College Snacks

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

When I eat meals in college, I normally don't eat as much as I probably should. I'm not a massive fan of dining hall food, and what I am a fan of is usually greasy and makes my tummy ache in mass quantities. Because of this and my weird class schedule, I tend to snack a bunch throughout the day to keep from my stomach growling during my three distinct portions of the day: morning classes, afternoon class, and night class. It's really easy to just put a dent in a bag of chips, but that can get boring, so I've come up with a few really easy snacks that take little to no time to prepare.

Guys, I can't cook, so let me emphasize how simple these are. These snacks are so easy that you are going to wonder why I'm even mentioning them.

that mug was $2 from urban outfitters, so you bet your sweet bum that i bought it. also, that's the cinnamon sugar popcorn and it was AMAZING. i was also on my seventh episode of gossip girl for that

All of these can be made with just a microwave!

1. Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn

    + Bag of popcorn with butter
    + Granulated sugar
    + Cinnamon

It honestly is as simple as making a bag of popcorn, pouring it into a large bowl, and dusting it with a sugar and cinnamon combination. It's super easy, and a great way to ease any sweet tooth that you might have.

2. Cheaters Nachos

    + Tortilla chips
    + Shredded cheese (cheddar or a mix works the best)
    + Salsa, olives, sour cream (optional)

All you have to do is lay some tortilla chips on a microwave safe plate, sprinkle cheese over them, and pop them into the microwave until the cheese begins to melt. I just prefer the chips and cheese, but if you want to add any other toppings that you might have around your room or house, you can.

3. Pepperoni Tray For One

    + Crackers (Wheat Thins or Ritz)
    + Pre-sliced pepperoni
    + Pre-sliced cheese

Okay, so this isn't very difficult at all, but it does require more preparation than the snacks to go below. I just prefer Wheat Thins and pepperoni, but if you're a cheese buff, you can have cheese and crackers as well. These are super easy when you just want to sit down and get some work done, but your stomach has other plans. Put some pepperoni and crackers on a plate and sit down at your desk to tackle those math problems or that English thesis.

Snacks that require no preparation whatsoever AKA the snacks I tend to gravitate toward:

1. Protein bars

 My favorites are the Clif Kid Z-Bars in Monster Chocolate Mint, S'mores, and Chocolate Chip, ZonePerfect Cookie Dough bars, and Carrot Cake Luna Bars.

2. Crackers or pretzels

These could be anything, but I personally like Cheese Nips, Goldfish, and Rold Gold pretzel rods.

3. Cereal (okay, so maybe this is a little preparation)

Special K with chocolate is my absolute favorite cereal, but you can never go wrong with a big bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios either!

4. Fresh fruit

A handful of blueberries, an apple, or even a banana can be the pick me up that you need in that break between meals. It won't weigh you down or make you feel guilty for snacking mid day (or late at night!). Not that you should feel guilty for nourishing your body. It's my dorm and I'll snack if I want to!

What's your favorite thing to snack on between meals? 

Fall 2014 Fashion Trends

Monday, September 29, 2014

I was so excited for fall that back on my vacation to Delaware at the beginning of August, I began scrounging through the fashion magazines that I had and through websites to narrow down what some of the trends for fall were going to be. Here at ten of my favorite of the trends that I found!

1. Oversized turtlenecks

Oversized itself is a trend once again, but it was impossible not to notice the oversized turtlenecks that appeared on the runways for fall. Depending on the state of the oversizedness of the collar, it could either be a bold or practical move for the fall and winter months. If you hate scarves or a cold neck, or if you are really into turtlenecks, give this trend a try.

left, helmut lang. right, gareth pugh.
American Apparel has a more simple version of this trend with a slouchy turtleneck. For a cheaper option, Forever 21 has some picks in various pastel colors (another fall trend, see #8!). Much like the first option, Free People takes on this trend with an oversized slouchy neck.

2. Capes and wrap coats

I don't about you but (I'm feeling 22) nothing really makes me more excited for cooler weather than a really great coat. Or, in the case of this fall, a cape. Both the wrap coat and cape were trends on the runways for F/W 2014.

left, saint laurent. right, chloé.
The olive green Zara double-sided cape is a great and more affordable option for the fall months. Nordstrom carries the Helene Berman wool blend cape that has the body of a standard peacoat and the sleeves of the cape. And it comes black or cranberry! *drools*

Victoria's Secret offers a Michael by Michael Kors belted wrap coat (now on sale!) I like the shape of this Trina Turk option, as well as the blush color!

3. Luxe knitwear

What is better than cozying up in a nice knit sweater on a chilly fall afternoon? Apparently, cozying up in head-to-toe knitwear according to Marc Jacobs. Never fear, Derek Lam tones it down and shows that you can pick and choose where you want to wear your knits. How cool would a pair of knit pants be though? They're just cozier and chicer leggings...

left, marc jacobs. right, derek lam.
Asos has a half-ribbed chunky sweater with a funnel-neck (apparently not to be confused with a turtleneck). Here's a longer and cheaper option from Zara with side slits and more color options than the salt and pepper gray that Asos offered.

4. Fur and shearling

Fur and shearling had a home on many of the F/W runways, recreated into various jackets of all varieties. There's something so classic about a fur jacket, but with some of the exotic colors chosen for some runway shows, designers definitely mixed it up this season.

left, nina ricci. right, bottega veneta.
Carly Cristman wore this H&M faux fur jacket during NYFW this year and for the price, definitely worth it. Though it's online only, this BCBGeneration option from Nordstrom is also nice.

5. Leather

left, rag & bone. right, reed krakoff.
There is no going wrong with a cool leather jacket for all. Zara gets it and they even added a detachable fur collar. Krista Robertson says that these are her favorite leather leggings, but Forever21 has a cheaper option for faux leather leggings. Factory J. Crew has a flared leather skirt right now that is a different take on their regular flared skirt.

6. Prints

That's right, bright and rave prints and animal accents are in, because nothing says apple picking like...a bright yellow and cadet blue shapeless dress? I digress, it'll be nice to see a little pop of life into the otherwise dark and earth toned season.

left, dries van noten. right, givenchy.
Not the brightest colors, but the large floral print on this Topshop dress is certainly bold. H&M's circle skirt dress, however, has got a bold print along with a twist on the typical autumnal colors. Sam Edelman's leopard printed sneakers are just what you need in fall before it becomes too cold for anything but boots.

7. Statement bags

If you are weary about fall because you think that it's a bit boring with its lack of vivid colors, a statement bag might just be something you need to [pumpkin] spice up your life.

left, louis vuitton. right, vivienne tam.
Kate Spade has a lot of statement clutches, but this little fur handbag was just enough of a statement and combination of the fur trend as well. This Tory Burch printed dome satchel is most definitely a statement.

8. Pastels

Pastels are delegated to solely spring no more! Alas, you can sport your favorite Easter egg colors while you stomp on crunchy leaves with a latte in hand and boots on your feet.

left, miu miu. right, giambattista valli.
Though this lambswool sweater comes in plenty of fall colors, the zip sweater from J. Crew looks delightful in lavender. This collarless Mist Calls Coat by BB Dakota is the perfect pale blue for the occasion.

9. 60's Mod 

Get a pixie cut and clump your bottom lashes together, 60's mod is back in. Well, maybe it's just the silhouette that's back in, but you are more than welcome to commit to the Twiggy look.

left, gucci, right, louis vuitton.
This simple black shift with a white collar from Zara is a very simple way to step into mod territory. A bit of a warmer fall day choice, but this Everly printed short sleeved shift dress is bright and bold.

10. Menswear

Quite possibly the trend I'm most excited for, aside from oversized turtlenecks. Nothing beats a great oxford and pair of pants in the fall. It's so chic and a woman looks so strong in a menswear inspired look.

left, isabel marant. right, hermès.
A blazer is surefire way of replicating the typical menswear look. This fitted Regent blazer from J. Crew is a great pick and color for fall. An oversized white button-down, either paired with or without a blazer, is another easy menswear piece that is seemingly effortless. A pair of high-waisted trousers like this pair from Raoul are chic yet oh so very simple.

What's your favorite fall trend?

Good Reads

Sunday, September 28, 2014

1. Zoella Beauty Launch Zoe Sugg's line of beauty and bath products just launched and I am all sorts of proud and excited for her! Look at these incredible photos from her beauty launch!

2. 'Mree' of NYU—Clive Davis Captivates With Ethereal Experimental Folk Mree has been a favorite of mine for a few years now. She is honestly the female Bon Iver. Check her out on Youtube and iTunes or Spotify.

3. How Jeannette Walls Spins Good Stories Out Of Bad Memories I read The Glass Castle at the end of middle school and loved it. This was an interesting follow up article about her life now and her mother's.

4. How "Parenthood" Broke Down The Autism Awareness Barrier Real talk, I cried reading this. Parenthood is such a beautiful show and everything they've done with Max's character has been incredible.

5. Why Are We So Obsessed With 'Gilmore Girls'? Less than a week until Gilmore Girls is back on Netflix. My answer to the headline is the humor, the relationships, the close knit town, and Jared Padalecki.

6. Outfit: Fall Layering Tips I thought it was a genius idea to layer popover shirts under sweaters so that it lays flatter on your body.

7. All the Trends from NYFW I can never get enough of NYFW. I'm thoroughly enjoying photos of LFW and PFW as well.

8. John Oliver Expected To Catch Miss America In A Lie, But What He Found Was Kinda Worse If you want to have a nice laugh, definitely check out this video and stick around for the surprise guest at the end.

9. Bagels Are Fashion Too, You Know As an avid lover of fashion and bagels, this post peaked my interest.

10. 17 "Pretty Little Liars" Memes That Said Exactly What You Were Thinking #Relatable

What have you been reading lately?

2014 To Do List, Revisited

Saturday, September 27, 2014

I've made a couple of posts talking about my yearly "to-do" list. Basically, on January 1st of each year (this is my third year of doing this), I make a list of 40 things I want to accomplish during the year rather than creating resolutions that I know that I will break. I'm a serial list maker, which is probably why I enjoy writing the list more than I enjoy trying to accomplish everything on it. It's tough! And it probably looks like I've got nothing done on the list, but there is still time left!
  1. Read 35 books (21/35)
  2. Keep straight A’s
  3. Get 8,000 songs on my iPod
  4. Run more often
  5. Try to be more present in people’s lives
  6. Finish my story
  7. Get a pair of Rayban Clubmasters
  8. Run on the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk
  9. Bake at least 10 things that I have pinned (6/10)
  10. Re-do my bedroom at home
  11. Go to opening day for the Indians
  12. Go to Chicago
  13. Take more photos
  14. Reteach myself basic Photoshop and HTML skills
  15. Write every day --- fill up a notebook
  16. Grow a flower and keep it alive all spring and summer
  17. Go a day without my phone and computer
  18. Stop waiting for people to find me interesting, find other people interesting first
  19. Take better care of my blogs
  20. Stop being afraid to make that first move
  21. Meet Harry Styles 
  22. Get front row at a concert
  23. Learn a new language, other than Spanish
  24. Do a DIY/craft that I have pinned
  25. Save my money for study abroad in 2015!
  26. Get a job other than working for my uncle
  27. Confidence is key!
  28. Apply for internships or at least make a resume
  29. Put my dusty piano skills to good use
  30. Go to the Albright Knox Art Museum
  31. Finish Devil’s Hole
  32. People watch at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for a few hours
  33. Start making yoga part of a weekly routine
  34. Try something new
  35. Drink more tea
  36. Figure out the Cleveland bus system
  37. Cut down on Starbucks and try going to Phoenix and Peet’s more
  38. Make Italy 2015 happen
  39. Visit Uncle Tom in Brooklyn (Should happen in November)
  40. Fix the CD player in my car (birthday present)
Looks like I've got a bit of work to do, huh? It's funny to look back at the things that I thought were important on January 1st though. Why was I so dead set on playing the piano more or about drinking tea and saving money? I mean, clearly the only two important goals on this list are to read 35 books and meet Harry Styles....All jokes aside, it's always fun to look back at what was important to me. It seems like forever ago when I made this list...

fall pinspiration

Friday, September 26, 2014

If I say how much I love fall one more time on this blog, I might just break a tube of my favorite fall lipstick (MAC's Syrup). I pin fall related things all year, so I've rounded up some fall inspiration via Pinterest for my most recent fall pining.

What's your fall "pinspiration"? *vomits uncontrollably because of that word*

Things I'm Loving

Thursday, September 25, 2014

1. Stila liquid eyeliner

Sadly, my Lorac eyeliner is coming to the end of its lifespan, so I figured while I was home over the weekend I should get myself a new liquid eyeliner from Sephora. While I love my Lorac one (seriously, it's fantastic), I decided to pick up one that I've heard Youtubers rave about for years. Now that I'm no longer afraid of liquid eyeliner, I decided to pick up Stila's Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid  Eye Liner in intense black. This guy has the thinnest tip I've seen on a liquid liner and it isn't joking when it says that it stays all day.

2. Puffer vests

Yes, it's about time I was able to bust my vests out again! I collected quite a few at the end of summer when J. Crew was having their lovely sales (a cranberry, tan, and herringbone have all been added to my closet) and my closet at school has its own section for vests. I am not ashamed of it, in fact, I am very proud. They're just so practical for a college student, honestly. The pockets, the warmness (but not overwhelming amount(, and the ability to make even just a spirit jersey, leggings, and a pair of riding boots that much more put together.

3. My new haircut

I finally got the gross ends of my hair cut off and I'm honestly loving the shorter length so much that I might get more cut off next time? I KNOW. Weird. I haven't gotten a proper haircut like that since I first started growing my hair out in ninth grade. For the time being, I'm so beyond content with my hair and the way it still feels so smooth and lovely. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I would literally fly halfway across the world for my hairdresser to do my hair. I trust nobody else!

4. Death Cab for Cutie

I decided to listen to Death Cab over the weekend, and nothing but, and it's pretty much carried over into this whole week. I'm not complaining in the slightest. It started with hearing "I Will Possess Your Heart" on the radio on Saturday and continued when I came home and listened to every Death Cab song in my iTunes library on repeat. My favorites? "Transatlaticism", "Movie Script Ending", and "No Sunlight".

5. Tazo Giant Peach iced tea

Every once in a blue moon, my campus carries Tazo's glass bottles of iced tea and every time I see one in the coolers, I geek out about and instantly purchase one. My go to is their Giant Peach iced tea, which is really just green tea with some peach flavored juice. But it's so good. I love flavored green tea, especially for lunch. Something about it just makes me feel better about myself and my day.

6. Friday Night Lights by H. G. Bissinger

I've talked about the show to death, so I finally picked up the book about a month ago on a Barnes & Noble binge. I meant to read it on my vacation to Delaware, but never got around to it. I finally started reading it and I've found it incredibly hard to put down. If I didn't have to study for two exams this week, I probably would have powered through over half of it by now. But, alas, I've had work so I'm only about a quarter of the way done with it. It's so interesting to hear the real story behind the movie and television show that tore my heart apart. I love true stories as well! Something about nonfiction just gets me.

7. The SacconeJolys 

If you want happiness in a 10+ minute video, look no further. I've been watching this channel religiously for the past few weeks (and on and off for about a year) and I can say, with certainty, that watching this family makes my life infinitely brighter. I'M OBSESSED. Emilia and Eduardo are so precious and Jonathan and Anna are just delightful and every video is just packed with cute and hilarious moments. You can find me curled up on my windowsill, awing over the newest video and smiling like an absolute loony.

8. Walking

My roommate and I have finally started our normal walking schedule again. We did this last semester and it's just nice to get in those 30 minutes of physical activity. We're not looking to lose weight or get killer bodies. We just really want to wind down at the end of the day with a nice walk (run for her, I can't run on treadmills because of my bad knees. Thanks softball) and chat. I also want to make sure that I don't outgrow any of my clothes (or even have them be massive on me) because I really don't want to buy any new pairs of pants or sweaters. Sorry not sorry.

What have you been loving lately?

Fall TV Schedule

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It's that time of year again, the time when your favorite fall TV shows (or new favorites) debut their newest or first season on the main networks. One could argue that this is the happiest time of the year, after New York Fashion Week (duh) and I probably wouldn't disagree. I love television. It's a commitment at times, especially when you don't have the ability to tape your shows and have to physically sit down in front of the TV at a certain time. Or, if you watch Pretty Little Liars, you have to commit to the most awful roller coaster ride of confusion probably ever (why is that show still on? More importantly, why do I still watch it? What are we trying to figure out anymore?).


With the ending of How I Met Your Mother last spring and the complete disinterest in Suburgatory (it started off so well, what happened?), I'm left with four TV shows this fall. Tuesday nights I watch The Mindy Project, a new addition to my schedule after binge-watching the first two seasons during finals week last semester. My wednesday's include The Middle (I am a combination of Sue and Brick, in case you were wondering) and Modern Family, two of my favorite TV shows of all time. Thursday night is when Parenthood is on and needless to say, the fact that this is the last season is killing me. I'm glad it's getting another season, but I could easily watch that show for a few more years. It's like watching a real family!

As for what I'm watching on Netflix during the rest of the week, I'm still chipping away at Gossip Girl. I want to finish at least the second season before the first of October because...*drumroll please*...GILMORE GIRLS IS GOING TO BE ON NETFLIX. That show is easily my favorite show of all time, no questions asked. I've seen almost every episode twice over the span of the past ten years and grew to love the Gilmores and all of their crazy acquaintances. Once that show is on Netflix, it's game over for my productivity and for GG.

What TV shows do you watch religiously?

And for good measure, a quote from Michel.

Favorite Things About Fall

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

In honor of the official beginning of fall today, I thought I'd list a few of my favorite things about my favorite season! 

And yes, PSL's are supposed to be on there twice. I just love them so dearly.

What's your favorite thing about fall?
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