • "Konstantine" — Something Corporate
  • "Rescued" — Jack's Mannequin
  • "Hammers and Strings (A Lullaby)" — Jack's Mannequin
  • "Amy, I" — Jack's Mannequin
  • "Cecilia and the Satellite" — Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
  • "Rainy Girl" — Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
What have you been loving lately?

The Fear of Falling Apart

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Though I try to be almost always, I'm not a positive person 100% of the time. I can't be an optimist 24/7, that's just impossible no matter how hard I try. This past weekend, I felt at my lowest but had to put on a strong face to keep from falling apart around my family and friends. Underneath the lipstick and smiles, I felt lost and like I had 1,000 things to worry about. My world was bleak with no sunlight.

Feeling pessimistic is a foreign feeling for me and whenever it creeps into my life, I panic. I don't know what to do with myself when I'm not being positive, so I sort of shut down, close off, and break down. It's really not a pretty sight. Fortunately, I can manage it pretty well, but from anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours, I feel like a completely different person. And I hate it.

There's always this pending moment of when I'm going to shatter, when I'm finally going to hit my breaking point both emotionally and mentally. It's usually a long time coming, like lava rising slowly up a volcano until it erupts, covering cities in its molten goo. Perhaps when I fall apart, I don't destroy cities in my wrath, but I unintentionally hurt my family, friends, and myself.

I think I spend more time being afraid of the moment where my optimism and blissful (though slightly ignorant) happiness are going to slip away, replacing my sunshine with a stormy rain cloud and murky skies. It's a lot easier to be happy and positive than it is for me to be miserable and upset. So thinking about moments that are going to ruin my moment of happiness can be worse than the "life shattering" moment that I can manage in what feels like no time.

Not everything can be fixed with a slight shift in your thoughts or the way that you choose to view the world that day. Not everything can be fixed by a nice conversation, a few deep breaths, and a support system that sends you shirtless photos of Harry Styles (he was bound to show up somewhere in this post). Not everything can even be fixed by yourself, but that doesn't mean it's not worth trying.

Falling apart isn't the worst thing in the world. It's what makes us human. We need to feel a range of emotions, we just do. I don't know why and maybe some science buff will be able to explain this or disprove it, but I say that feeling a healthy range of emotions is normal. Sometimes you just need to be upset or so blissfully happy that you forget about the world for a few moments. You need to fear the moment that your happiness is going to end, deal with the pain that comes along with falling apart, and then learn how to put it all back together again.

I promise, it's not as hard as it seems.

Keuka Lake and Wedding Shenanigans

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I went home this past weekend for my uncle's wedding, and decided to tack on a trip to visit my best friend at her college in the Finger Lakes! 

First (decent) selfie from my brand new iPhone 6! My hat is from Delia's forever ago, my vest is from J. Crew, and my sweater is from Gap.

It was a bit overcast, but actually really nice weather for a majority of the day we were there. This is the little downtown area. Unfortunately, most of the shops were closed, but it was still cute to walk around. I love the different colored buildings and ornate detailing near the roof!

One of the shops that was open was, conveniently, a candy shop! It was decorated very cute for Halloween and they had a bunch of "older" candy that you basically only see in other small candy shops. I picked my dad up some peanut butter fudge and it was delicious (I snuck a bite or two, I can't even lie).

We spent quite a bit of time walking around her campus, as it was absolutely gorgeous in the fall time. It was so weird being on a campus that had a lot of grass and wasn't arranged in a straight line down city blocks. It reminded me a lot of Emmanuel College when I toured a couple of years ago and made me sort of miss the trees.

Would this little spot on the water not be the best place to read or write or just sit and chat? I fell in love and we were only down there for a few minutes before we headed back up to her room before it got too dark.

The festive candle on our table at dinner! We went to The Keuka Restaurant and it was so good! We were really hungry by the time our food came, so there are no pictures! Also, my friends got chicken fingers and I got a chicken sandwich so it wasn't anything too fancy ;)

It's not a trip with my friend Janelle without some ice cream involved. Seneca Farms makes their own homemade ice cream and I can attest to it's brilliance. In Janelle's cone is pumpkin pie ice cream, my cup is peanut butter cup, and Katie got their equivalent of an Oreo Blizzard from Dairy Queen. My tummy was definitely full after this, but it was so worth it.

Sunday was my uncle's wedding and a lot of my family came in town for it. It's always nice to see everyone all in one place (and to see us dressed up, we're totally a jeans & t-shirt family!).

There was a gorgeous gazebo outside of the church, so I of course made my mother take some pictures of me. The weather with the leaves was just too tempting not to and we had some time to kill before the reception. For somebody who is usually very awful at taking pictures, Mamma Jamma did a pretty solid job this time around!

Dress: Forever21 (shocking, I know)
Shoes: JCPenney
Coat: BCBGMaxazria

The reception was held in a relatively new hall on the river. I went outside to take this pictures, but the hall had massive windows overlooking this gorgeous view on the exterior walls without having to deal with the chilly fall temperatures!

I know it's a bit dark, but it was too beautiful not to take photos outside. I switched from my JCPenney heels because they didn't quite fit right with my pantyhose on. However, these Lauren Conrad booties did the trick. They're my go-to fall shoe for nicer family events.

This was my "Yo, Harry Styles, where are you?" pose. He never showed.

And we shall end this post with a photo of my dog, being his weird self.

How was your weekend? 
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